Cartoon Recreation Of The DSK Fiasco

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Well, it's not the Taiwanese animation geniuses from Next Media Animation (yet), but it will do for now. Everyone still confused by what happened to DSK on Saturday is encouraged to watch this animated version (sorry, no bears). Ignore the Chinese: it speaks for itself.

h/t pzil

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hahah, even on the plane he was trying to mack

Hedgetard55's picture



Thanks for the chuckle.

66Sexy's picture

wow, such banker arrogance. Fuckin' sexy.

Weisbrot's picture



just another circus side show

from the clown that runs the IMF



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Kung Pao, Ching, Koy, Chang. Shaoyun, Chinga, Yin Yang. 


And that's all I have to say about that. 

snakeboat's picture

can't we all go with vimeo from now on - youtube's behind the great firewall at my corp jail...

TheTmfreak's picture

You're right. During a great recovery like we are having now, switching jobs/jails for personal internet access does sound like sound advice!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Slave mentality.

Either accept the conditions of slavery or fight. But to bitch and not fight just proves the mentality.

DK Delta's picture

Funny, but so is this:

DSK to star opposite Jennifer Lopez in “Maid in Manhattan 2: austerity comes to America”


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Who's going to play DSK in the movie version?

Irwin Fletcher's picture

John Lithgow, Roman Polanski, or Mel Gibson.

BobPaulson's picture

Didn't know John Lithgow had a history. Got a link?

Irwin Fletcher's picture

Sorry, misleading comment. Should have distinguished between people talented at pretending to act scummy and those to whom it comes naturally.

BobPaulson's picture

Gotcha. Not that it matters, was just morbidly curious how he got on the list with the other two demostrably psychotic nutjobs.

Ecoman11's picture

Ahhh ha ha ha ha

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Can you say, "In flagrante delicto"?


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Chairsatan calling DSK: Don`t you worry. It`s all transitory! We`re already priting the money to bail you out. A trillion $ should be good for this little b****

TheTmfreak's picture

So are they going to release this as a video game or what?

Things that go bump's picture

If you win the game to you get a virtual blow job, or is that if you lose?

TheTmfreak's picture

It virtually feels good as well.

Sudden Debt's picture

Yes, but it will be X rated.

The name will be: "Financial puppet masters gang bang"

Horatio Beanblower's picture

The filthy bastard was smiling when he got arrested.  After seeing him smile, I now know that he did it.  I'm shocked, shocked, shocked.

lynnybee's picture

 " I'm shocked, shocked, shocked. "   ......... yes, well, I'm also shocked !  this is totally outrageous !   everyday it's another revelation for me !   everyday I go onto ZEROHEDGE website to find out what's new & what "the guys" are talking about today & I've learned so much in the past 18 months .......... ALL OF IT SHOCKING !  & it just gets worse & worse & now instead of retiring, I find that I must now fight back against a criminal syndicate of bankers & go into self-protection mode.  

Freddie's picture

Based on what is in the news: the maid knocked three tiems and each time yelling room service louder.  Rang a door bell.  He was not supposed to be there.  He jumped her and was violent.  I like how he allegedly resisted arrest on the plane.  The arrogance.  Nice job by the NYPD and the lady for fighting off this piece of filth.

blunderdog's picture

Yeah, but he had that DO NOT DISTURB thing on the doorknob.

Castle doctrine, yo.  If a maid tries to enter your room without proper cause, you have every right to rape her.

(I think the prosecution is going to have to focus primarily on the fact that he chased her down the hallway, which it difficult to justify.)

weltvermesser's picture

But if DSK is found "not guilty" he can make a facebook group with Assange: PVoFRA - prominent victims of false rape allergations - i`m sure it will be popular and growing very fast!

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So fucked up lol... made my day!!!!

velobabe's picture

well she l o_o k s the part of a chambermaid. those old school outfits probably turn old men like him, on. humans have de_gressed.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

I wouldn't say humans have de_gressed (sic), mainly because I have no clue what that means.

In any case, I would consider listening if the chamber maid outfit is size 4 or smaller.

PMakoi's picture

She was wearing a blue dress, offered him a cigar, and said her name was Monica.  Obviously, he was confused.  This could happen to anyone.

Oh regional Indian's picture

En flagarante!!!!

No rules for these folks, till there are and then, it gets ugly fast.

DSK is toast. The Q is, when will Gadaffi finally bring Sarkozy down?


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Another entitled scumbag.

Joebloinvestor's picture

What is the truth behind the Air France flight?


Did he have a "reservation" or does he have a "standing agreement" that he can board an Air France plane at any time without a reservation?


The press is reporting differently about this.


Nice to have a getaway jet at your disposal.

Freddie's picture

Get away jet and get away hotel.  I think Air France or somebody in France owns Sofitel. 

I am sure he can get on any Air France jet first class and bump anyone else.   If that plane had taken off it would have been hard to get him back.   I am not crazy about union govt workers but good job by NYPD.

Looks like there was blood on the bed and plenty of DNA.  He is an elite so he may walk anyway.

NumberNone's picture

Already playing the "I was framed by my political enemies" card. 

The correct answer is "She was Asian and I thought I was in Thailand where I do this all the time and its okay". 

BobPaulson's picture

Was talking to friends in France today and the "frame up" story is being cited by some normally intelligent people. Another example how the cognitive dissonance is just too much to handle. The PS had its eyes on the presidency and it's too painful now to admit this fuck up just fucked up.

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Where is the money shot?

PulauHantu29's picture

I'm guessing DSK will be up for the Nobel Prick Prize.....

zerozulu's picture

Noble prize is now left for liars, killers, thugs and molesters.