A Breakdown Of Who Wants What In The "Grand Bargain... Or Bust" Soap Opera

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...just heard, Tiny Tim got eaten by Egan.

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Extend & Pretend

Eat that Bitchezzz !!!

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That clown Cramer on MNBS this AM crowed about what a great treasury secretary Geither is and that there are about 95 Tea Party members of congress that are idiots when they insult him.  He said these people have no understanding of the treasury and are clueless about how wonderful Geithner is. 

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Cramer is talking his book as usual.  He's long and he know "no deal", stocks swoon.

Kudlow's the same way for the past 2 weeks.  Potential stock swoon way more costly than tax inceases for his buddies.

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If they really were honest, they would pass a one month extension bill... and continue with their balanced budget amendment, 18% of GDP in government spending and 800 billion in cuts NEXT YEAR till they get it... screw whoever opposes it.

Don't budge, just submit this bill, again and again, change the title every time it fails the senate vote... reintroduce it again and again and pass it in the house again and again till it passes.

In other news, 111h22 till July 23.

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Fuck the lot of them. Muppets.

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Eric Cantor profited from his airline shorts right before 9/11 very handsomely.


just saying.

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can't they just end it?

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It's all Bullshit.....  The Rs will be caving anytime now.....  

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I hope they pass gas. This fiat vampire will meet it's maker...gold

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I agree. This is all cheap theatrics. The economy is dead. Forty years of neoliberal globalization has done its work well. Perpetual QE will not be tolerated. The euro banksters are being actively wooed by BRICS. It's the world against the dollar.


Golden nukes (and otherwise too, probably) will be deployed.

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Why actually do anything constructive when you can just kick it down the road, paper it over or bail it out?

Once people wake up and realize it's all a grand cluster, it doesn't matter how far you've kicked it down the road, only how far away you can get from the folks with the pitchforks and hot tar.

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And more BS from Obama :

President Barack Obama says America does not need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and he once again blamed much of the fiscal problem on Bush-era tax cuts. “We don’t need a constitutional amendment to do our jobs,” Obama told reporters at his Friday news conference. “The Constitution already tells us to do our jobs -- and to make sure that the government is living within its means and making responsible choices.”

What a comedian!

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Obama wants a grand agreement to get past Nov 2012. If he wins, he won't care about anything except golf. If he loses, Republicans get all the blame.

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OK, I get that politicians in general are lying sacks of shit.

But if someone invented a cyborg designed from the ground up to be the perfect lying sack of shit, that cyborg still wouldn't be as big of a lying sack of shit as Obama.

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an acceptance by the president of the "responsibility" for a debt ceiling increase would imo be an unwise ceding of power to the executive branch...it's looking more and more likely, however since congress seems unwilling, as usual, to make the tough decisions

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Gold is making their decision for them ahead of time! Daring them to print more Fiatsco's.

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Yep... anybody who really understands what's going on knows this is war.


Golden nukes against the juden-fetzen, illuminati dollar, bitches!!

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"unwise", but nevertheless the declaration has not been ruled out.


A possible (plausible?) scenario:

Obama declares authority to raise the debt limit as an "emergency" measure to avoid economic calamity.

Congress (mostly Republicans) will then attempt to pass a measure disallowing Obama's executive action. Even if they are able to pass that measure through Congress, they will be unable to over-ride a presidential veto.

It's a win-win for the politicians. Obama gathers more executive power, and gets to claim he saved the nation from disaster. Republicans get to claim they voted against incurring more debt, and against big government "tyranny".

Then on to the next political theater, where both plutocrat parties can dance around some meme like "supporting the troops" as the rationale for continuing the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and escalating the conflicts in Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and maybe even Syria-Iran.

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...he said, cowering behind a US missile shield.


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Joe Kernan just wondered if "maybe Americans have already come too far" in their quest for austerity and fiscal prudence...

You can't make this stuff up.

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Bunch of hobos arguin over who gets stuck paying the dinner bill. 

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He seemed to be in a weaker position than Republican leaders just weeks or even days ago. But as the possibility of default loomed and the president increasingly used his bully pulpit to cast himself as a reasonable leader frustrated by Republican intransigence, the ground shifted in his favor.

Is this the opinion of the "The Hill", or even worse, is it based on the inexact science of polling a small non-representative sample size.

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No this is more like the drama that goes on backstage in between fights at the WWE show.

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moody's wants the ceiling raised which means the banks want it raised which means it will happen. give the pugs a fig leaf and more business as usual bitchez.

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My money's still on a Sept/Oct "surprise" for Syria. They announced the mobilisation to the troops a month or so ago.

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You win ...  two slices ( Syria + Lebanon ), b4 swallowing the whole pie ...

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Yee guys are giving yourselfs the worlds reserve asset every time you raise your debt limit.

Why would you want to stop such a arangement ?

Europe is at the sharp end of this imperial tax as the banks take those new dollars and speculate on Euro debt , commodities etc.

All of our base belongs to you.

Italy vs US: playing a different game

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[Obama] noted that the fallback option offered by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could be a “constructive” way “to at least avert Armageddon.”

Remove "Armageddon" and insert "Reality."

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Yea, who are they actually fooling anymore?

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SWR, equally important is th efact that he is calling it Armageddon.

That is social engineering.

Sky will fall if ceiling is not raised.

Remember remember 08 September!


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This article severely understates the ire of "progressives" for Obama.  I don't spend much time in any online echo chambers, but I've seen threads a thousand comments long in which 99% of the posts were bitter oaths to never support or vote for Barry again, regardless of how the current drama plays out.  Virtually everyone on the "far left" sees him as a neo-con Trojan Horse.

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Gee, only took em 3 years to see the obvious.

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You gotta admit that it has become "progressively" more obvious over time.  And, that said, it seems reasonable to give them credit for being willing to change their opinions--there's far too little of that in the world today, imo. 

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When they finally are forced to face reality that the gig is over and theyre cornered, then it gets real dangerous for us.

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Indeed.  I would hope for real liberals, conservatives and libertarians to set aside their differences and move together on critical issues of major agreement such as defense spending, "Homeland Security," personal liberty, government transparency, rule of law, etc .  

Unfortunately, in addition to our own ignorant biases, the entrenched dog and pony system makes this highly unlikely. 

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I remember telling my ex, who was in Paris at the time of his election what I knew of him. She was deeply offended.

Then, back in 08, a group of American Students were visiting th euniversity where I had my company (incubator). I told them a little about Omama. They hated me after that and never spoke to me again. :-) Those of us who knew, knew a long time ago.


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Friends and acquaintances of mine who are otherwise extremely intelligent are STILL in the tank for Obama-- even though it is obvious to anyone who bothers to look that Obama combines the worst elements of both Bush2 and Clinton.

I would be in utter disbelief except that I was once plugged into the liberal matrix myself-- a card-carrying "Clinton Democrat". It wasn't until a few years after Clinton left office that I had my awakening. Clinton now appears to me as he is, a vile prestidigitator completely lacking any moral center.

As skilled an illusionist as Clinton was, Obama is even better. I fear for the soul of my country, and my countrymen.

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You said it well, as skilled as slick willy was he pales in comparison to the sleight of mind tricks that Obama has mastered.

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BB, like all else, even the leader"ship" is evolving. The proles have a lot at stake and no power except outright anarchy to change course.

Palin/Schwazzeneger(sp) 2012.

Count on it. Right alongside King Will I Am!



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Palin doesn't stand a chance against Obama, Obama is the PTB's boy, the Manchurian Candidate. He will be selected to a second term even if it requires massive voter fraud (which it most likely will). Maybe there is someone on the republican side who is being groomed to take over if Obama fails to carry the PTB water, but if there is, it sure isn't Palin.

Schwarzenneger needs a Constitutional Amendment to get on the ticket, which won't happen.

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I beg to differ, ORI. My prediction is that there will be no 2012 election...just an election campaign, followed by an "Oops, sorry folks, but the freedom-hating terr'rists are simply everywhere so we're declaring a state of emergency and martial law to save your freedoms. Stay indoors and all hail Emperor Obomber!"