Boston Properties' Mort Zuckerman Obliterates Barack Obama

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Tell me something new. I guess its meaningful because a multi-quadrillionaire said it.

I am not worthy to kiss the hem of your garment oh exhalted one!

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Dude, it's ADSENSE!  It is a fucking advertising AGGREGATOR that takes purchases from a VARIETY of businesses, and IT places the ad on the screen depending upon what cookies YOU HAVE on your machine!

ZH doesn't receive a fucking cent from banks.  Banks pay Adsense just like all the other advertisers and Adsense places the ads. ZH gets money ONLY from them.  STFU already about it

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This article is very indicative of a grave situation the American society is in now.

We are observing a rapidly widening crack inside the America ruling elite and its oligarchs. The American ruling elite is scared since they cannot enjoy fruits of their stolen loot. The situation becomes increasingly unstable when their own well-being and even personal safety become a serious issue.

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dude, relax

so what if ZH has ad placements from banks.  those are placed automatically by internet advert agregators; it's not like TD is selecting his advertisers.

And even if he did, big deal.

Do you not have a bank account?  Do you not use the banking system?  Or do you live in a cave and eat beetles and drink rain water?

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A year and a half ago Obama was walking on water.

Sometimes, admittedly rarely, I am at a loss for words. This guy and his fellow clan members were single-handedly responsible for finding, cultivating, preening, training & foisting this affirmative-action quota hire on the American people. And now he says he's disappointed?

Hmmm. Perhaps we should look at the bigger picture. What exactly is MZ's intent - what snake oil is selling on behalf of moving markets to the benefit of his cousins? If Hussein and his fellow party members lose political power in November, doesn't this foretell deflation? (That is, austerity gains favor with a concomitant curtailment of open-ended fiscal spending and -0- Fed oversight.)

If that's the case, isn't it nice that the banks are now holding $trillions in excess (cash) reserves, thanks to TARP and accommodating Fed (QE) policy, ready to buy the nation's assets for pennies on the dollar?

When this fucker finally collapses, we must begin to address the real underlying issue.

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bravo! and well spoken, amigo del hombre

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The fundamental problem is starkly simple: jobs and the deepening fear among the public that the American dream is vanishing before their eyes.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Perhaps the ultimate irony is the full embrace of Goebelesque nuance.

Listen fuck face, America hasn't had a real, productive, underlying economy for a decade, perhaps longer. The entire period of the naughties was nothing more than an asset-leveraged, credit-driven consumption binge.

Full. Fucking. Stop.

This country is headed for a full-on crack-up; dissolution. $Trillions in misplaced mal-investment must be destroyed. $Trillions in bad debt must be de-leveraged via either default, repudiation, and/or restructuring.

The entire entitlement/support facade needs to be disassembled in order to reduce the overall tax/interest load so that capital savings can flow to new investment opportunities. We can either start today, or we can wait.

Like cancer, the longer you wait, the more invidious the disease path. We're already @ stage IV. Lance Armstrong survived S4, but can America?

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"Listen fuck face, America hasn't had a real, productive, underlying economy for a decade, perhaps longer. The entire period of the naughties was nothing more than an asset-leveraged, credit-driven consumption binge.

Full. Fucking. Stop."

Yep. One of the lowest, if not the lowest, points in American history (so far).

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I also don't get the tribe outrage against special privilege for brown people like muslims when they CREATED the entire race hustling machine through the NAACP et al.  The C stands for Colored.  Apoplexy reigns...we didn't mean THOSE colored people, who constitute a threat to our little 2nd home.

MZ rails about Democraps and Repugnicons but the race hustling machine built and funded by his cousins springs to life every time a sufficient quantity of european whites assembles.

Look at the outcome...veritable racewar while a particular clan can and does STILL RELY on ethnic nepotism and the tribe mentality of extended family.  Do you get that from people whose ancestors hailed from the same country as yours? 

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The only comparable association of European whites is the LDS. (Audience - please don't remind me that the majority of their recent growth is in S America and other DNs.) Historically, the church based its growth on marginal sub-optimal IQ (90-100) British subjects.

To this day, the standard look is two very attractive young people of Euro descent with around 3-4 kids in tow. I love Mormons - they epitomize Wilson's theories regarding the success & resilience of ant colonies. Do your two years, get married, have kids, and the "association" will take good care of you: job, house, security, you name it.

I used to imagine converting to the LDS and becoming a jack-Mormon in order to take advantage of the network. LOL

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Me too.

And another good attraction to "converting" is that despite what the leaders say, they don't all subscribe to monogamy. 

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HBO does a good job of convincing you.

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Deseret = "honeybee"

Beehive right on the Utah state flag and "Industry.

They had their own alphabet and $5 gold pieces. Networking used to be a lot stronger but a house? Come on - only if you married into the family. Urban Mormons are far more independent and can be downright spiteful - they need to cull the herd and get back to their roots (not the polygamy per se) - ask any one that actually reads the Book of Mormon faithfully and they'll tell you that time is a comin'.


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Soon you'll be able to point out obvious things in public again without being deprived of your livelihood by the ADL and NAACP

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The truth has been spoken by the K9! What an excellent post! MZ could give a FUCK about the "hard working, middle-class American". He could give a FUCK about their home equity (he is spouting "equity, equity" because his own is obviously diminishing and he is probably underwater on a whole lot of commercial real estate).For a guy like this to be "concerned" about Americans is like a bear being "concerned" for salmon.


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I would have to disagree.  Zuckerman is a highly intelligent guy that made money because he knew where to be and when, and BSX is one of the best run companies out there.  He IS the American dream. 

Frankly, i think its incredible that a former Obama supporter with this much money is now turning the other way.  You want this guy on the plebian side.  I would love to have him fund a bunch of commercials denouncing every one of Obama's policies, and exposing the band of theives that he calls his advisors.

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If Zuckerman is so smart then why did he fall for Obama's blatant lies?  Either Zuckermann is an idiot, or he is a corrupt liar.  You can't have been an Obama supporter and not been one or the other.

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Zuckerman is highly intelligent. I used to run into him all the time in my old neighborhood (never knew him personally and never wanted to either).

In the old USA, the most biologically adaptive method to accumulate wealth was to assimilate to the society and pump up the ruling class.

Now that ruling class is disintegrating. They know that the US can't continue without a middle class.

Is he virtuous? No. He's systematically dishonest and deluded by the official state religion of Krazy Keynsianism.

He didn't fall for Obama's lies. He created them. Those are the lies he tells himself so he can sleep easy at night.

Just about all non-Austrians were blindsided by the financial crisis because they misunderstand the role of money in the economy. As I've said before on ZH, they believe that money is magic - a commodity immune to the laws of supply and demand that can be adjusted upwards and downwards to control the minds of men.

It works that way, after a fashion, until it doesn't. 

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"Now that ruling class is disintegrating. They know that the US can't continue without a middle class."


Why it cant?  others do....we are not that speciall after all...

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The oligarchy just wants the vaunted Amerikan middle class to stand still long enough to pay for all the bankster bailouts that are now on the tax payer's balance sheet instead of Wall Street's where they belong...

The elite are all chiming in with austerity bitchez... The Amerikan public support it...

The Amerikan public wants their asses taxed off and austerity to pay for TBTF Wall Street bailouts.... Sure they do you Zucker fuck...

Mort wants you to hold still and take austerity like an alter boy sodomized by his priest...

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WASHINGTON (AFP) – US voters' trust in President Barack Obama's ability to get his job done well has slid to a new low, a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday found.

"Four months before midterm elections that will define the second half of his term, nearly six in 10 voters say they lack faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country, and a clear majority once again disapproves of how he is dealing with the economy," the report said.


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I have every confidence in Obummer's ability as a corporate whore and Wall Street puppet...

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I agree the professional wrestling, whether it be between repubs and dems, or business and their front men politicians of all stripes... We've been treated to cover stories and feign opposition between the same upper class group - so the take away from this is like you said - what snake oil / solution are they setting up and then launching here ? Yup, the banks are recapitalized - holding reserves in amounts they have never done- and while every so often that fact seems to get pinged by journalists - nobody is connecting any larger dots... simply waiting for the next phase to kick in... on the horizon we see austerity for governments - and private banks and their financial arms FLUSH with cash reserves (and continued market string pulling to increase the size of those reserves without creating any new real economic growth)... so when the govt has to "tighten the belt" with spending, I guess our banking masters, er friends rather, step in to "help" and take some assets off the public's hands? Controlling the conversation and information...

Yes, when the austerity kicks in here -- they'll just be taking their little economic think tank models live onto the public....they're test runs on 3rd world nations have helped, now for the big prize right? they will get the train to switch tracks - they know the public is ignorant and more over scared and just want a comforting voice to say this is the way to salvation!

Don't lose sight that this same criminal elite (hand pick your own roster here) has become even more brazen since their big event in NY back in 2001... Real Estate pump and dump has become more than just 'quick cash' - although greed has been the common unifier - but now even in the 3 years hindsight, we see a piece of the major catalyst they set up to get the public (the individual and the public govt assets) into this position...

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Yes, the clan believes only the complete debasement & defeat of the middle-class can effectively deal with the perennial threat emanating from NASCAR loving, Palin lusting neanderthals.

Yet, for all their individual & collective genius (on average, 1 std dev above the mean, with a wildly disproportionate representation above 150, and massive over-representation in chess, the premier strategic game of our time), they have consistently mis/over-played their hands throughout countless centuries.

As Travis dutifully notes, this time around will be no different. At some point in the not-to-distant future, the People may begin to form the idea that the only way to preserve the Union will be via military coup. The alternative will be dissolution, which will also result in dramatic shifts to the right in the respective regional associations.

Once the facts are revealed (this shit is all tied up in Reston, kept under tight lock & key), there are gonna be 10,000+ of these banksters on the dockets. If this process doesn't provide the necessary catharsis, and we continue to sink further into the milieu, then the stakes will only be ratcheted higher.

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There are some generals who are very pragmatic and would be a natural choice for leadership. There are also some narcissists who will give you the same treatment as you are used to--probably coupled with a fair amount of purging. Military rule is rolling the dice.

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Yes, the big event of 2001.  The evidence neatly disposed of at the Fresh Kills landfill.

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I have very low expectations for the incoming republican congress majority. These guy have proven just as incompetent, corrupt and devious as the democrats. Same game, just moving somewhat slower. Remember the "Contract with America?"  It's one big "Bird of Prey", with two wings. Either way, we are screwed my friend!

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No, no, no and No to the 4th one.


I get cash, I spend my cash. Its my business only,

I like to drink water and beer and coffee  and stuff from whole foods.


My question to all you fools is why havn't the banks request that Adsense pull their ads from ZH.? I would be insulted if I were the CEO of a bank.

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It's PS, then PPS.

There, you learned something.  Now go buy a t-shirt.

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People, it is easy to rant and rave. But, when you are in the big seat, things don't look as simple as many of us would like to believe. Do you think McCain/Palin would have done better. Did Bush/Cheney do wonders?

The problems are very deep with no easy solutions. Just get used to that idea...

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you must have that PhD thing...

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Do you think McCain/Palin would have done better.


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 I agree( I am an Independent), for one thing they would not have been allowed to PUSH the US into a semi National Socialist state.

Which is exactly where we're headed.OR worse...............

Also, business, and corporations would at least have a clue WHAT their policies would do to them.

With the current regime( not one conservative period), or even a believer in a Republic,or for that matter the Constitution..............HELL yes it would be better.........

Finances aside, just these items would at least not cause the General population to be scared to death,not grab their ankles, and cause the economy to fold like freakin tent, with whatever Commie/Socialist program, would be crammed down our throats next....................

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With McCain and Palin there would have been total gridlock.  Obama's healthcare, takeover of GM, Chrysler,AIG would not have happened.  Stimulus would have been smaller.  There might have been tax cuts, small business would be more confident with a pro business president.  Taliban would have come to the negotiation table, other countries would have imposed sanctions on Iran.

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Can't wait to find out who will save us from Obama..... with change we have to believe in.

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For the 2,773rd (approx) time here on ZH, there are not two parties, there is only one. Look up BCCI and see whose bank the republicans were running Iran/Contra money through.

Let's all say it together, republicrats.

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that can't possibly be true!

you're just making that up.

you must be one of those damned rebublicrats...

you guys caused all the problems. not us.

(that was kind of fun)

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Wow, "the problems are deep" zzzzzzzzzzzz... Thanks for the reach-around. Obama apologists are still playing the "he ain't Bush" card. Obamatard is the worst president since Jimmy Carter... fastest lame duck in my lifetime.

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Carter was EXCELLENT compared to what we have least he loves America.(but was unfit for the job).

It feels as if an Alien has taken over my country, like the frigging Bubonic Plauge.

Listened to a talk show this a.m., many Black callers.....all of whom said they voted for Obama,(94% of Blacks did).

They said they were ashamed, and said ethnic relations, and black race realtions/issues in this country have been taken back 20yrs........from where we were prior to "O".

I felt for them, after all these years, they get this........instead of a patriotic American, which they could be proud of.That we all could be proud of..............

No one can deny, "O" has done exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on, as far as bringing us together...........nothing is farther from the actual truth.

From the AZ lawsuits,(totally groundless, and BS) to the New Black Panthers, advocating murdering Cracker's, and Cracker babies.....without ONE word, of a cautionary/slap down tone from this Whitehouse, or it's AG.

On top of everything else we're living with,and thru, we certainly do not need this shit.

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Worst President Ever. Hates America- doing his  best to destroy US.

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"People, it is easy to rant and rave."

No, it's not. The sheep don't want to hear about problems, solutions, or responsibility. The ranters and ravers are swimming upstream against a current of ignorance. So no, it is not easy.

"But, when you are in the big seat, things don't look as simple as many of us would like to believe. Do you think McCain/Palin would have done better. Did Bush/Cheney do wonders?"

Nobody here thinks McCain/Palin and/or Bush/Cheney are 'better'.  You are correct - the problems are complex, not simple. So complexity is now an excuse?  We continue with the status quo (or worse) because the problems are too big and too complex for our tiny brains to comprehend?  This is your excuse/suggestion?  Really?

"The problems are very deep with no easy solutions. Just get used to that idea..."

Done. Many here have been "used to that idea" for a very long time, which is exactly why certain, specific 'solutions' are discussed here so often. Very few here are willing to chill and wait for corporate/media/political elites to "fix everything", which is exactly what you seem to be waiting for.  Good luck with that.



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Anyone who still believes in a party system neeeds to spend some agonizing hours over at

cuz the war is for your mind muther f*******s

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Can we go thru the scenario please?

You think there will be austerity?
You think there will be an afterwards for our present society?

I dont think so.

When will it end?

"They" feel so successful that "they" even admitted they caused the 30's bust.
And made that admission at the 90's birthday of a fine economist who had maintained that fact.

The fed was founded in 1913, worldwar was 1914.
The fed cause the bust in the 30s, world war in the 30s.

I see in my mind Mr. Blankfeins smirking face and know of his words against God.
"They" are now watching, all of them, amused at how much we can take, ready and waiting to push us all on the rubbish heap.

When is the turning point, when does it all go bust?
Its when we are already on the rubbish heap. They just need to cut off the food stamps.

Thats not far away now is it?
And war is profitable. And cleans away the rubbish.
They do think that way.
The same statement is that its when their juggling the plates in the air no longer pulls in the trillions.

So then they own the whole world.
And have to scour the dumps to find a humble live person who is capable of accessing that world.
They occupy the lands and have lost the key.
They hold their sex farms and have lost love.

That might be my way of looking at it but there are many people on this site who see it more clearly in places I cannot access at the moment.
People who understand the money movements. I dont.
I have several names in my head.

What I should like, instead of just the transitory remarks I see and enjoy here - what a pleasure to read open feelings, whatever they are

about - is to form a working group. Capable people. Lets do the math and lets do the human understanding - the meek access to the

world of the beast - and lets write it down. What will happen. When.

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I was looking at,  The Top 10 reasons why other kids have run away are.

Cathartes Aura's picture

#1: Kicked out.

#2: Sexual abuse.

I've worked with homeless kids, and those two ring true.  Often they get kicked out for not keeping silent about the sexual abuse. . . mother's boyfriend, abusive sibling/uncle, etc. - family secrets seek self preservation. . .kinda like gov'ts eh.

mike moll's picture

Yes. God gives some protection. It ruins lives.

mike moll's picture

Difficult. God may keep you alive. There's a chasm so big you can put the world in it. Between what they do and the real world of (who should I say? Let me say) Elia. The children die the birds die. But believe and there is life, the birds speak and approach, the flowers move and love.

As one says here end the fed.

mike moll's picture

Excuse me I am sure you see it right. Do you want to say more? I would appreciate it.

Cathartes Aura's picture

heya mike, not sure who you might be addressing here, or what it is you want to hear "more" of?   but if you're referring to my post of working with homeless kids, and abusive homes, I guess I can add some to what I said. . .

it's my opinion, based on the kids I've worked with, and observation of amrkn families in many different states, that there's a deep problem with immaturity in this culture. . . don't know when one would peg a shift? but certainly kids born from the mid-70's onwards had less supervision, less parenting really, and it's only getting worse. . . kids born in the mid-90's talk of parents that are never around, or of whole families using "illegal" white drugs, parents putting their kids on various sedative-type drugs rather than address their need for attention, or the  additives in the food affecting their systems, etc. etc.

it's a disconnect, and it's also like the parents never had any supervision, so it's all down to a bunch of kids breeding more kids. . . mothers hang out with their daughters like peers, fathers either absent or angry to the point of avoidance. . .

I don't know, it's nothing new really, just multiplied by more numbers. . . but it can be good to work with kids, to really listen to their (horror) stories, acknowledge what is "real" for them, and begin to offer support and structure. . . it can also be draining when you recognise you're being "worked" with less than true "stories" they've invented or embellished to get something, even attention.. .

anyhow, I have no idea if this is what you were asking for?  but I wish you the best - it's tough out in the world nowadays, I hope you have a good support network. . .