Capital Context Update: OPEX Omnipotence

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All quiet on all fronts.

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It's just pussies that don't have the gut's enough to study!

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Very strange couple of days, and the strangest of all, given the collapse of the VIX, was the little geyser of upward movement at the very end of the day in the ES.

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Basically HFT skynet bots trading with other HFT skynet bots is all that is happening now.


Wait for an unplanned outage in the summer to kick a shit tonne of data centers offline and drop the market 9000 point off the DJIA.  People bitch and complain about the roads being bad.  The electrical infrastructure is 70 years old and hasn't improved much thanks to lowest bidder RFP mechanisms.

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don't taze me bro, but junk is IN! 

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jeeeez!  i just cruised over to doug noland: 

Investment grade debt issuers included Wal-Mart $5.0bn, Fuel Trust $1.5bn, Alcoa $1.25bn,  Monsanto $300 million, Northern Natural Gas $200 million, and Colonial Pipeline $250 million.

Junk bond funds saw inflows of $bn (from Lipper).  Issuers included Texas Competitive $1.75bn,  IGate $770 million, Burger King $685 million, Nortek $500 million, Calumet Specialty Products $400 million, Vail Resorts $390 million, Chesapeake Midstream $350 million, Georgia Power $250 million, Commercial Vehicle Group $250 million, Sugarhouse Casino $235 million, American Rock Salt $175 million, Spencer Spirit $175 million, and Sizzling Platter $135 million.

I saw no convertible debt issued.


thanks doug!

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simply b/c there is no other current story abt this on p.1. here's another slice of mr. noland:

Global Credit Market Watch:

April 14 – Bloomberg (Zeke Faux):  “Moody’s… and Standard & Poor’s adjusted the way they graded securities after Goldman Sachs…, UBS AG and at least six more banks pressured them, according to a U.S. Senate report.  The world’s two largest bond-ranking companies… made exceptions to rules when bankers asked for better safety ratings on complex mortgage-backed securities, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations said… When Moody’s and S&P changed their assessments of hundreds of those bonds in July 2007, it helped trigger the financial crisis, the panel said.  ‘The ratings agencies weakened their standards as each competed to provide the most favorable rating to win business and greater market share… The result was a race to the bottom.’”

ok!  doesn't warren buffet's Berkshire Hathaway hold "Moody's"?   did anyone doubt this asshole  was neck-deep in the frauds when he "invested" several $ Bn. in G/Sachs, the "bank", for insta-profit and financing for the $34 Bn purchase of the Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe?

i can almost hear him, now:  "moi?  knowledge of this?  i assure you, this is news to moi!"  the fuker owns and controls freaking moody's!  how tf would he know anything? 

does anyone recall how when he "invested" several $ Bn. in the G/Sachs convert preferred with nice dividend, or with warrant or options or whatever tf it was, he held a press conference, and told the nation how we did not need to fear, we could, and should,  invest in america!  i didn't dream that, did i?  they were of, course, looting the Treasury, at the time!

didn't the ashole actually let it slip, last month, that he wanted the owners of G/Sachs to consider taking it private.  did they cut his fukin tongue out after that one, or what?

this guy gives creeps a bad name!  and he's always soooo innocent, too!

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A rat. I like you your slippery rat tongue! I'm looking at a large pice of Copper. Should I embrace it,steal it , or appreciate it? Slewie the ?