Bull/Bear Weekly Recap: Mar 28-Apr 1

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Bear (or Bull???) - volume today on first day of qtr and NFP was pathetic.  Not sure anymore if this is bearish (lack of participation) or bullish (easier to manipulate) but volume seems lower every week?

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jobs improvement?


3 words - Labor Participation Rate

economic improvement?

3 more words - Record Food Stamps

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Record Food Stamps .... Get the fucking " undocumented immigrants " of all stripes off that gravy train, a ton of the bum's that had the construction jobs in Illinois were illegals, now they sip the tit' of said taxpayer ...

And a shout out to all the brothas and sistas rock'n the food stamps for years and the liquor store owners double dipping • creating false customers for said profit ....

All this makes that food stamp chart look like a triple black diamond at telluride ....

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Look it up moron, ... the truth.


I am undocumented. Will I be reported to the immigration authorities if I apply for food stamps for my children?
The food stamps office only has to report you to the immigration authorities if it has proof (such as a final order of deportation) that you are in the country unlawfully. You should not tell anyone that you or someone in your family is undocumented. If you are not seeking food stamps for yourself, you do not need to give information about your immigration status, and should not present a false or invalid Social Security Number. But you will need to give information about your earnings or any property you may have, like a car. You should tell your food stamp worker that you are not trying to get benefits for yourself, and that you are not a “qualified” or “eligible” immigrant. “Not qualified” or “not eligible” is not the same as undocumented.

Remember, it is illegal for the government to treat you differently just because of the way you look or because you are from a particular country. Your caseworkers are not supposed to ask you any further questions about your immigration status once you tell them that you are not applying for food stamps for yourself. If you have questions, call one of the numbers below to find out how to get help.



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I think it is interesting that manufacturing is moving as is transports and industrials.  Now, don't those sound like a good idea of stuff away for a raining day...say, after inflation burns a hole in the economy? 


Kind tired of hearing about the job numbers manipulation.  Most people arent even including those who have given up.  Again...Williams is the man for tracking that sh!t too.  More like 21% .


Thankyou- please buy physical silver and crash the JP Morgan.

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Bullish: More Americans now have jobs and record numbers of Americans are now on food stamps. This will result in record spending of newly created disposable income.

Bearish: Your local taxpayer-funded state U will pay Snooki $32K to tell its students to study hard but party harder.


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Just think how many you could take out with a smidge of Polonium-210 in the bronzer supply.

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agree with long soup line.  participation rate, bitchez, coming down. 

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In checking with corporate tax collections at the US Treasury "Daily Statement" a swoon is already well underway. $36.04 billion was collected in the January 1- March 31 period versus $52.34 billion in the same period last year. This would have to reflect a massive input costs profit squeeze has taken hold. 




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Always been a bummer, that. Debase the coin of the realm and then it finds it way back to your tax collectors, at least partially.

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I have the matching Branding Iron. It was reckless. However I smoked GBP/JPY!

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I think QE3 is all but guarenteed.  In typical politician fashion they will attempt to kick the can down the road to the very end.

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It will be a q-3 long term bond repatriation. The money supply stays large, and the yield curve stays flat.

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Its the price of oil, stupid.

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The dow's recovery high close was 12,391.29 for those interested in Dow Theory.

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COPPER has ignored the recent equity bounce. Daily and weekly charts are not bullish.

Oh and this too...