BP and Government Representatives Still Keeping Scientists and Reporters Away from Areas Impacted by Oil

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As shown by the following videos, BP and government representatives are still keeping scientists and reporters away from areas impacted by oil.

WEAR ABC news documented yesterday that federal agents are preventing reporters from digging in the sand to look for oil:

YouTube Video

Award-winning investigative reporter Dahr Jamail says in a new interview that a federal agent confiscated Gulf oil samples:

YouTube Video

of the oil spill commission are harassing independent scientists who
are finding contamination in the Gulf, and questioning whether they have
permits to even take samples:

Scientists' samples have been confiscated by the police and - according to someone calling in to NPR's Science Friday show and claiming to be an adjunct professor at Texas A & M - by homeland security:

YouTube Video

And as Newsweek notes:

Since the gulf oil spill first began gushing on April 20, Linda Hooper-Bui's
research group has repeatedly run up against the authorities. In May, a
Fish and Wildlife Service officer confiscated insect samples that one
of Hooper-Bui’s students had been collecting on a publicly accessible
beach in southern Alabama. On research trips in Louisiana, her students
have been stopped by sheriff’s deputies—one time after driving 150
miles—simply for attempting to study the ecological impact of oil and
dispersants. Time and again, they were told that they couldn’t access
their normal research sites unless they were working for BP or the


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Black Holes: Dumb & Dumber Positive Feedback


So, oil is no longer viable; it is worth less than zero. At any price, it amplifies economic losses, adding to its own structural overhead with each cycle, creating a two-tail absolute change value market, which is a classic result of a dc bus ponzi economy left to its own devices. Its price tends to 0 on the negative rail, and exponential growth on the positive rail, with quantum episodes of dampened oscillation, associated with the exponentially increasing hidden costs of misdirection becoming intermittently transparent. A lie on the stack becomes many, hiding the source, creating never-ending economic activity, in an inverted pyramid, until it collapses.

The planet is a fulcrum of fulcrums / signals, within a solar fulcrum. When that window opens up and the galaxy sees the error beyond the positive rail, what do you suppose is going to happen? What does that say about affecting space travel in real time? Assuming a distribution of self-sustaining economies trading unique surpluses, a stable platform, what must basic education, the carrier, look like? (which is the only way the existing dc bus can survive; it cannot survive structural demographic deceleration with human operators)

Given the as-is and to-be, we always take advantage of the op-amp limitations, to employ circuit relativity / timing, and get the dc bus across the bridge, with whatever remains of the nucleus when it lands. What the dc bus “sees” is mass simplification in linear time. Its college graduates couldn’t pass a 6th grade exam under true evolutionary demand conditions, which is not their fault, because their teachers cannot add 2 and 2, because that outcome is politically unacceptable under American Enterprise System conditions.

America is the Soviet Union of the 21st century because dc system operators always assume convenient benchmarks from History, to set up the self-serving, positive feedback rail, always resulting in the same outcome, certifying relative inertia as the standard, over and over and over again, loading the spring with a growing majority, while a shrinking minority continues to travel rail to rail.

If anyone is waiting for linear / incremental construction of the ac wave, they are waiting for what will never happen. The pieces are collected as distilled by the planetary fulcrum, with the final piece of the current cycle appearing relative to the final pieces of other cycles, opening the vortex to relative time adjustment. From the ac perspective, time is not linear; it’s a data structure presented “linearly” to the dc bus, as incremental changes to simultaneous equations.

So, people moved their money to other banks, only to find them controlled by the sharks they left, which are systematically scooping up everything in sight, with taxpayer money, throwing yet another layer under the bus. The aggregate herd of local legacy families is rapidly being thinned out, sabotaging each other, and the old mafia is surging / becoming transparent.

Seems we have been on this merry-go-round before. Which end is the rod and which is the hook depends on perspective, but the dc bus is now fully automated in a closed TBTF economic loss amp loop. Sometimes black is white and white is black.

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I heard they plugged the well. That is some good news. Now they have 3800 more that will be plugged (those not used in last 5 years).

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As Slim Pickens commented to Harry Dean Stanton in "Rancho Deluxe" - "All large scale crime is an insdie job".


Food for thought.

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Thanks for keeping on the heat, George!  Very important work you're doing.  The fat lady hasn't even entered the building for this performance yet. 

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It should be plain as day that the federal government has now been completely overthrown. What’s the matter with the cops? Why are they continuing to ride herd over and bossing citizens around on public beaches. Is it because they now owe their allegiance to BP? This thing isn’t just going down because of the corporate media propaganda, lies, and news blackout. Most Americans appear apathetic even tranquillized. There is more to what we are seeing than people merely being cowed.

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Why are they continuing to ride herd over and bossing citizens around on public beaches.

Would you ask the same question of policemen supervising the pick-up of money spilled from an overturned armored car on a public highway?  And would you really accept as truth thousands of people claiming that found oil was from the ruptured BP well without first comparing the oil-print of the found oil to the oil-print of oil from the ruptured BP well?

benb's picture

RichardP -“Would you ask the same question of policemen supervising the pick-up of money spilled from an overturned armored car on a public highway?” 

Of course not. One of the problems we are seeing all over the Gulf is the melding of local police (and Feds as well) into a corporate force policing at the direction of a foreign corporation. It has been reported that police all over the Gulf have literally been bought off by BP. Also look at that little traitor of a whore Thad Allen, representing himself as Admiral of the Coast Guard. At first he even wore his old uniform in front of the TV cameras. HE IS RETIRED and a BP employee. But the public goes right along with the charade.

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Not sarcasm.  These are the  two legal principles upon which  the U.S. is basing its actions re. the BP blowout.  These two principles are applied by law enforcement every day all over the place - just on a smaller scale.

 - Law enforcement stops people from carrying away property that does not belong to them.  Consider the issue of looting during riots and overturned armoured cars with money spilled on public roads.

 - The proper owner of found goods is determined through logical processes, not through public acclaim.

The first principle involves government protection of private property.  The second principle involves the proper establishment of fact so that it is admissible in a court of law.  Americans are not strangers to these principles.  They just usually are not applied on such a grand scale as is being done in the gulf.

None of what I have said should be interpreted as a defense of BP or the government.  It is just a statement of the obvious - which was missing in this conversation.

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your sarcasm is getting tired..   people dug on those beaches before the spill all the time and there wasn't endless displays of tar

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I'm a conservative right-leaning person and I think that this BP mess is worse then the government and BP are trying to say it is...

...If only because BP was caught lying so many times.

BP has a terrible safety record which isn't terribly surprising. How careful of the environment are you going to be if your main motivation is money and you are operating in a foreign country?

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====I would not confront HLS.== This from gunreport.com.====

Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds to Homeland Security

August 22, 2009

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Winchester Ammunition was recently awarded a contract by the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security to supply a maximum of 200 million, 40 cal. rounds over the next five years.

The load selected for this contract is a 135-grain, hollow point designed for the office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection. It will fall under the Winchester Ranger line.

minus dog's picture

Given how many shooters DHS has, and how many rounds those shooters use during training, 200 mil rounds is not a remarkable amount.

Cistercian's picture

 Your caution is noted.Of course, bringing a pistol to a high powered rifle fight is equally ill advised.The horror for the jackasses in charge is that well off people can buy and in fact own excellent to superior weapons.It is a fact they operate without close air support however; but in a Citizen vs .gov type match-up the weapons held by the Citizen may well be superior.Which may be enough for a small skirmish.

 The FBI vs the bankrobbers sporting mini-14's is instructive in this regard.The results were so horrific for the Feds they adopted the 10mm pistol...which is ridiculous for all but experts (and large ones at that) to fire.And hence the 40 SW round was born, a low powered version of the 10mm.Which comes up really short vs a 308 semi or 30-06.Or a SPAS-12.

 I must say this however, and it is depressing, that round is a violation of the Geneva convention.Like most standard cop loads today.If we were in a war and I caught you with those bullets in your gun....summarily executing you would be legal....a salient point most Americans have no idea of!!!!


dark pools of soros's picture

its tougher to get the armor they have than their weapons


and you'll never have any air power or their level of communication, organization and endless supply of pawns...


the battle is for the minds - to get the pawns to turn and stop working for them



metastar's picture

All intended for you, ... the American citizen slave. ...

metastar's picture

Don't worry. The air at ground zero was safe so the seafood is safe. If the government says its safe, then it must be safe. Don't resist or you will be arrested.


Our government is criminal, corrupt, and illegitimate!


It never ceases to amaze me as to just how far these animals will go.

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A lot of this has to do with businesses in the gulf. The gulf states are very important in the midterm elections and Obama is trying to keep it quiet. After the elections, I think that all hell will break loose about this secrecy.

Obama and the Dems are toast. 

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where's the outrage? Where's the coverage? Why no coverage? Simple. Democrats, progressives own D.C. If John McCain were the President or Republicans controlled one or both chambers in Congress, you'd hear the progressive shills in every media outlet cover this story non-stop. If the prognostications of the political hacks come true in November, you'll get coverage on this story and the media will blame the Republicans in Congress for the cover up. LOL.

Cistercian's picture

 Left, right there is no difference.


  Here is a better question: where is the citizen ultraviolence?

 They are screwing us in full daylight, for the love of God, can't we make them stop?

 At some point, we must act like Citizens...which would include actually demonstrating exactly how power inheres in the people.


  Thomas Jefferson would be sad seeing this crap.....seriously.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

This is not a police state bought & paid for, by the banksters,global corp's,& big pharma,etc.Drink your fluoride take your vaccination's,and quiet down. And yes Alex Jones is a cook...

metastar's picture

I used to think that Alex Jones was a raving lunatic.

Now I'm starting to see that much of his world view seems to be correct.

This government and the Fed is out of control.

abc123's picture

RichardP I have heard some hilarious sarcasm regarding the police state and the outrageous corporatism that we as a people (as a species) face in these transitional times -- but you are one over-the-top hilarious M***** F*****.

MarketTruth's picture

Remember who supplies oil to the US MIL is the Middle East. Yup, it is BP of course.

RichardP's picture

One of the Federal government's jobs is to keep the peace.  Another way of saying that is to prevent panic.

Of what possible use is it to us if 3,248 people report that they have found some oil?  Early on in this crises it was reported that the gulf floor leaked oil constantly and that finding tarballs was a non-event because people find tarballs quite consistantly.

The only value in any oil find is matching its oilprint to the oilprint of the oil from BP's leaking well.  Most folks don't have the ability to do this, yet that won't stop them from claiming that the oil is from BP's well.

In all the vexing about heavy-handed police tactics (which they may well be), don't lose sight of this point.

On the other hand, if the oil did come from BP's oil well, doesn't that make the oil BP's?  If an armored car spills its load of cash onto the freeway, does that money suddenly belong to the public?

MarkTwainsMustache's picture

Great work GW...you are probably one of if not the best sources for this coverage.  The media (blogosphere and or local affiliates) are the only outlet it seems for standing up to the U.S. Federal police state and BP.  

rmsnickers's picture

Not that I care about the junking but for the record, that is sarcasm people.

Keep up the good work GW.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Eventually it ends badly for the  ruling class, please see Marie Antoinette, Tsar Nicholas II et al.


metastar's picture

One can only hope it occurs in our lifetime.

non-anon's picture

well, this is what we have become, a police state.


As we cower in our foreclosed homes. Waiting for someone else to do something.


Still waiting.

Bringin It's picture

Withhold your labor.  National strike to protest the police state.  I think it's a good idea.

minus dog's picture

How do you go on strike when you have no job?   Just askin'.

Selah's picture

To Do List:

Dig some sand

Collect some oil

Get BP and the Media in a bidding war for my samples

Hope that there are thousands of others with the same idea


PS: WEAR is my local ABC station...


Cistercian's picture

 The level of anger I felt at viewing this was extreme.

   I don't think the jerk who tried to run the reporter off in the first clip would have escaped had he tried that approach with me.Him, shooting off his mouth and me holding a shovel...it would have ended very badly.If it is a national park, and you are a citizen...you OWN it.If you want to see how much it has been damaged, it is your right to know.

  We need to stand up to these criminals...now.

Sabibaby's picture

Lets all go out there and start shoveling, they can approach one or two of us but if have a hundred thousand people storming the beaches with shovels what are they gonna do?

That will make headlines.

lynnybee's picture

reply to Cistercian :    We need more people like you !    This is our country, not B.P.'s.   Where's the outrage, where's the revolution, where's the protesting !    I'm here in Michigan, I don't hear a word on the news regarding this B.P. oil contamination,  it's as if everything just went black.     Where the hell is the outrage by the U.S. citizen !   The country's been looted in so many ways.    What about our kids & grandkids ................

Cistercian's picture

 Thank you.

 I like your posts too!

 We need to stick together...I hope you are ok in the midst of this mess.Don't give up....we will prevail!!!

Mad Max's picture

Yeah, Michigan is dead silent on the BP spill.

Heck, we had a relatively large pipeline leak polluting a major river less than 1 hour from the state capitol and THAT spill is barely getting any press.  A major river is polluted, some popular lakes and beaches are closed, near silence in the press.

I no longer worry about the country turning into a fascist corporatocracy, any more than I worry about us becoming the "global policeman" or getting involved in pointless wars of empire on the other side of the globe.