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Just came back from vacation. Is silver at $60 yet?

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I guess I should have checked the internet occasionally during my vacation.

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unicorn projectile vomit.

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That or a clown load


(_(_)====D- - --- -- ---

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This is what happens when everyone hits the buy and sell buttons at the same time.


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There's sugary goodness at big rock candy mountain Charlie

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Bought some this morning right at the open, now I'm up 20%+, haha, this shit is easy.

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Thats funny. You even got the nuts on there and everything! "Its not small, its thin."

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i'm diggin' the unicorn themes lately. let's keep this goin...

unicorn rainbow colored ass glitter.


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seriously i'm laughing so hard my nipples almost blinded my dog.

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Gold is down $48? Holy crappola.

Must be Mubarak Gadaffi and Asad bailing

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Eric Sprott on KWN talking about silver:

"We have a larger physical position now than we ever have..."

He just took paper profits to acquire physical on this dip.

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like cuttin' glass eh?

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not in the least. seeing as i just failed an english final, picked up my s1000 after the first service (now i can get all 192 bhp out of the damn thing), made enough on 10 spy puts to cover my losses in silver, and have an accounting final tomorrow I'd say i have more adreniline running through me than charlie sheen at a bolivian nightclub on a sunday morning.

as a concequence of all the excitment my nipples get hard super easy. no homo.

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not [sic] in the least. seeing as i [sic] just failed an english final, ...

- - - - - - - - -

WHY are we not surprised ...


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kinda lonely up in that tower, why don't you join us for a couple of laughs? Most people need it after a day like today. If it helps, i dont mind being the joke.

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<HELP> for explanation.


"Where is the HELP key!?!"

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ESCAPE key not responding.

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"Where is the <ANY> key??"

Timmay Jeethner email to

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Where's the CME, Soros and Dump keys?

You know where the Big Hedgies dump their Silver perfectly timed with the CME's calamity clown cascade of margin hikes dumping private investors in the shit... the 'Wham Bam' co-ordinated double-punch between the legs of small investors to create a fabulous short for a man-made price collapse in the Silver market

presumably the porn-surfing SEC have droped their hankies and are 'on the case' of this co-ordinated man-made market action (manipulation)???

CME was claiming it was to 'reduce volatility' ...well that (price collapse) worked out really fuking well didn't it?!!! 

Do read ex-CME crone Robert Koppels latest book on "the irrational minds of investing" being promoted on CME's very own website... maybe he can explain the irrationality of 5 margin hikes in 8 days from his bum-chums at the CME (Clown Market Exchange) and what possible rational there was for the absolute farce? 

Whoever could have profited from such irrationality at CME? We should ask George Soros or maybe Goldman Sucks who benefitted from regulatory changes for settlements from annual to monthly which bled AIG dry and caused their collapse. Another case of changing the rules and someone being in prime position to pick others pockets 

But of course the Big Hedgies (Soros is a buddy, indeed funder, of Chicago Commie Obumsnake) knew nothing about the impending calamity clown show of cascading farce in CME margin hikes did he??? No co-ordinated 'One Two' pull the plugs out of the market (manipulation) to stiff a(nother) market by insider dealings

Let's hope all private investors fleeced on the stock exchanges and have exited will now also press 'CME' and 'Dump' too and leave CME sucking wind just dealing with the Big Hedgies who can go fuk each other on the empty stock exchanges and running on empty Chicago Merchantile Exchanges too

Dump CME

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Anyone who puts any money into futures on any CME exchange ought just flush it down the toilet.  At least there's no transaction cost with a flush, just the water.

Get phyiscal.  Not even one tenth of one percent of people have gold or silver.

When fiat's value goes down hard, those who are in physical will be the only ones standing.

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let's hope all private investors heed your wise words and Dump the CME after the stink of this Big Hedgy Big Exchange pincer movement to collapse the Silver price

there seems to be not a single national institution in the country that isn't rigged against Joe Public fuk 'em ...lets deal small and local and leave the elite parasites holding each others empty ball sacks and fuking each other over


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Keep telling yourself this until you force yourself to forget that your coins went from $50 to $34 in less than a week; I bet you had it all figured out a week ago lol

For some reason folks here see (wish) this doomsday scenario playing out within the next 5 years - same thing happened in the 30's; history tends to repeat itself...

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I hope it goes down another $20.00, and ggold drops another $300.00.

My butt will be buying big time.

Face it.

Our currency is worthless............this is just a sham, and in the end we will win.

The $ will make a bounce, and FlukCex can do what it will.

FUNDOS are same, and are getting worse by the day.

So what's your answer to Let there be Games?.

I prefer to hold things that always will have value, when I know fiat will not.

I am just holding on, till we "Break ON Through, to the Other Side",yep,yep,yep,yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We are but Riders on the storm.


Zero Govt's picture

Abiggs  "..force yourself to forget that your coins went from $50 to $34 in less than a week; I bet you had it all figured out a week ago lol"

I think those that own coins don't give a flying fuk what the US Dollar price of their coins are, be it $25 or $125. The point of holding the hard stuff is wanting 'out' of the rice paper stuff from the Fed and the CME/Crimex

For the record i thought Silver was going to over $60 last week. The 'purely coincidental' double pulling of the rug from under the markets feet of Big Hedgies dumping their Silver and the Big Exchange (CME) hiking margins 5 times in 8 days in the most farcical institutional behaviour I have ever seen or heard of in business history is yet another feather in the caps for those that hold physical

Trade paper or own physical ...after this week the now trashed CME have just put up a huge neon sign which one has good honest value and which one is a worthless snake pit 

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It is under the left index of the JPY shorts.

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<FUCK> to make it stop

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That's the ejection seat you're looking for, and it was removed before the last flight.

Sorry, but this plane is going down with you in it.

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Those sexy Yen shorts that sold in so many pretty colors just a few weeks ago (you can wear them to...anywhere!) are now only available in brown.

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Oil off 10+ bucks. It's amazing how fast supply & demand changes....

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Took six hours.  Suddenly I don't need to fill up the tank in my car.

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And while I was sitting in the SUV deciding I really didn't need any more gas..., I re-thought that perhaps the $ really IS the best currency in the world.

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Maybe 30% of the chinese population got the day off today and didn't have to drive to work? Could be he?


Next we'll see food prices get whacked ;)

vegetables in general have a 30% oversupply because south american harvest came late and american harvest earlier thant expected. They now overlap and are causing prices to drop.

So go short anything on rabbit food and go long to Q3 when it goes down 25%


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S D had little to do with it.

The CRIMEX takedown is the culprit.

When most of the Commods went over board, oil followed.

What makes me ILL, is every thing MY country stood for up until 2008, in a Rule of law sense, has gone down the shitter.

We are run by Chi Town hustlers, and thieves.

This, is NOT America.

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They look so pretty when they all come together....

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Like the "A-Team" says....I love it when a plan comes together.  :)


(hmmm....WB7.  There might be something there dontcha think?  :)  )

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Like Forest Gump would say:

THE STOCK MARKET IS LIKE A BOX OF CRAYONS, YOU NEVER WHICH ONE BREAKS FIRST, but if the printing press runs out of paper they all break together..

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I wonder if there's a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow....



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Something is in that's not gold though.