As Buffett Talks Down Japanese Devastation, His Munich Re Announces Massive Loss, Forecast Miss Due To Earthquake

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Only the good die young.

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Wow TD! You obliterated that old fart! But try to go easy next time... After all, in his senility, he believes that Japan will somehow not only boost the world's economy, it will turn around that 25 year stagflation problem AND fix their demographic issues! ROTFLMAO

F**k him and BEnron too!

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I bet Obama invaded Libya to distract most of the US away from Japan.


Obama and Buffett are close, he even mentioned Buffett once during the state of the union speech and also the medal of freedom...

Could it be?


BTW, OSE just increased their margins...



Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE), the SPAN margin parameters for Nikkei 225 Index Futures are being increased from ¥270,000/contract to ¥960,000/contract beginning March 28 (effective April 1),

More than 3 TIMES!

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"close" in political speak means he made a substantial donation to his campaign.

Does "cash for honours" in the UK ring a bell? Surprisingly (not), no-one went to jail or was even fired for that.

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Like all the knights, dukes and sirs?


BTW, the MSM gave up on Japan... and the numerous problems it still have.... over the  civilians death in Libya...  (How many people died in Libya?  less than 200? Nuclear Radiation is forever people.)

AP came out less than 2 hours ago, that there are about 4 after shocks in Japan ranging from M5 to M6...  right in fukushima...  no one printed it.,8599,2060888,00.html

The island of Honshu might just sink... who knows.

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Whatever happened to Swiss Re? They got stuck paying Silverstein for WTC 1&2. Uncle Warren was in on this, I'm sure. His COLUMBO Detective stupidity is an insult to us monkeys, he's not MY uncle, fucker! He got snagged this time, fuck him.

Hey, anybody know who paid for WTC 7? Charlie? Jesse? Soloman Bros. took out ceilings to make trading rooms 2 stories tall inside 4 floors, plus SEC's useless files.

Sorry to go so far off topic, however Warren is The Premier Bullshit Merchant. And I'm not buying, we're full up here.

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The 3 decade long fed-sponsored-credit binge has made almost every investor look good, and some look great (WB).

The ongoing credit collapse will reveal even the very best for what little they are:  selling their silver way too soon, relying on unsustainable credit and consumer demand, and swimming without a suit.

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Grandpa Buffet is now a matter of national security.  If he fails, confidence in the ponzi might fail.

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I'm missing something here.

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The old fuck Buffett knows exactly what is coming for him and his share holders in this royally screwed world economy. Those all is right with the world comments of his were his Hail Mary Pass. Fuck Buffett and the horse he rode in on.

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he has passed from being an investor to being a crony capitalist.

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What, a decade or so ago Warren seemed to be his image, an avuncular guy caring for his shareholders by buying good companies at good value.

Now most of what he does is shill...

What happened?  All the fame go to his head?  Did he decide he LIKED politics, especially when it benefits the crony class?

I really do not know!  Someone who knows more about this clown than I do please feel free to reply.

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He cares about nobody, he's giving all his money to Bill Gates! Stupid fucker.

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When Buffett bought Goldman preferred, he knew for a fact they were getting a huge bail-out from joe sixpack taxpayer. The decrepit geezer has no morals.

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CNBC has no other gods to present as idols to the masses. The golden calfs were purchased by China.

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Time for another taxpayer bailout of the aging hypocrite.

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    Part 3.


"Professor, we need to roll out of here, right quick, before your buddies come back".

"Do you think Fred recognized me?" asked the ex-Fed Chairman.


"I don't know but I really don't want to take any chances", I replied.

"Help me up, will you? My legs are not working real well".


Yeah, I thought, a year of living in the New York City sewer system will do that to you. I pushed the safety on the MAC-10 back into the "ON" position and put it in the holster. I grabbed the Professor's arm with my left hand and pulled him to his feet, he wobbled, then steadied, no play acting here. I noticed, however, that he managed to keep hold on his Cohiba and the flask of what he called "Talisker".

"One second" I said, and I attached a wireless sound amplifier to the slimy sewer wall with a suction cup, and pointed it down the tunnel towards where Fred had disappeared. I flipped the receive switch to "ON" and listened. far.


Suddenly I remembered the DNAnalyzer, looked down, and saw the green light - a match. This was the real deal, Professor Ben S. Bernanke, and my bonus suddenly seemed that much closer.

"You have me at a disadvantage, sir. What is your name, if you don't mind my asking?"

"MacLeod. Peter MacLeod, but my men call me Mac".

"MacLeod. Scottish. Good mechanics, the Scotts. Good with a dollar, too. Frugal, like my people."

I checked the heads up display on the Level 2 Bio-Hazard suit's faceplate for the closest exit to the surface, and the glass said 200 yards to the west. I started down the tunnel, supporting the Professor.

"So, you say the Chinese own New England down to New York now. New Xian Province, you said. And they want me to help Bernie run things. What else have I missed while I have been down here?" the Professor asked.

"The Japanese have taken over Northern California to Washington, including Alaska, in exchange for their Treasuries. They have declared San Francisco "New Tokyo", and plan to move the entire displaced population of old Tokyo there and into Oregon and Washington" I replied.

"God, that was a mess, that damn tsunami, who could have known it would cause the evacuation of all of Northern Japan? So now they are coming here."

Suddenly I heard some noise from the receiver I had left behind. "Wait a second Professor". We stopped, I listened.


"... dude with a suit... looked like an astronaut... had a big gun... let's find him... Ben Bernanke... bounty... million dollars... hurry".


"What is it?" the Professor asked.


"Trouble, Professor. We need to move". I pulled the MAC-10 from it's holster, clicked the safety to "OFF" and checked that the 2x15 clip was secure and ready to spit lead if neccessary.


"Wait a second. I know your name. Pete MacLeod. Special Forces, right? You rescued Hillary Clinton from Hamas when they kidnapped her in Gaza during her "peace enabling" visit, right after the Libyan war."

"Professor, that was a whole different world, but yeah, that was me, back when we had a USA and a Special Forces. Things have changed big time since then. I'm private contract now. And if I'm not wrong, we have some company coming we need to neutralize now."





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One million dollars? in 2013?

I'll take the Cohiba instead, thank you.

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Reptil. Good point. I mentioned in "part 2" that the million, after it was offered, eventually bought only a few loaves of bread.  :~)

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oh i thought the number of millions was lost in transmission, as indicated by the ellipsis. however i would think the last thing hamas would do is kidnap an american diplomat.   

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JFC where's the video? That's BRILLIANT!

SwingForce's picture

Did I say BRILLIANT? I meant to say FUCKING BRILLIANTT! Love it! 

To be continued........

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BUT, but, what about value investing!?


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I'm watching your heart beat.

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Go buy some more Candy companies Warren. Something you understand.


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Time to open another bottle of 'Blue Label' Buffet!

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Johnnie ! The finest ID and avatar on ZH ! Well done, sir ! The stuff lost weekends are made of.


Don Birnam

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I keep a bottle close at hand when exposed to the fulminations of the suffragettes and bluestockings of CNBC.

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Without TARP, buffett was fucked. His  insurance/re-insurance porfolio via AIG etc was decimated, but, like all the

other elites, he just went and punched the shit out of taxpayers for the shortfall, via the printing presses, and voila, he's a "respected guru" again.

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and here's a candid photo of the happy couple

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That's his niece, wink wink.

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Here is one of him with squid proper at geezerfest 2009. Getting lucky, oh yea baby!

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That poor woman holding the little flag looks so very unhappy.


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the Buffet Bubble is popping

...many more of these Bull market genius' to the slaughter house in the year/s ahead not looking quite so clever now the game has changed . . . . . . it's Bear Time

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That dick should pay more taxes... no one else... just him. And I say we crank it up to about 99%.

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But he's one of their buddies, that means the Constitution would suddenly become relevant.  (But only on a case by case basis)

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Buffett is a MF'er.  Idiots who go to Omaha to here the friend of Obama and Nebraska TARP boy are idiot scum too.

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uggggh. JFC, Barry Hussein Obummer...

Well, all my friends drank the kool aid. In my High School (Junior-year in 2008), I called it. Sure enough, barry was the exact puppet and total fraud I accuartley predicited him at the time of the election to be!

A so-called Marxist community organizer. Marxist due to his upbringing and menture Frank Marshall Davis<<< some even believe he could have been Obummer's real father!

Obama within weeks of his presidency becomes the top-tier most Fascist president in American history alongside his predecessors Bush, Sr. Clinton and Bush. Enacts zero policies that reprsent a lick of so-called "Wealth Redistribution". Just recently, Obama (along with the full backing of the loser GOP) enacted immense trickle-down tax policy, invented by the so-called "Father of Modern Conservatism). Yeah, what a joke!

Obama= beta male

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the Crown Jeweled Kiss of Death for the entire "Obama the commie" campaign,
was when Obummer bestowed the 'honor of the fascist' to Buffet, Medal of Freedom Ceremony.

In the Previous episode: Baby Bush layith upon Alan "I destroyed the dollar" Greenspan. The very man that lay the entire world economy on her rose-peddled deathbed!

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You were in High School in 2008? Damn. I've got a tube of brylcreem that's older than you.

I don't mean this as an insult to you...or brylcreem...just saying...You're young...Me...Not so much comparison at least:-(

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Our young man needs to pretend to be a liberal to give liberal girls "the business."  No shame in that...

Freddie's picture

"Our young man needs to pretend to be a liberal to give liberal girls "the business."  No shame in that..."

LOL!  I remember those days - saying shit like "yeah Dukakis really speaks for me."   Magic words and it did not take much to get their motor started.  

Not like the liberal Connecticut Bush klan is any better.  Poppy was a joke.


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ha, fuck you all very much...

Go underwater and never resurface, please!


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Buffet isn't clever or smart, none of these scumbags on wall street are, they are just insiders... if you have inside information on what governments and corporations are going to do ahead of time then even a monkey could do their job.

They are just scum who sold their souls. Their job is to transfer wealth from you to themselves and their masters.

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Buffet was very smart during the Bull market, one of the very best .....but business changes and so does investing, what worked before in a Bull doesn't work at all during a Bear ...Buffet is in a Bear Trap and i doubt he'll be able to unwind (get out)