Bull/Bear Weekly Recap: Apr 18-22, 2011

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L-Shaped Recovery Bitchez!

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Why is it "cool" to regurgitate a random byte from the article and punctuate it with the (misspelled) word for a female dog?

I mean it. I really don't get it. Why is something like this present for EVERY ZH article?

Do these people really not have anything intelligent to add? How do they keep getting the CAPTCHA problem right?

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It's a meme from one of the early posters on ZH, chumbawumba, I think. He coined the mantra, "Gold, bitches!"

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Good Evening from Europe Tyler

Would u be able to post the same IYC - Yield curve snapshot for other Periphericals (Portugal,Spanish,Ireland,Italy) as the one you have posted earlier about Greek Curve?

Haircuts - Forgiven debt schemes-  gonna be the major theme the next two quarters.

Honestly any kind of haircut is dillutive for financials and insurers and specially for asset managers that holds in their portfolios those bonds.

I expect a severe retracement in sp to 1175-1215 from current prices. Then banks would be recapitalized and pseudo-reseted.

*My humble tip long Volatility (VIX)

*Sell German and France Equities (Cos their exposure to greece debt- Deutsche Bank ;Commerzbank, Credit Agricole, SocGen) > 11.000 Mn Euros with 70% haircut coming....yes 70 sir...Goldman is in troubles.

*Unload Commodities (Specially Soft ones)-

*Begin overweighting USD vs GBP and EUR


*My Unique big deal is where the inflation gonna be next months (so neutral biased)


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let's look for inflation to rise steadily until summer, and maybe up through the holiday season.  things are actually looking scary for consumers price-wise, the storm has just begun.



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Did everyone get taken up in the Rapture?  Where's everybody?

I just love the fortune cookie means in which the American financial media is now played.

Take for example, the words "US “AAA” outlook is downgraded from stable to negative as per S&P."

What's the operative word in that sentence? Outlook.  What the hell does that mean?

Next thing we are going to get is the "consensus or projection on the U.S.S. AAA outlook"!

Everything major in the United States is a Ponzi Scheme.  Beginning with the manipulation of words.  For further example, what the U.S. and Nato are doing to Libya is not a war, but some remote-controlled humanitarian effort to help the Libyan people (viz., depleted uranium with a half life of 4.3 billion years!).

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Just got back from the Rapture.  Great time.  Lotta strange people, not many dead normies like us.  Had some great workshops.
Looking down on it all, it's clear that everything is going to plan.  New Muslim crescent across MENA, unified Muslim caliphate, great for continued synthetic war on terror and abdication of domestic rights, higher taxes, etc.  You know, the new 1984, orwell was right.  Saw him there, BTW, great fellow. 
Likely continued looting of the peasantry class, even moving up the food chain to the very well off... gotta steal from where the money's at, eh?
Continued demolition of the USD, what with the fall of the Euro and EU, chink's open for the elite to institute the desired new world government and currency.
No surprises.  Great trip, better than any cruise I been on!  Enjoy the screwing!
God Bless and Happy Easter,

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More like a "backslash shaped recovery" ( \ ), reading from left to right of course!

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Gold/Silver going to 10-1

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Any debt reduction plan they come up with is going to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The debt is out of control. QE to infinity is assured.



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"Investors need to diversify, they need to own some real estate, they need to own some farmland, they need to own some equities, some cash, and some precious metals..."   Marc Faber —Investment analyst

Got real estate and farmland outside your home country yet?


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Here's my summary of the next week or two: dollar dies, is replaced with electronic currency, mass panic ensues, war erupts. 


maybe not, but something big is happening.  soon.