Brace Yourself for the Coming Gold Shortage

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streets in heaven r gold so i like holding a lil piece of heaven

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Nothing like a nice government man.

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Lets just say they get the NWO kicked off, all currencies and gold will be worthless because they'll only accept the new fiat currency that they will install anyway. In this case you would've been better off investing in food, medicine, and other survival supplies. That is until they either confiscate your land, or tax it to oblivion. Then the only thing left is either let them roll over you, or use up whatever ammo you have left.

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As a silver enthusiast, I have watched the see saw so long it is making me dizzy. To see the shorts come in and blast my metal is a sight to behold. With such an incredibly small market, it continuously amazes me that brokerages and ETF's are permitted to sell many multiples of actual silver in existence. Unlike gold, most silver is used for industrial purposes, thus t is no longer available to the market in bullion form, merely as a constituent component of some electronic doowidget or another.

It will be interesting indeed to watch this metal shoot through the stratosphere when the shortages hit.

Very interesting indeed.

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The year that the Rothschild's abandoned the London Bullion Market is the year that GLD was launched.

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Gold is insurance. Buy it and keep it in your possession. GLD is a fraud. The custodians who can not be audited as to their holdings, are the same entities heavily naked short on Comex and are unable to deliver on each and every contract they are short. Those entities are also given a free pass for margin. (Unlike you and I, they don't have to produce any.) If you want an honest ETF, CEF is open for inspection, so I prefer to trust that if you insist on buying an ETF. ETFs are at risk of government confiscation.

Few people realise gold always does better in Deflation and is a poor investment relative to other assets in Inflation. Check out the S&P Index valued in terms of gold. I don't see a change in trend. If ZIRP and QE can flip Deflation into hyper inflation, then you better own gold !

COMEX. The Chief Operational Officer is ex Goldman Sachs. Don't expect proper regulation !

When gold is ready to go, the banksters will be loaded up. I believe now they will do just that with all the terrified longs handing it to them. If you go short you can expect a rude awakening at any time the banksters decide to suddenly remove their cap. That will be the day your stop loss fails.

If Ron Rosen is right Gold will now go to $600. (He uses Weldes Wilder's Delta Turning Points and Elliott Wave). I don't care: I will be buying all the way down in ever increasing amounts. Thank you Cartel. Without you the price would be well over $1500.

I have no intention of selling what I have. There was already a shortage at $1200. The US Mint was unable to keep up with demand. By the time the price gets down to $600 (if it does) I believe the real stuff will be UNAVAILABLE...unless you buy GLD (where it will not exist except in the imagination of the public.)

My favorite stock is Seabridge Gold (SA. Ca:SEA). They have the gold in the ground (heading towards 40m oz) waiting for a humungous take over battle by the Majors. They have no intention of getting it out themselves. But what a way to own over 1oz currently costing $27 without paying for storage and insurance!  Do the math !  It is worth checking out their web site to see their mining presentation (10 minute video).  It was the only gold stock I saw yesterday that went against the trend. That alone should tell you something.

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this is all so very confusing

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I call this BS.
Where do you mine the gold for $500 an ounce?
Is this article a test on intelligence?

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I call this BS.
Where do you mine the gold for $500 an ounce?
Is this article a test on intelligence?

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Sell GLD and buy Sprotts new ETF when listed and buy it in Canada not the US. Those guys will check every bar coming in for Tungsten and GLD will be left with paper gold.

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Paper with the word gold after it is not gold, it is merely paper pretending to be gold.

Gold is the ultimate hedge fund:


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And, "Rising production costs have driven the global breakeven cost of new gold production up to $500 an ounce." means that the current price is more than double the production cost - hardly a supporting factor of the price.


Gold is thought to be an anti-dollar/fiat trade--

Not really--it is more of an anti-political trade--

What else rises on fear and drops on greed?

Gold and the dollar have done and will again trade together--

Competing as safehavens--

The price of gold is really irrelevant--same as "how many" dollars you have--

What is important is what your dollar can buy--

Same for gold--no different--

In deflation--everything deflates against gold--

Check your CPI against the POG/dollar locked--in the 30's--

Gold/dollar buying power increased dramatically--

It will do so in this deflation as well--

As for political insanity-ie- currency collapse--

No shortage of that--

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I am not a gold bear, but

"the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), now has a staggering $42.7 billion of the yellow metal, making it the second largest ETF by market capitalization, and the fifth largest gold owner in the world." is a reason to be bearish on gold from here, not bullish. That represents past speculative accumulation, not future.

Also, pointing out SA's decline in production without mentioning China's growth in production is lop-sided.

And, "Rising production costs have driven the global breakeven cost of new gold production up to $500 an ounce." means that the current price is more than double the production cost - hardly a supporting factor of the price.

Finally, PALL is the palladium ETF, not the platinum ETF.

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Peak Gold.  Bullshit GLD.  High demand.  Sounds like a catastrophe (or opportunity) in the making.

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I would say if the shit really hit the fan, whiskey, ammunition, and medicines would be more valuable than gold

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cigarettes, whiskey, and wild, wild women

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by Leo Kolivakis
on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 10:09

I never was a gold bug. I have gotten burned on other manias (Nortel fraud really hurt me) and learned the hard way about not falling in love with any company. Gold seems to be a religion among many here. Good for you. I wish you all the best. If I thought inflation was a certainty, I'd be buying gold too


Goes to show--just how f*ked up ya got it--

If i thought inflation was a certainty--I would sell gold and buy real-estate--

Have you even bothered to look at at a gold chart from 1980-2000/

Gold sucked--inflation all the way--

You simply don't understand gold and what it reacts to--negative or positive--



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Another way of thinking about gold is that it a safe harbor when financial markets get rattled. I don't see this happening in 2010. Doesn't mean I will be right, but I'm shunning gold. If you "gold experts" are so convinced, all power to you! Hope you make money but I remain skeptical.

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Why is gold up 300% ( at least ) over the S&P 500 the last 10 years? We have not had "rattled" financial market during the whole period.... just corrupt and fraudulent financial markets.

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I don't own gold so I can see it increase its worth in fiat currency, and then convert it into fiat.

Gold ownership is a vote AGAINST the financial oligarchs,  and there is nothing I am driven more strongly to do, than oppose them.

I will own gold until 'sound money' returns,  even if that means holding gold until death (I figure I have 50-55 years to see that happen).

I will NOT own the Syndicate's proxy for sound money, Precious Metal ETFs! 

What a misdirection you are running here, my 'good' sir,  it is like you are knowingly leading people off the path...

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Gold to a ZILLION dollar soon.

Reminds me of AOL to $100 by Christmas.


Banking crises has been around for 2 years.
Gold can not get above $1200
Plenty of sellers of gold.

Im more worried about deflation.

Housing has not hit a bottom
Wages are falling

Everyone know the USA is in massive debt.

Gold was a good buy at $300
At $1100 ? ? ? ?

We will know in 5 or 10 years.

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Paul Volker is coming and he is going to vaporize gold. We will break back below 850.00 and who knows from there. Sinclair, Puplava, and Turk don't and won't see it coming.

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by Anonymous
on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 10:26

Paul Volker is coming and he is going to vaporize gold.

Wild--what's he gonna do--raise rates to 20%?

USD to the moon--trade collapsed--fully unemployed country--

Don't think so--not this time--

Volcker prevented deflation--caused by gold--last time--by severing the $ link--he "saved"the $ by raising rates--

Those cards were dealt 40 years ago--

They're simply--not in the deck this time--

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Maybe you can tell me where the money (revenues) will come from for paying government debt, when interest rates go up?

Maybe you can tell me how this is made possible politically?

Maybe you can tell me what happens to the growing dependency class(es) when government cuts expenditures enough to balance the budget, and raises rates into a rising unemployment rate?

These are not idle questions, I'd really like to hear your answers.

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+1 The math was on Volcker's side last time. Now? Not even close.

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Happened before, may happen again.

But I don't think so.  Our .gov has essentially gone completely CRAZY.  The other .govs of the world inspire little confidence with me either.  When the Euro or Yen devalues (assuming we don'r beat them to it), the so will everyone else.

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When it comes to gold and gold demand the only area you need to watch is the central banks. Not that shares in the miners, GLD, etc are not factors in short term demand and prices are heading but central banks are the true barometer. Central banks continue to be buyers of physical gold and they are holding. Of late there are no real sellers of significance. As long as the CB's are buyers day to day or even month to month bumps are moot. To find the end of the rainbow just follow the big sovereign money pools.

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My advice to everybody is to flee gold like the plague. Get out of gold now! Gold is going to 20/oz. Gold is worthless.
Gold has no intrinsic value. Depart from it's presence and give thanks for the salvation of your soul.

Gold. It's worthless.



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MobB, I'll buy your gold for $100 then, heeheehee!  Chortlesnicker!

I'll even take my chance that your Eagles are painted tungsten...

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by Leo Kolivakis
on Thu, 01/21/2010 - 09:47


U.S. Leading Economic Index jumps 1.1% in December. Quick, buy gold...the world is ending! LOL! Let's see how well gold performs in Q1 2010.


sounds to me like someone who missed out on a ten year bull--

bet you said the same words in 01--

love you guys--cuz--you let me know everyday--that i'm in the right trade--

the 1st quarter of 2010--means squat--

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I never was a gold bug. I have gotten burned on other manias (Nortel fraud really hurt me) and learned the hard way about not falling in love with any company. Gold seems to be a religion among many here. Good for you. I wish you all the best. If I thought inflation was a certainty, I'd be buying gold too. But I see a gradual recovery in the US with low inflation. Nothing exceptional, but not very "gold friendly" environment.

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"Stock investors can entertain shares in Barrack Gold"

Barrack Gold? Do you mean 'Barrick Gold'? Geesh.

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U.S. Leading Economic Index jumps 1.1% in December. Quick, buy gold...the world is ending! LOL! Let's see how well gold performs in Q1 2010.

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Madhedgefundtrader dude,


PALL is the Palladium ETF and not Platinum which is PPLT. Looks better if you fix the typo as the prices and metals are quite different. 



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When will the fcking crimex go broke

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Original post is well below Zero Hedge's standards. It has no marginal value--100% speculation, 0% analysis, 1% facts (already known or all findable in a generic article).

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Sidenote to address one of my pet peeves:  Gold was not referred to as "the barbarous relic".  It was the gold standard. 

This gold pejorative is readily attributed to Keynes.  But here is what he really wrote in 1923 in A Tract on Monetary Reform: “…the gold standard is already a barbarous relic.”


....the barbarous relic is central banking.

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The US MINT ran out of blanks for the coins. It wasn't a gold shortage that prompted the hold on sales. Yes demand is up, but based on the question of what GLD is holding, what the US is holding and a possible shake out of speculators if we see a bigger dip in gold, I'm not too concerned. I will still buy only physical Ag and Au and continue to buy, but refuse to be caught up in 'to the moon' scenarios and scare tactics.

India's purchase was from a central bank, which is what central banks do, shift gold around among themselves. It didn't remove 200 tonnes from what you or I could purchase.

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MFT - Were we supposed to "brace yourself" for the pullback in stocks last summer?

The problem with all gold and commodities theses - is that at their core they are just "weak dollar" stories.  If you look at the moves 2000-08 in EUR or a basket of foreign currency, they are not very interesting.

So why not just focus on the core driver -- USD?  Right now that looks pretty strong and EUR, JPY look structurally a little weaker on balance.

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Yes but you are talking in relative terms.  The US$ is stronger than other fiat currencies and Gold won't shine until the world figures out that the ultimate backer of the ultimate currency is untrustworthy.  When that happens look out.  But it happens slowly.

There are other things working against gold.  The velocity of money is very slow now so no one sees how much the dollar has been diluted reciently.  Also, as GG states, paper golf vehicles give many gold investors a false sense that they are fully invested when actually GLD is probably best compared to a fractional reserve bank of the 1930s.

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This dollar rally is bullshit. The dollar has barely budged against certain Asian currencies.

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Gold in a bubble? The average selling price in 1980 was about $660. If I did the math right, and who knows there, that puts the average annual gain at 1.7% over 30 years. And I've discarded the blow off top of $850 as it lasted for about a day and a half.

If that were the stock market I don't think anyone would be calling it a bubble.

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"(GLD), now has a staggering $42.7 billion of the yellow metal"

Are there any publicly available independent third party certifications available confirming that they actually hold this amount of physical gold as opposed to bookkeeping entries?

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It's all in GLD's prospectus.

They have beneficial ownership of that many ounces.  But, their ownership is a paper claim on physical ostensibly somewhere else.  If GLD and the other ETFs *really* did have their own physical possession of THAT MUCH GOLD, seriously, a larger stash than most countries, we would know precisely where their warehouse was; it'd look like Fort Knox.

If that were the case, hell, probably get robbed or somethin

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Most likely $42.7 billion of HOT AIR. Another Madoff in the making. I have no sympathy for GLD buyers. They deserve what's coming their way.

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Physical possesion is the way to go, as GG, the Chumba, and others of us have been preaching.

Dow now down 200.

I am NOT Chumbawamba, but I would spring for a beer with him!

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I agree there's a shortage of physical on the horizon.  I disagree on how to play it.  I wouldn't touch GLD with someone else's money, having looked closely at their prospectus and found it lacking in the areas of accountability, auditability, and others.  I wouldn't touch Barrick, either; given their history as a confessed agent of the central banks, and their lack of business acumen in having, until recently, one of the largest short gold hedges on the planet, I consider giving money to them akin to investing with the devil himself.

I find your choices surprising.  Why not CEF, GTU, NEM?

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Gold sucks, the more I see the hysteria, the more I am convinced it will go down in 2010.