The "Buy The Dip" Scheme Explained

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Just because a cartoon can explain QE and POMO better than the mainstream media and blogosphere combined, here is all you needed to know about making money. In short: "Buy the fucking dip." And, h.m.m.m., this is not PG-13.

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Just buy the dip. You will make money. Of course you will only make back what you lose through dollar devluation. You get to pretend you win while you lose.

Gold bitches.

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Uhm..isnt that the same with metals? What are you gonna trade silver and gold in for? More than likely it will be dollars at some point..unless there is a complete societal and economic collapse..but other wise metals go up and when your ready to "cash out" you get shitty dollars.Its all a matter of perception..Im too poor to play in the market but I buy some silver here and there so Im not a "paper bug" but this is a question Ive been pondering.

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You get shitty dollars, but if you cash out, you reasonably expect the new government to act wisely concerning economic issues. And you can see my answer below concerning adjustment speed of markets/PMs to inflation. At first I was answering to Hephasteus.

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"new government" bah ha ha-- you're such an optimist.

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I'm going to trade them for land, business supplies, and the new dollar as needed.


Oh, and the video was f'n hillarious.

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F'n hilarious indeed.. !!

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I make food. I will not take your dollars soon. I will trade my food for your silver, got it? I will exchange said silver for my production inputs. Just let me know when you need to arrange this transaction.

dark pools of soros's picture

i just traded silver bars and coins for gold today....  no cash ever went on the table.. 

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

I did the exact opposite. Was it you who I did the transaction with?

By the way, I snapped up .89% FRN gain on the day for the deal, but you likely spent less on fuel and labor in transport.

dark pools of soros's picture

ha!  perhaps..  i left about $10 difference be forgotten.. i was just glad to find a good shop to make the exchange.   I stocked up on silver last march so had to balance out a bit  (the silver<>gold was very fair in my eyes for shop)


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But how did you value your gold and silver?

indio007's picture

Only an IRS agent would ask that question....

The tax free answer though is by weight and fineness ;P

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The supply of PM is not enough to satisfy the demand required by the fiat present.  In short few can hold actual PM, while many thirst for it.

Price increases beyond a simple proportionate ratio may be due to the outsized demand, mania of groups.

Understanding the possibility of Freegold (FOFOA) and also understanding the possibility of massive war and chaos followed by (wash, rinse, repeat, etc) should temper your overall strategy.

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"mania of groups" is right! People better get theirs why there is still some to get!

Just buried 25 canned hams...bitchez

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

You just buried 25 canned hams?


Let me guess....  Republican? Palin? Glenn Beck?

When you buried your hams, did you use your front paws or back paws?

cuckoo cuckoo 


AVP's picture

Keep guessing your not even close.

I'm so happy my avatar burns you up ever time you see it.



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I traded some gold coins for some poontang, a car wash, and a week's worth of day-labor from HDepot parking lot.

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Wow...get a worker and a girl to keep you occupied while the guy works...what could be better?

espirit's picture

With PM's in hand, you can trade to whatever fiat has the best reputation. 

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The adjustment speed of stock markets to inflation slightly lags behind the adjustment speed of alternate currencies (preferrably hard). In hyperinflation, the stock markets are completely knocked-out.

Which means that not only someone who buys this market without leverage will not make more money in the end, but he will lose a few percentage points.

This means the man who buys this market is a sucker (except when he buys with a high leverage), even when he thinks he's winning.

PS: the 1980-2000 period for gold was the only small exception in history, and it has needed some big central banks/cartel manipulation and leveraged shorts. This problem is solved today as the amount of price suppression needed exceeds the banks capabilities, and the global ponzi comes to an end.

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++1 I needed to hear this

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h h h m m m.

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Sounds like Haines and Burnette every morning on CNBS.

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Well, think of it this way - those who are doing this are precisely the people who will eventually get wiped out.  And then we'll laugh at them.  And then point.  And then laugh some more.

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yeah, right. They've been getting 'wiped out' for nearly 2 years now.

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I didn't know that Leo is really a cartoon character.

RobotTrader's picture


I should make one of those!!!

Spalding_Smailes's picture

You should have Prechter & John Williams talking about hyperinflation in space suits in front of a 5 year dollar chart.

With Gonzo Lira' as Robot .... danger ..... danger .... will,pretch ...Lol'.... m3 ..danger ...Lol'





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Are you implying you did not create this cartoon...all I could hear is buy every 50 DMA every 50 DMA pullback.

Dismal Scientist's picture

They're easy to make. My favourite is the 'I trade size' one...

Douglasnew's picture

STFU and buy the dip. Well done, old chap. That certainly was the right advice starting March 2009 when all the Shorts got their Bear arses fried off because the market was not understanding the morality issues, only the Fed. The question you've got to ask yourself, punk, is do you still feel lucky? Well, do ya PUNK?

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It's magic....just spread the word bitchez...

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It's going to be interesting when the gov. is celebrating all time highs in the markets while the common man is standing barefoot out in the street, homeless without a job. The Bernank is only helping build stronger resolve for peeps to riot and burn the joint down when it's time.

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"Seriously, you are not fucking listening, buy the fucking dip.  If you don't you are a fucking idiot."


The end is classic; cornering equities, haha!

It's a buy the dip scheme, you feel me?

Now it's time for a fuckin' history lesson, from Mrs Silver Queen.

Mrssilverqueen Discusses the 8 Reale, Monetary History, All While Keeping Silver Sexy!:

EvlTheCat's picture

Yea was anyone else inspecting the coin as she was educating the public?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

What about it?  Or do you mean, you were looking at other things....

iota's picture

Those are some lovely bits... of silver.


DisparityFlux's picture

It's so simple. The HFTs can do it a gazillion times a second.

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this is hilarious.  I wish I could borrow enough at 0% to take like KMP private lol

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I don't give a shit how the fucking market does.
The only asset that does well in inflation,defaltion and Soviet Control Economies(US Fucking A) is gold and gold mining stocks which are futures. Even better- gold juniors since they HAVE gold and not bullshit. If you own Barrick you are a Fucking Idiot.

ZeroPower's picture


Love the assumption how gold juniors have physical gold.

What did you load up on some TSX-V companies?

Honestly small unknown gold miners are the worse possible play - all they have is shitty estimates of 'gold' in their 'mines' (read: any type of siliceous rock in an area that's not a plane).

Hope this helps.

iDealMeat's picture

TD..  You're waxing heavy comical.. Throwing in the towel?

dark pools of soros's picture

what's left but gallow humor as we wait for it all to blow???


you think there is a way to save the dollar??? any western debt economy??  maybe WWIII as long as they hit the central banks first

Popo's picture

The belief that it's all going "to blow"' is optimistic all by itself. The darker, and more unfortunate scenario is that 'it' won't blow. But all of us will.

History is replete with eras in which the common man is reduced to nothing but pain, misery and abject poverty at the hands of a small powerful minority.

In our optimism we cling to a scenario in which everyone loses. But let's be honest about our current trajectory: we are losing. "they" aren't.

The likely scenario for the next hindered years is the implosion of the middle class and the rise of a new caste system in which a tiny oligarchy holds absolute power.

There will be no mad max scenario. Only oppression.

Flushy De Toilette's picture

I have been warning of exactly this scenario.

The key is to educate the ignorant apathetic masses... so that when "we" all lose... Many will stand up to take "them" with us and set up a new system based on honest money and power to the people.

iDealMeat's picture

and??  so what..  let it die.. 

grow your food. live on..

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I saw another similar it was fantastic. Great stuff.

Oh, almost forgot -- "Buy the Fucking Dip Bitchezzz"!

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If you are an adult...and you hate zombies...try the above version.