Canadian Mutual Fund Industry: A Changing Landscape

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Derailed Capitalism:

The Canadian mutual fund industry has experienced significant
setbacks since the credit crisis in 2007. The growing lack of credibility with
global capital markets has caused general public skepticism and market risk
aversion. The total landscape of the Canadian mutual fund industry has
structurally changed as investors re-evaluate their retirement savings plan and
seek alternative sources of capital preservation.

The mutual fund landscape has changed since the credit crisis began:

- The effects of HST in BC and Ontario

- The proliferation of ETFs and the systematic threat of market

- Sediment of mutual fund investors post flash crash

Canadian Mutual Fund Industry: A Changing Landscape

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I can't imagine a reason why anyone would use an actively managed fund, given the preponderence of data.

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"Canadian mutual fund industry.." thought this was a story about "Mullet Farming" , connected to the BP oil leak fiasco, sorry.

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Here's one Canadian who's liquidated all his fund holdings into cash (~$400K), sunk $200K of it into physical gold and some silver, and may just de-register my RSP and just pay the tax to get it out in the near future.   Hard, tangible assets make a whole lot more sense right now than paper and numbers on computer screens.