Capmark To File For Bankruptcy, More FDIC Headaches

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Anyone ever play that "Tumbling Tower Game" were you pull out the blocks until the Tower falls?

Each day a "block" is pulled out of the "Tower" called the US Economy.




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It's called Jenga and it does remind me of the crumbling US economy.

Someone might also liken it to the Tower of Babel as well. Just sayin

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Yes, it's called Jenga. In Argentina they televise celebrities playing it while talking smack. They have learned to make comedy out of crashes. We will too.

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I see it differently though...Same metaphor, only the blocks are already scattered about and the tower is down...Only the media and the USgov have convinced everyone that the tower is still standing and actually getting higher.

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Ally can kiss myass. I wouldn't give them the sweat off my nuptials. I won't deposit money with an insolvent fascist ahole for an hundred bps, not for 500.

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What a value !

By the way, In light of Ms. Bair's veiled warning any ideas on C or CIT?

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That's JENGA (the tumbling tower game). Very fun at parties.

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According to Barry they are going to use tarp to bail cit. What do you think all that smoke about smaller banks not lending was all about? The TGTF refuse to roll cit's garbage. Tarp will be used to pass it off on the tax payers and maybe uncle Ben has room to sweep the rest under the carpet.

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we already have 2.3 billion of tarp into cit.....


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a billion here a billion there and you are still
talking chump change...

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I'm sure its no sweat for the squid - they just push all the dogshit off to managed funds and let their clients take the hit while Squid & CO pockets deal fees.

Maybe the bankruptcy will show how much Goldman and KKR pulled out of Capmark over the last two years.

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crapmark to file....hmmmm

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Bickering begins, I hope Michelle Caruso Cabrerra doesn't fid out about this:

NEW YORK, Oct 20 (Reuters) - A Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc (8316.T) affiliate sued Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN.VX), saying the Swiss bank failed to reimburse $21.64 million for its share of a loan to troubled commercial real estate company Capmark Financial Group Inc.

Check out listings up for sale (while it lasts):

Las Vegas Boulevard South
4915 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV

Price: Contact Broker
Building Sq. Ft: 76,765
Region : West
Year Built : 0

# 120 feet of frontage on Las Vegas Blvd
# FAA approved building height of 266 feet
# Entitled for 493 units

Any offers?

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Fifty US dollars. Sight unseen.

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" are a bubble uninflating traitor and have to be shot for not believing in a 100x P/E),"

that is some funny shit there....

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Not only is the PE dog shit  but I understand that the drywall is Chinese.

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So what might this suggest about the high-flying REITS?

Time to buy SRS?

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DRV all the way!

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Undoubtedly, this is the reason for the strange relative strength that REITS had on Friday. The PPT must have wanted to get out in front & started pumping the REITS in advance.

Next 2 weeks = numerous REIT 3Q earnings.

The PPT will have their hands full to keep a bid under REITS.

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I'm tired of hearing people say that "Only 100 or so banks have failed.  Over 6,000,000 failed during the S&L crisis in the 1990's."

I was only a kid then, but it all my research, the dollar figures (even in real terms) are nowhere close to the bailouts we're talking about today.

I get that the Resolution Trust Corp. was created and funded by the U.S. Government.  However, $1 trillion later, the FDIC is STILL requiring member institutions to pay 3 years worth of fees in advance so it can stay operational.

If this is supposedly "no biggie," then what the hell am I missing?!

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A cup of kool-aid?

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The old S&L number included piggy banks, too, so yes, it is somewhat inflated relative to today. Oh, and to some extent the US was then a capitalist society where losers were entitled to fail.

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"I'm tired of hearing people say that "Only 100 or so banks have failed.  Over 6,000,000 failed during the S&L crisis in the 1990's.""

Six million?! Where do you get that figure? Less than 1,000 S&L's failed; 750 is the number I see most often, and we're already up to 15% of that number, and I suspect that the number of failures is only going to accelerate.

Pretty soon, we're going to be calling her "Sheila (The Cupboard Is) Bair".


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He got his halocausts mixed up.

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[Reaches up to make sure the 'sarcasm' light is still working]

Are you serious?  Nevermind, that's a rhetorical question - you must be to respond that way to a number like that...  (Are there even 6,000,000 banks in the world?!)

Just a sarcastic remark.  Well aware of how many banks failed during the crisis.


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Your ability to manipulate the "sarcasm" light is questionable, based on many of your posts. Try refining that tiny quality you may presume to be wit.

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[Edited] Change of thought:

Original post:

I'm tired of hearing people say that "Only 100 or so banks have failed.  Over 6,000,000 failed during the S&L crisis in the 1990's." ... If this is supposedly "no biggie," then what the hell am I missing?!

ALL comments:

A cup of kool-aid?

The old S&L number included piggy banks, too

He got his halocausts mixed up.

And then THIS:

Six million?! Where do you get that figure? Less than 1,000 S&L's failed

Over 10,000 people read this blog daily.  Everyone who responded got the quip, except you.  So either all 10,000+ readers have their heads up their asses, or you need to lighten up and develop a sense of humor.  (Funny, everyone SAYS they have one, but we all know so many others who don't.)

This isn't the WSOP where we have to continually go over the top to push someone else around or prove we're superior to them.  Likewise, you don't need to take your humorless shortcoming out on another contributor by going Chernobyl on them through the safety blanket of your computer.

Try refining that tiny quality you may presume to be wit.

Okay.  But for TYLER'S SAKE, do everyone else a favor and climb down off of your pedestal, join the other 10,000+ ZH members, chill a bit, and enjoy your stay.

Next time, look in the mirror and laugh at a joke that you didn't get, and leave your BLOG-rage at home.  It's cool, bro...

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Now THAT was a well reasoned, logical, & cogent response.  HOOHAH Unscarred...


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To say that Warren Buffett is connected would be the understatement of the year. In fact, Grandpa Buffett is my nomination for Time Magazine vulture capitalist of the decade. If he keeps up this pace, he'll move up to century and we're not even out of the aughts yet.

How many times can this man show up at just the right time to sweep up the prize nuggets after some very interesting corporate explosions without someone asking something more probing than what he had for lunch? In a room full of horribly filthy people, I want to know how one man stays so clean and respectable.

His down home middle America "ah shucks" charm and dirty old man tendencies (notice he rarely gives interviews to anyone other than pretty young(er) females?) leads me to believe he's on a continuous IV drip of antibiotics to counter the near perpetual case of cooties he must contract from all those dirty deals he magically cleans up.

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You wrote:

"...(notice he rarely gives interviews to anyone other than pretty young(er) females?) "


You'd be hard pressed to find a good looking woman who was older than Buffett. 

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CD It's bee an amazing two years,, Last night we observed 7 banks hit the rocks, a lovely speech by the cretin SB, gold going parabolic, equities with 50-1 pe, peak oil, demand destruction,ss is broke Medicare is broke Medicaid is broke Amtrak is broke, the military industrial complex is creeping, Obama calling an emergency H1N1, Fema camps, mass graves................


I'm so screwed up I don't know weather to draw straws or dial 201..

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Sometimes you write something, read it hours later, and you realize the words don't convey what you meant to say.

What I was trying to say was women considerably younger than him, much younger than a Diane Sawyer for example. I don't remember seeing one extensive interview anywhere of him with anyone other than much younger females.

I'm not talking about a reporter sticking a microphone in his face and asking him a question. I'm talking about in depth interviews. Even Bloomberg TV seems to only have him talking to women. He decides who is going to interview him and they just happen to be female.

But you sir are a nit picker. :>) 

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E pluribus unum,,,

Little  Becky Quick comes to mind on Buffetts Korean trip

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Zero Hedge previously wrote about the ABA's complaint against Ally: if Ally was that desperate for deposits that it would pay far higher rates then, one can only imagine how bad things must be.

The irony of the COF ad popping up on this piece pitching a 2.30% CD is just.too.good.


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Well I guess we have to wait and see what happens on Monday.

Will everyone sell this one off?

If so, where will the money go?

1.  Flee to bonds?

2.  Parked into money market funds?

3.  Pile into AMZN, BIDU, PCLN, AAPL, etc.?

Or will IYR actually go up on this news, with the notion that Capmark's failure means more fiatsco-flinging will the forthcoming, and even lower interest rates are dead ahead?

Thereby guaranteeing that Wall Street's Animal Spirits will remain elevated??

Who knows?

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perfect post robo...covered all the bases.

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The "Short CRE" play clearly is too intuitive.

Whomever has been jamming the REITs higher has a bigger wallet than I do.

However, there can't be much short interest left to cover. Massive air pocket under the REITS.

REIT common equity mushroom cloud is only a matter of when, not if.

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Choice quote about Bernanke from this month's The Atlantic ("Brave Thinkers"):

"...prevented the collapse of AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac; and somehow found time to bear the made-for-TV harangues of financially illiterate members of congress."

Strange. I didn't know that Dennis Kneale was a member of congress.. ;)

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At somepoint the price of physical gold is going to
take off.

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Speaking of Calpers, when are they going to investigate the kickbacks involved in its investment "program?"

Anonymous's picture

Not necessarily. Expect $2 trillion stimulus bill in February 2010.

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Buffet just wants to taste a little FDIC frosting. Even an old shoe tastes good with the right kind of frosting.

He was sniffing around for the tastiest bank insolvency gravy train, bided his time, and pounced.

You can hear him ask his staff, "which dog should we buy at fire sale prices?"

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The capmark creditors should claw-back the bank being sold to Leucadia. They are stealing it like barclays stole Lehmans brokerage arm. Way cheap.

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bercadia is getting the servicing, agency and mortgage banking.... no balance sheet assest of capmark finance or capmark bank. The creditors will get all of those legacy assets

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Wonder why Grubb & Ellis was up 38%??

Must be set to make a vast fortune brokering all those foreclosed commercial buildings...


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Seems you're on to something here, Robo. Some savvy investors are digging through the CRE pile of turds and finding a rough diamond like CBE. It's similar to the Ryder pop . The newly foreclosed can't fit all their junk into a Honda hatchback.