The Call – A Fictional Look at the 25 Minute Market Crash

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I called Sanders office 10 times begging, pleading, yelling.  We were so close on S.604.  So close.


I didn't realize that he may have gotten the call demo. ;('s picture

coggy I just read this story and really got involved and made me breath heavy. I see everything in pictures so this was good. your very talented to let myself enjoy your writing style. I am sorry I have been so adverse and mean to you. I don't like it when people put me down and say I am a loser, cause the truth hurts. but you are anything but a loser, and spend much educating those that are open. guess I have been quite cold and closed, sorry. I am going to read the other articles. reading takes a lot of time for me. bye, kath

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If a movie was made that detailed that this drop was a mistake or it was the result of someone hitting a 'B' instead of an 'M' people would walk out of the theatre, it's just sad how stupid and gullible so many people are.  There are so many lies and so much manipulation these days it's beyond astounding.  I just finished the best selling book Mike Lewis wrote, The Big Short, and again I'm just dumbfounded at the scam that is America.  911 was the last time I was surprised, what a sham.

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Excellent narrative; definitely within the bounds of reality.

Motive and means can be used to differentiate participants (operators from observers); thereby causation.  I was an observer.  Who are the operators?

Here are some means:

US Patents 5884286, 6598028, 7472086, 7475033

(look up using

Here are some participants:


Other Participants?


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Just in case anyone in under the illusion that this is anything other than business as usual at the NYSE, I give you this excerpt/gem from Richard Ney's, "Making it in the Market," written in 1975:

"When stock prices are breaking from rally highs, the exchange often exibits a certain mechanical clumsiness. Either its Specialists drop prices sharply at the opening, announce a delayed opening or a halt in trading, or there is a late tape.

Oftentimes, with pagan innocence, the Exchange will announce a breakdown in its equipment, after which prices are discovered to be markedly lower."

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Excellent work, CD.  Sergey for a FREE PRESIDENT!  Hey, if we can't beat them, change the game!

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As the Dark ages wound down to conclusion over 500 years ago, a man named Petrov climbed a mountain just to see the view.

It was a new way of thinking...that became the begginng of the Renaissance. The name of that mountain was Vonteux.

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CD as always... awesome. thank you bro.

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John: "Now, if I could only get 'Operation Harry Wanker' to work as well, I'd be shittin' in high cotton."

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I think Harry might be (pre) disposed.  It's been a bad month for the bulls - at least here in Texas:

ARLINGTON -- Authorities had to shoot and kill a bull Saturday night after he got loose in Fort Worth and made his way down Interstate 30 and into Arlington, police said.

He impeded traffic for an undetermined time, posing a danger to motorists, police said.

When attempts to get the bull under control were unsuccessful, an officer had to put him down, Strickland said.

Sometimes it's just plain unhealthy to be a bull!
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Cog,as alway's great stuff!Got me thinking,seeing as we are all pretty 'netted up these day's,could the PTB be planning a "teachable moment" ala war of the world's to dampen the coming enlightenment?A bit tangental,but I like to run with scissor's,thank's again

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If you're going to run with scissors, always make sure they are pointed away from you. :>)

If you know that someone's coming to town who will inform people of the very information you've been suppressing, by all means part of the game plan would be proactive, meaning distractions and distortions galore. And don't forget the all important disinformation campaigns. You must make sure the people have been properly conditioned to reject the very information that could free them.

Wars are regularly started in order to keep the lid on information that would oust the powers that be. We would be hopelessly naive if we were to believe otherwise. Oops, that's right, we already are hopelessly naive.

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That was an enjoyable read.  Thank you.

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Pretty nice, I liked the story.  I don't think it was a demonstration, I think it was a few hedgefunds or financial instruments that where unwound either in europe or america (europe more likely).

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"Pretty nice, I liked the story."

Thank you very much.

"I don't think it was a demonstration, I think it was a few hedge funds or financial instruments that where unwound either in Europe or America (Europe more likely)."

Sounds like a good cover story for John and his "people" to push, don't you think? In fact, it would make sense to promote three or four cover stories, giving the greatest number of people something they can all agree upon. After all, John doesn't want people to know the markets can be moved at any time by a small group of people, right? :>)

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First rule of Fed Club: You do NOT audit Fed Club.

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CD that is a fine piece of quality authoring

, now if only those that read it follow the

big picture of whats going on remains to be seen,

I say lookout TOM CLANCY CD IS COMING !.

Sir my hat is off to you.

As for GORDEN GECKO .. well planes do crash dont they?

look at the list of whos who on the POLISH plane.. look at all the

politicians that are announcing retirement ect in

the last 5 days.. some want no part of what happened , rather

than fight they are resigning.. I personally donot have

the answer for this... yet.. but TPTB are trying every trick in the book

just look at how they are trying to pit brother against brother over this immigration

ruckus, if there was ever a time to

stop, look, and assess the situation its now,

we the people need to come together not fight amongst ourselves,

the song "BROTHER IN ARMS by DIRE STRAITS comes to mind,

listen to the words . Where we are headed

is NOT where I'd like to go again , war and killing another human being

is not an easy thing to do, in 'Nam in 72 I had done that up close n personal

as well as at long distances it is not something I care

for anyone to have to go thru, I see them in my sleep to this day and itll haunt me

till the day I leave this planet, there will be time to act , soon, but now is the time to prepare, plan, and all at once we will out these bastards.. hold on to

your johnson cause its going to get ugly.'s picture


oh thank you for posting, it caught my eye. that was the most beautiful video. what a whole,  dire straits were back, in the day. love the words/lyrics.  wow i should of taken a closer look coggy, back in june what was i thinking. because where you go so goes all the other good stuff in life that you generate from your fellow human beings.

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Thank you MsCreant. As Miles said, that is high praise indeed. I seem to remember you saying something along the way about being an editor so you would know. Thank you again for the compliment.

BTW, nice to see you back in your old avatar.

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Well done Cognitive Dissonance.....some background theme music for your story....

Is is a pity that all of what you wrote is the truth.

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I too have grown fond of her classic beauty. 

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+1 on MsCreant's original avatar (though I continue to wonder where the image comes from)

+100 for Cog Dis's visualization of 05/06 events. Extremely well done -- I must join earlier comments encouraging you to continue, you have real talent in this arena.

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Thanks all, and in particular CD for asking. I will never have a better set up than this. 


Mystery Book Magazine cover

My Fem Fatale avatar embodies my desire to get some fucking answers.

If you can imagine knowing something is horribly wrong, but you can't quite get anyone to give you the straight story. You get pissed, you get a gun, and you go to some folks you think might have the answers and you tell them as you point the gun at them, "Best start coughing up answers, and they better be good."

This is, of course, a fantasy. I like her cause she is edgy, you just don't quite know what you have there, but you gotta deal with it. Is she a cold blooded killer?? Is she a nice person who has become desperate? Can she be talked out of this? You just don't know.

Plus she has a problem I can relate to. How do you dress up, and carry concealed? She has decided to hell with concealed, this evening.

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Love the classic beauty and this glimpse behind the look.  I am a pulp fiction kinda guy after all and the motif is kinda cool.   As a bonus I just know her dog hates the smell of stupidity.  Reminds me of John D. MacDonald when he wrote pulp under a pen name. 

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Her dog has been growling a whole lot lately.

Don't ever go back, not for anything!

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And miss two weeks in the South of France?  Not on your life. 

I wouldn't go back now for any amount of money (or anything else) - Miles Kendig

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An apt illustration of the times we live in: The Robot Men of Bubble City



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HA! Thanks for responding. I knew that style of graphics seemed familiar, and if the gun had been pointing at me, I would have guessed 40's-50's paperback crime novels, even though my experience with them is very limited. (also this would sound more believable had I ventured the guess b4 the disclosure) In any case, inspired and appealing choice.

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High praise indeed.  And I would agree that this effort is worthy of it.  Happy Sunday MsCreant, it's 4:20 and I like what I smell you cooking for supper.. I hope you enjoy my addition to the dinner party's festivities.

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Grilled Vampire Squid...It's What's for Dinner!

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I think I will opt for the Giant Pacific Calamari flambe, I am sure we can share. Izzy said she had the Montrachet taken care of.

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Thank you for a wonderfully staged piece, CD.


It was better than the reality, which turned out to be 61 Senators rolling over on command. 

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the crash on Thursday has shown everyone how to manipulate the market. 

and how far behind the oversight is.

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Great piece CD. If I were Howard, I'd probably tell John that I don't give fuck if the stock market went down to zero; that I will not let the banksters enslave our children for the price of temporarily uplifting asset prices (which would crash anyway no matter what ANYONE did); that I'd make their conversation public creating a massive media ruckus in the process (not so far fetched considering a majority of the population today would believe Howard's truth than John's denials) and that the banks could stop the audit bill over my dead body.

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Very noble of you GG... nothing wrong with going out on principle... unfortunately, the rest of your fictional alternative is much less believable than CD's.

Great piece CD, but John's visit wasn't necessary... no need to spell it out... the Senate (at least 61 of them) got the message... loud and clear!

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"Great piece CD, but John's visit wasn't necessary... no need to spell it out... the Senate (at least 61 of them) got the message... loud and clear!"

Thank you. Speaking strictly within my fictional story, it's much more nuanced that this. Remember in the narrative I speak about "Success of this portion of the psyops depends..." and about "He knows the team will now play the market swings in the last hour to feed themselves." and "How many other Senators and Representatives had visitors to their offices this afternoon, receiving the same lesson in the use and abuse of raw power?".

There is a bigger picture here to see. It isn't just about Howard but it's important for Howard to think it is, to keep him isolated from other parts of the operation, just as operatives themselves don't always know what's going on with others parts of the operation. Don't assume this entire thing was staged just for Howard.

Stay tuned.

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CD, have you seen Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A love story"? Leaving aside for the moment the merits/demerits of the documentary itself (FWIW, I don't agree with Mr. Moore's take on things). In the end congresswoman Marcy Kaptur openly agrees that a financial coup d'etat has taken place in DC. I'm sure there are other people in congress who feel this way - who know what's happenning. What if they all banded together and starting creating a public ruckus about the Wall Street shenaningans in DC? Indeed, they could band together with the blogosphere and informed members of the public and create such a shitstorm the likes of which the banksters haven't encountered ever before (e.g. Alan Grayson). Secrecy and ignorance [of the public] is what gives them power. "Divide and rule" is how they play. The more people become informed, the more they lose their power. Even if you don't do anything but simply become aware and protect yourself by buying Gold, that simple act goes a long way towards ending this present system. If indeed these "crashes" are engineered, they are sign of weakness - it is the squid flapping around violently before its death.

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MM is entertainment, but I usually agree with his basic premise.

Haven't caught all of Capitalism yet, but saw a Reagan financial reform (of course it was designed to promote growth in the sector) speech scene a while back...  Don Regan (Secretary of Treasury fresh from a stint as Merrill Lynch CEO) was with him looking kind of bored and impatient. At one point, he stepped forward and was heard whispering in Reagan's ear... "we're running long, better wrap it up." Reagan looked flustered (like he'd been scolded) and wrapped it up right away... clearly a puppet, being controlled by the Bankers "in-house" representative... and Regan didn't seem to mind at all who knew... amazing!

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And he says that, "Capitalism is an evil."

Bullshit. Explain to me capitalism. No mention of the importance of the rule of law. He runs around like a helpless lemming; cleft asshole.

Thanks for the footage, Mike, but the commentary makes me dumb.

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unfortunately, the rest of your fictional alternative is much less believable than CD's

Why? In fact, IMHO, that is the only possible rational response if you are aware of the fact that the system is beyond redmption.

Great piece CD, but John's visit wasn't necessary... no need to spell it out... the Senate (at least 61 of them) got the message... loud and clear!

True. Which is why we need to physically boot out all the CONgress from DC - just like the Greeks are trying to do. I think a majority of the Americans are so broke already they don't give a shit about the stock market anymore.

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Dude exactly.  Let them take the market to zero. It's like having a 3 year old threaten not to eat his dinner if he doesn't get ice cream for dinner.

Okay Lil Johnny time for bed.  And we will need to physically boot out all of Congress.  The caveat is the executive order to compel all DoD employees to serve the Expeditionary Force at a stroke of a pen. And that my friends smells of a precursor to civil war.

The question they have to be asking themselves...will Americans call their bluff and come out blazing.  At least the ones that aren't filled with KoolAid.  Sure they may have already stolen every gold bar from America by then but a New America can just say phuck you to those who bought US debt over the last 24 months and problem solved.

Didn't you just say we have to burn down the forest to rid ourselves of the disease? Options are getting fewer by the day.

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What markets?  hehehe  Americans and indeed world society is discovering rapidly that the game is rigged as Mr. Market and its supporters do everything in their power to substantiate this emerging psychology.

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Ha ha.  Sunday soaps ala ZH.  Careful, pretty soon you'll have to write an episode a week.  What did Lois know and when did she know it?  Why did she lie about meeting John at Bar Rouge?  Does Howards wife still have those radical connections from her crazy coed days? Great poster too. :-)

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CD!  YOu've got to figure out a way of commercializing that picture of Turbo Tax Tim into a poster!!  I'll take a dozen!