Capital Context Update: Dispersion Rising

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Yeah, ok, but how's this bullish for silver?


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I understand rise in volume reducing attractiveness of trade pairs.

However I always thought increased dispersion increased potential return on FX carry trade with volume being constant?

can someone explain this.

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just buy netflix and ipads and stop worring about it

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Does rising dispersion compress the premium by increasing the cost of the carry trade currency or reducing the return of the asset bought with the carry trade currency? I dont know the language so it is hard to formulate the hypothesis.

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...then you understand more than me...alas

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HY underperformed once again and while close-to-close comparisons will leave most with the perspective that it was a dull day, we see rising dispersion as investors begin to differentiate names more effectively. After reaching down to yesterday’s lows/wides, both IG credit and S&P futures managed to creep back up to close all but unchanged. Intraday swings were much less in credit than equities though but post Obama’s deficit speech we did see a continuation of the up-in-quality trade in credit as stocks limped back up to VWAP (only to lose it to the downside into the close).


Jargon, the death knell of civilization.  Though financial argot has nothing on truckerspeak.


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is that you, or just your pussy dressed-up for a rough night of wall bangin

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Possible early stages of carry trade unwind as leverage levels decline and high beta assets are replaced with safer bets.

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What is HY? if High Yield, specifically what assets?