BP plc And The Administration Replace First Amendment With $40,000 Fine And Class D Felony

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CNN's Anderson Cooper, one of the few people who apparently hasn't or isn't leaving the troubled news network (surely Ted Turner has learned by now from CNBC that his female anchors should wear transparent body suits, show belly button deep cleavage, and install a stripper pole or seventeen for those ever more elusive Nielsen points), reports some troubling developments out of New Orleans. "The coast guard today announced new rules keeping photographers, reporters and anyone else from coming within 65 feet of any response vessel or booms, out on the water or on beaches. In order to get closer you need to get direct permission from the coast guard captain of the Port of New Orleans. Shots of oil on beaches with booms - stay 65 feet away. Pictures of oil soaked booms useless laying in the water because they haven't been collected like they should. You can't get close enough to see that. And believe me, that is out there. But you only know that if you get close to it, and now you can't without permission. Violators could face a fine of $40,000 and class D felony charges. The coast guard tried to make the exclusion zone 300 feet before scaling it down to 65 feet." While Cooper's conclusion is spot on, "we are not the enemy here, those of us down here trying to accurately show what is happening down here, we are not the enemy. If we can't show what is happening, warts and all, no one will see what is happening, and that makes it very easy to hide failure and hide incompetence", it doesn't matter, and little by little, nothing else matters, except for what the administration, the Fed, and the megacorps think it is in America's best interest to be able to see, hear, read, do, and what assets they have, where they can invest... especially if all this is done in conjunction with maxing out yet another credit card to buy the latest and greatest weekly edition of the iPhone.

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If you see a guy behind you who seems to keep pointing a gun at you, should you keep walking or stop and look?

Just wondering. Don't know for sure what I'd do.


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And if you're in a crowded room, you might try to get the attention of others. If your case is just, this can be your greatest asset.



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I am no kind of military professional (though heaven knows I study the stuff), but it seems to me that, in that situation "none of the above" is the answer. If you think you see a mortal threat, it's a tactical situation - you flee or you fight. 

thesapein's picture

House rules then, and I don't think fleeing's an option at fight club.

They'll fight.

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Remind your uninvited associate/s that fight club lives... (:

The strangest things can happen from rappin, when
Niggas get wrapped up in image and acting,
Niggas get capped up and wrapped in plastic,
Zipped up in bags when it happens, that's it.....

But everywhere that I go

I got people I know (The watcher)
Who got people they know
So I suggest you lay low (I watch).....

I ain't no bitch neither.
It's either my life or your life,
And I ain't leaving, I like breathing.
Nigga we can go round for round,
Clip for clip, shit, fo'-pound for pound.

- Dr. DRE

peace Doc



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Clik the safety off the one in my beltline?

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If he hasn't shot yet he must want something. That's your window of opportunity to assess whether or not it is a firearm and put a bullet between his eyes.

But you can't do that if you are a slave. Slaves don't protect themselves or understand their rights. Citizens are armed. The 2nd Amendment is the only civil right that must be excercised on the spot or it becomes meaningless.

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Under the assumption that your query is for real, ZH has done all it could to protect itself from the jurisdiction and legal authority of USGOV. If they choose to take it to the next level and assign 'black' assets against the site, the site would likely go down, perhaps its facilitators may escape detection. At least not all of them would go down at the same time. Do you really think it would be prudent to broadcast the details of the plans they may or may not have made for such a possibility (eventuality)?

thesapein's picture

Point taken. I also just realized that I was about to say more articles on topics such as... oh, this article that I'm posting under, would be the way to go. So, yeah, uhm, keep up the good work, ZH!

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Simple.  Base ZH out of the NEW America.....Iceland.  They seem to GET the whole 1st Amend. thing.

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That new political party there is classic....

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"Look, I think most of us know that there is a very real possibility in the near future that we won't be able to access this website legally."

ZH might need to consult counsel about the DISCLOSE act.   I mean, the bloggers running this site are anonymous, and some seriously dark criticisme of The Won, the fed, particular Congresscritters, dipshit and corrupt regulators, and various Party animals appears in both the articles and the comments here.    Maybe the DISCLOSE act will effectively mute this site 60 days before federal elections...two frickin' months of monopoly propaganda time for approved media outlets, unions, and the NRA alone(they got an exemption too), to say what they want, with minimal backtalk from the unannointed little people.

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Obama to the Media - "You loving me now?"

Problem Is's picture

Media to Obummer: "The polls say...'You ain't DICK.' "

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A changeling you can believe in

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Maybe it's time for a Tiananmen Square/Kent State moment when a 1000, 5000, or even 10000 concerned citizens gather and march their way right down to the shore's edge.  Let power show its ugly head and thus break its grasp.

Of course, I would rather have a ferrari, too. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

That's an excellent idea. I suspect the line forms right behind you. Everyone needs to take some kind of action. May I suggest you back up your idea with action?

Nobody's picture

let me know when and where and I will meet you there.  I'll go first. 

Problem Is's picture

"May I suggest you back up your idea with action?"

The Amerikan public has not eaten a big enough shit sandwich yet for action, CD.

Don't worry... Wall Street and the puppet government they own are making a sub sized giant shit sandwich called the:

"Next TBTF Bankster Bailout and Wall Street Looting Shit Sub" for Amerika as we speak...

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I envision oil-soaked, coughing protesters with a Pyhrric victory at hand.

They can have the beaches. They murdered the Gulf - it cannot naturally support the population any longer. Whether or not there is widespread toxic, flammable rain and every other associated looming disaster far inland I see the psychological backbone of proud Southern resistance snapped in two - intentionally.

That is said with deep sorrow and anger. Contaminated food source = gov't intervention. Secure for yourself an independent food source now or you will be at the total mercy of your enemy.

Join us in the Rockies if you can. I wish American citizens, willing to defend their freedom at any cost, the best in these hard times.


Cathartes Aura's picture

Contaminated food source = gov't intervention. Secure for yourself an independent food source now or you will be at the total mercy of your enemy.

it would be a great thing if everyone began to let that truth sink in, past the layers of anger & helplessness, deep enough to hit that primal survival sweet spot. . . it's way past time to wake up.

alarm call bitches.

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Maybe it's time for a ...

The time for doing anything is gone.  And it won't be back. They are doing this because they can.  And there is nothing any of us can do about it.  Photographs are one of the few things left that can actually motivate voters.  Recent administrations have learned well the lessons of the 1960s and Vietnam pictures and will never again relinquish control of the photo op.

The government has learned that it can pretty much do whatever it wants to, so long as the corporate campaign donors are OK with it.  I don't see this ever changing.

OTOH, what can the government hide from reporters at 65 feet?  That seems a reasonable distance to ensure that reporters don't come into contact with any of the killer crude.  The story would have a different sense to it if they banned reporters and photographers outright.



Rebel's picture

"The time for doing anything is gone"

I wonder about this too. No need to take a symbolic stand, and get in trouble. Keep your head down, and off the radar screen. Use your time and energy to becoming self sufficient, developing a network of trusted friends, and hunker down and wait for the system to collapse under its own weight.

The problem is, will the system collapse under its own weight, or will it gradually continue to usurp power, diminish individual rights, and suck more resources from the people.

I am genuinely torn on the issue.

russki standart's picture

They have  effectively banned reporters and photographers. Read Cog. Diss. above.  Go ahead and show pictures of the gulf. Just make damn certain you can prove you were more than 65 feet away.

In a fascist state, there are 2 sets of laws, one for too big to fail, and one for the too small to save. The system will fall apart when there is no money to pay the forces of repression, because all productivity will have been destroyed, and there is no more money to squeeze out of the wage slaves.

Rebel's picture

The Soviet Union showed it can go on a long time. I know they were not fascist, but about the same deal you are talking about.

Jasper M's picture

Actually, they kinda Were fascist - the differences between fascism and cimmunism are mostly theoretical constructs, concocted when the Soviet-style (allegedly inter-national) socialists ofund their lunch being eaten (popularity wise) by the national socialists. I would believe the book "Liberal Fascism", has a section on this. 

pan-the-ist's picture

Please explain how the state aided PRIVATE enterprise in the Soviet Union?

Totalitarian is not the same as Fascist.

robobbob's picture

I think Armand Hammer made out quite well, and Ford, and GE

Remember, the rules for the elites are always different than for the serfs, regardless of which system in use

see "Animal Farm" for a good metaphor

Cathartes Aura's picture

The time for doing anything is gone.  And it won't be back. They are doing this because they can.  And there is nothing any of us can do about it.

while I tend towards agreement that there is nothing that can be done to "save" what people tend to regard as "the US", or amrkn "democracy" or whatever - it IS within the power of everyone, today, right this moment, to seek out the truth of what is happening, and share it with others. . . we DO have the opportunity to re-cognise and purge culturally conditioned "points of view" and call a halt to the endless trash that passes for day to day "living". . .

we are not helpless unless we believe we are.

Things that go bump's picture

My adult daughter puts her fingers in her ears and sings la-la-la-la every time I try to discuss this with her.   She says it makes her anxious, she has young children and she doesn't want to think about it.   She and her husband go about their merry way spending every dime they can get their hands on.  We live in a large metropolitan area.  They are all going to die, and so am I because I can't leave them. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

I know what it is you are saying, and my opinion is you can't "discuss" with people who are not ready to "listen" - unfortunately, denial is built in to this system, and is heavily subsided by everything that benefits in the scavenging. . .

the best you can hope for is to not try to lead through convincing arguments, but by example. . . whatever that might mean to you. . . "large metro area" - do you have a lawn? dig it up, front and back, and plant a food garden. . . get some chickens for the back garden, their manure helps make excellent organic compost. . . some metro areas allow for a single goat, or similar. . . there are sooo many blogs available now to give you something tangible to "do" while you're daughter is on her trajectory towards the wall. . . and it will happen, she'll bottom out and need "help" - if you're not in a position to "leave" then make ready to "stay". . .

peace, and good luck.

Things that go bump's picture

Thanks.  Can't do chickens or goats or gardens in a townhouse, but I have done what I can, with rice and beans, etc.  Good luck to you too.

Cathartes Aura's picture

hmmm, yes, you definitely have to think further afield then. . . I don't know where you live, but if you have a farmers market, you might look into the availability of a CSA nearby - community supported agriculture - basics are you sign up to work for "x" hours a week, in exchange for a box of whatever is harvested weekly. . .

and even if that's not an option, finding others with land & gardens, lending your support in creative ways, it's good to make connections with people and cultivate trust, before things get more in-tense. . .

food - and water! - storage is also smart, and you're onto that. . . I can recommend reading here:    http://www.energybulletin.net/start  -  lots of different bloggers with information.

again, all the best to you.

RichardP's picture

... we are not helpless unless we believe we are.

I was not talking theory, I was talking reality when I said the time for doing anything is gone.  How successful do you think anybody is going to be getting pictures inside of 65 feet without permission?  Helpless.  How successful is anybody going to be at shutting down Bank of America?  Helpless.  How successful do you think anybody is going to be in getting Monsanto to stop altering the genetics of the food crops?  Helpless.  And on and on with other examples.

The early American colonists did not build the life they wanted by taking over England.  Because they couldn't.  Helpless.  The got the life they wanted by going somewhere else.  We as citizens have nothing that will overcome the might of the U.S. military (including the Coast Guard) as it carries out the will of big business as expressed through the Executive Branch.  Helpless.  We couldn't even start a civil war now like we used to be able to do.  It would be shut down before it reached critical mass.

This ain't your great-grandpa's America anymore.  But then, our country and government have been morphing constantly since Day 1.  If you want to start over, your only chance is to go find some empty land that has nobody living on it, like the English settlers did.


Cathartes Aura's picture

your "helpless-ness" comes in choosing targets that are not going to be changed - it's like upthread wishing for xmas cars - fun to imagine, but not within the realm of possibility.

I was not talking theory, I was talking reality when I said the time for doing anything is gone.

"anything"???  no possibility to do anything? for the record, I don't need to see pictures of the Gulf disaster to know it's devastation - I already know this.  I don't need to shut down Bank of America, I don't do business with them (or any of their counterparts). . . Monsanto? been shouting about them for years - nothing I can do about their mass-murdering corporate policy, beyond keeping others up to date on all I know. . . why do you choose targets that you have zero control over?  that's a serious question.

amrka doesn't "need" a civil war, it's done, there's no rescue for the world model that is in place - there is only adapting to survival, if one chooses to attempt to survive. . . the quest for "empty land that has no one living on it" is sooo last century (unless you are one of the monied class) - all the map lines are drawn & staked & owned, all the nests have been shat in.

so NOW what do you want to do?

RichardP's picture

The original point to which I was responding was the issue of civilians being able to shape their Federal government.  It was a response to Nobody's post upthread about maybe it is time for us to have our own Tiananmen Square moment.  My point is that the time when those moments could have any effect on the Federal government is long past.  Therefore, we are ... helpless before the juggernaut of corporate>Federal desire.  I concede that we still have some control over what to plant in our own personal plot of ground / flower pots.  But I wasn't addressing that issue.

There was a time when a band of armed neighbors could fend off intruders and protect their way of life.  There was a time when states stood up to the Federal government to protect their sovereignty.  My point was, those days are gone.  We make a big deal about the right to bear arms, as though that will allow us to defend ourselves against the intrusion of the state or Federal levels.  We used to be able to.  We can't any more.  (States are letting corporations kick Americans off of beaches that Americans own.  Of what value is the ability to own a weapon in this situation?  We gonna go down there and take back what is rightfully ours?  Helpless.)  As individuals, we can carve out a niche within a system we don't like.  We no longer have the ability to change the system.  We used to have that ability.

To use an analogy from a different discipline, you are discussing ways of being a better patient.  I am referring to the patient getting well/cured.  We used to be able to do that (as a young nation).  We can't anymore.  But then, I'm comparing the population of 13 colonies against the population of the United States now.  Probably not a fair comparison.  But then, if you buy that, you lose the argument that allowing everyone to bear arms makes a difference.  Early Americans fashioned a nation in the manner that they desired.  We have no influence now over the nation.  Helpless.

Finally, I said:  ... go find some empty land that has nobody living on it, like the English settlers did.

You said: the quest for "empty land that has no one living on it" is sooo last century ... all the map lines are drawn & staked & owned, ...

Was that not also true at the time the English settlers went looking for a place to create the government they wanted?  I was too subtle in my attempt to make a point.  This is probably better.  I saw some American Indians holding up a sign that said:  America - Fighting Terrorism since 1492.

geminiRX's picture

The way you see, the way you talk, the way you think, the way you spend....all under US government control. Kinda shit you would see China do. Does anyone know any websites posting uncensored photographs and videos of the spill (other than youtube)? It is actually quite difficult to google such sites now.

dogbreath's picture

Go to the "reporters note" at the bottom right. 

DocLogo's picture

I think there was some stuff on cryptome.org a while back.

Rebel's picture


You always make little tiny comments. You are going to have to jump in one of these days and let 'er rip. Don't worry, no one bites.


RockyRacoon's picture
BP-Axe-Video 1 AU 60 Minutes Oil Spill Video Axed by BP Part 1 June 27, 2010 YouTube
BP-Axe-Video 2 AU 60 Minutes Oil Spill Video Axed by BP Part 2 June 27, 2010 YouTube
bp-axed-video.zip AU 60 Minutes Oil Spill Video Axed by BP Full June 27, 2010 (9.8MB)
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The media will read from their teleprompters as they are directed. We will always be the last to know. Reminds me of North Korea's info blackout!


Independence Day, Bitches!

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It's Red Neck  Christmas.. Now, I hope you can enjoy an adult beverage and smoke some food, fireworks and yourself if ya so desire...

Miles Kendig's picture

Every chance I get, to those afflicted with consumption of blue pills.  Fresh newbie fish !!  Too bad you seem to feel as if you must be so serious all the time while you rub the sand man from your eyes.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Click.  Line out. Must still be residing in the land of the Gerbervores.. Try learning what the junk button is all about here fresh fish... before you feel the buzz from sticking the scissors into the light socket without adult supervision...

OOps, I just noticed your Avatar..  explains your quest for nip nip much more than smoking yourself or blaming it all on the sand man would have.  You have my apologies for suggesting an adult beverage.  Clearly inappropriate.  I suggest you attempt to embrace life.. or free speech at least if the thought of being forced from your nice warm cave is just too scary for your imagination at present.


I wouldn't go back now for any amount of money (or anything else) - Miles Kendig