British Foreign Minister Reports Gaddafi On Way To Venezuela (With Libyan Gold Presumably In Tow)

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Announcement that Muamar has slipped into a coma to hit within 3-6 hours. As a reminder, Libya had 143.8 tonnes of gold.

More disinformation as we get it.

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Opportunity for Boy George to change lyrics from Karma to  "Coma Chameleon"

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So, what's the Toz/nautical mile for that beauty? :>D

TuesdayBen's picture

Yeah, what's up with the insta-coma thing...

Michael's picture

That's how they achieve communication with their Avatars.

jez's picture

My guess is that the fool tried to eat some of the gold he stole.

Everybody knows you can't eat it. Any of those top analysts on CNBC will tell you.


THE DORK OF CORK's picture

I hope for his sake he has one of those big Antonovs in the Libyan inventory - they can be quite handy for certain financial transactions.

tmosley's picture

I guess North African gold is laced with a coma-inducing drug.

tonyw's picture

It's the shock of finding out its tungsten not gold!

Pure Evil's picture

How long would it take to mock up 143.8 tonnes of gold plated tungstun?

Hephasteus's picture

The entire Clinton administration.

But it takes the entire bush administration to burn down enough buildings to hide it.

Buck Johnson's picture

You may be right, I never thought of that.  All of a sudden as the leader of the country finding out that your own people in crime/regime may have slowly pulled the gold out and replaced it with gold plated tungsten.  Or that the investments or banks you had the gold at duped you and took the real stuff and left the fake.  As I said before I will say again.  I bet Ghadafi will leave like Mubarak screaming.

Where's my Money!!!!!!!

Where's my Money!!!!!!!

Where's my Money!!!!!!!

Where's my Money!!!!!!!

monopoly's picture

Tyler, you never cease to amaze me. LOLOLOL

The Axe's picture

Hey, can I go get the that son-of-a-bitch that blew-up the PAN-AM jet now, And string his sorry ass up in the square..with a fucking BP flag

topcallingtroll's picture

If you hurry.  Things are still a bit disorganized right now.

snowball777's picture

Wait til he's doing his Casa Blanca impersonation then take him out with a Grail missile, just for the irony.

Yen Cross's picture

Hey snow ball. No matter how old this post is, you are right on! That gold toting camel jockey is looking for a way out. Keep up the good work.

TeamAmerica's picture

That's a happy thought...thanks!

Oh regional Indian's picture

So the real relationships will come to light like this. 

Which dick-tater get to hide where?

Of course, the YouK has a long, dick-tater ridden history. Makes perfect sense.

So, all this gold is going to flood the system? Gold down?


Hernando's picture

The Muslim street is going to love Chavez aiding and abetting in the rape and pillage of their countries.


That the difference between a lightweight like Chavez and a genius like Castro.  One can't read tea leaves and the other writes history

johnQpublic's picture

is gaddafi actually fleeing the country or am i just slow on the joke uptake?

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Nothing confirmed yet, Venezuala denies he is going there. Maybe he's going to his hometown of Sirt or his desert base of Sabha.

Apparently several senior officials - including the justice minister - have quit their posts after security forces fired on the Tripoli protesters.

Other rumours say more mercenaries have been imported. Unconfirmed reports suggested soldiers were once again using live ammunition in the capital on Monday evening.


SilverIsKing's picture

He can stay at my place in exchange for some of his shiny yellow stuff.  I can provide him with his own room, free wifi, digital cable TV with a 32 inch flat panel, and I'll stock the fridge with his favorite snacks.  I'll even have his laundry sent out once a week.

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Venezuela isn't bad.  His money will go further there!

It isn't unusual for someone to have a heart attack or a stroke after a very severe stressor.  the last one I read about was a grandfather in florida whose entire family was killed in a car wreck.  He had a heart attack on the news.

These old geezers like Mubarak really believed the people loved them and they were doing god's work, strange as that may seem.  They seem themselves as a father to the people and feel they have to discipline the children every once in a while for their own good.

It was a complete shock to their system to see that the people really didn't like them.  Both were so protected by yes men they lived in a bubble. 

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I guess thats what happens to parents when they're adorable children turn into teenagers, especially American teenagers.

Double down's picture

Are we not running out of scummy places to hide?  Given how Venezuela is doing, he might have to go backpacking with Hugo. 

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Non-U.S. spreads starting to blow out, U.S. bonds are rallying.  Bernanke & Geithner, LLP must be relieved that a bond rout has once again been averted.

"Bahrain’s dollar bond due 2020 fell as S&P cut its rating
and signaled further downgrades were possible, saying it
expected protests to persist. The 10-year bond yield rose 16
basis points to 6.79 percent, increasing 89 basis points since
Feb. 7. The cost of insuring the country’s debt against default
using credit default swaps rose seven basis points to 312,
according to CMA.

Default swaps on Dubai jumped 11 basis points to 448,
contracts on Qatar increased seven basis points to 113, and
those for Saudi Arabia climbed five basis points to 144,
according to CMA"

johnQpublic's picture

heaviest carry on bags, EVER

Richard Head's picture

Premiums have gone up on some items (1 ounce gold eagles) at Tulving.  To quote the National Associiation of Realtors, "it's always a good time to buy!" 

hugovanderbubble's picture

I will appreciate if any one has a link of latest Country by Country Gold Reserves Figures.


gwar5's picture

Mommar has not been in a coma all this time?

I heard the Venezuela rumor. True?

I hope he goes there and undermines Chavez too.

Hugo is in serious need of attention, even the wrong kind.

doomandbloom's picture

Does anyone have a pic of Gaddafi's ukranian nurse?

Josh Randall's picture

I thought these patriots were ready to "die on Libyan soil" ? I guess they mean sleep endlessly in a resort elsewhere. Go long Marriott (MAR)

DonnieD's picture

Wasn't Libya on the UN Human Rights council?

Phlash's picture

"Wasn't Libya on the UN Human Rights council?"


Most countries that routinely engage in torture are y'know...

youngman's picture

I think if the IMF just freezes all these dictators and strong mens bank accounts..we could go a long way in ending our need for POMO when you got the dictators bank accounts and gold..

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Let me ge this right.  You want the IMF (part of the problem) to solve the problem of currency devaluation by seizing gold and giving fiat in exchange?  Oh my, the intelligence of some ZH readers is that of the MSM nowdays...

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Khadaffi has proposed to Lady Blythe, it's his way of circumlocuting Chavez in their mutual game of one-upmanship..."I'm ze best dictator on earth...I'll buy JPM and make my money on silva! Now that I have no oil! 

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Tungsten induced comas are afflicting dictators the world over...