The Bull/Bear Weekly Recap - September 3

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nice review. thanks

russki standart's picture

Barton Biggs should stick to what he does best, doing nothing.

Number 156's picture

If he keeps up his current activity, he will.


Crisismode's picture

It is all completely irrelevant.


The casino is accepting new players at the table.


The House will be closely watching your table behavior.


As long as you lose (on a regular basis, with the occasional win) you will be allowed to play.


When you cease to be of use to the House, you will be disposed of.


Play at our behest. If not, go elsewhere. The House always wins.



bobert's picture

The fed may need to speculate in stocks in order to counter the losses they will receive in junk bonds.

Treeplanter's picture

No mention of silver closing at 19.949 in any financial after market stories.  Bloomberg, Telegraph, etc.  Nor Jim Sinclair.  Harvey Organ is AWOL, hope he's okay.  Maybe tomorrow.

tom a taxpayer's picture

Maria Sharapova wins tennis match - another ballish, er, bullish sign. 

Great TV watching her prance round the tennis court in her match against Benesova last night. Sharapova vs Capra Saturday 11am - more great TV.

I was once a ball boy at a Maria Sharapova tennis match. I spent a hot afternoon running back and forth across the tennis court, scooping up Maria's tennis balls, like when her balls hit the net. 

After grabbing Maria's ball and running to the sideline, I would sniff her ball. Oh, the ecstasy!

Talk about the scent of a woman!

She is a complex woman with many beautiful scents, depending on where she has tucked the her hand...under her armpit... in her blouse pocket near her heaving her sweaty waistband....

But Maria's most beautiful scent was from the ball she tucked under her tennis pants on her inner thigh. When I first smelled the exquisite aroma of Maria's thigh sweat on her tennis ball, I keeled over in the hot sun. I hit my head on the tennis court...then I woke up from my dream.

JackES's picture

powerful uptrend ahead or another sucker's rally.

We will find out very soon. The uptrend apparently has more legs, and I don't mind at all.

RobotTrader's picture

I'm giving the market a 60% chance of rallying hard for many weeks, and a 40% chance of failing like it did the last couple of times.

They key will be watching the bank stocks, whether they lead or lag.

I'm pretty loaded up on the long side right now.

XLF just closed over the 200-day today.


thepigman's picture

If they can move those insolvent
pigs in the XLF on no loan growth,
no real earnings, and continued marking to myth, you just get another
leg to the whole scam. Quit participating, robottrader.

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