Casualty Reported As Protesters Storm Israel Embassy In Cairo; Video Of Palestinians , Syrians Entering Israel-Controlled Golan Heights

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As the Nakba protests continue late in the night across the Middle East, things in Egypt have taken a turn for the worse after Reuters reports that Egyptian police have fired teargas to force back pro-Palestinian demonstrators who had broken through a barricade in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, according to witnesses. Additionally, according to the twitter stream, at least one person has been killed during the protest after being shot in the head. Those who wish to follow the latest on the ground updates from Egypt and Israel may do so by searching the #May 15 hash tag. Judging by the early drop in the EURUSD, the sentiment is definitely risk averse.

Additionally below we present a video of Syrians and Palestinians entering the Israel Controlled Golan heights earlier today.

More from Electronic Intifada:

A dramatic video published by the website  shows the moment when hundreds of Palestinian refugees and Syrians break through the border fence from Syria into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (part of Syria occupied by Israel in 1967 and illegally annexed in 1981).

The video, which appears to be taken from the Israeli-occupied side shows a group of hundreds or perhaps thousands of marchers carrying Palestinian flags heading toward the boundary fence. Spectators on the Israeli-occupied side – apparently worried about the safety of the marchers – call on them to go back because of the danger of land mines.

However, undeterred, the marchers continue, and break through the border fence as people on both sides call for the liberation of Palestine. As the marchers break through there are scenes of joy, high emotion and embraces with those on the Israeli-occupied side. One man is heard to say, “This is how liberation is.”

And for some of the more dramatic pictures from today's Nakba violence we turn to the Guardian.

A hand reaches out to an injured man, one of a
several wounded when the Israeli army opened fire at thousands of
protesters crossing from Syria into the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights,
close to the Druze town of Majdal Shams

Palestinians run for cover as Israeli soldiers
fire teargas canisters during clashes with stone throwers at the Israeli
manned Qalandiya checkpoint, between Jerusalem and the West Bank city
of Ramallah

A Palestinian youth is detained by
Israeli border police during clashes in the Shufat refugee camp, on the
outskirts of Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers stand at the border fence between
Israel and Syria as demonstrators approach the village of Majdal Shams
in the Golan Heights

Protesters climb the border fence between Syria and Israel during a demonstration marking Nakba day, near Majdal Shams

A masked Palestinian youth sits on top of
Israel's controversial separation barrier during clashes with Israeli
troops in the West Bank village of Anata

The body of a Syrian protester is carried near the
border fence between Syria and Israel, close to the northern Druze
village of Majdal Shams, in the Golan Heights

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Hephasteus's picture

That's some grade A bullshit there. Much better than usually produced.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

The bullshit is what you've been misled to believe lock, stock and barrel over the last couple of decades.  Do you really think the Russians and Chinese were that inferior and stupid?  Well guess who has the disproportionately large strategic nuclear arsenal and controls the means of production now?  Guess who managed to put their own into the top command position of their intended target?  Believe what you want to believe, the 'Old Enemy' knows they can count on Westerners for that.  In the meantime, the Jews are facing their final holocaust and America's days as global hegemon are seriously numbered.  Enjoy the last hurrah of this Noah's time party while it lasts...

JR's picture

Seems like the AIPAC celebration of Israel’s exceptionalism next weekend in Washington, DC should be held in Israel.  Why are we gathering throughout the U.S. to celebrate Israel?  Why will all our politicians be standing in line before this powerful Israeli lobby waiting for handouts from money provided by the U.S. taxpayer?

And, to not pass by and kiss the hems of their garments, is to inflict a thousand cuts delivered from neo-con columnists, Harvard educators, and an assortment of Dershowitzs and Abe Foxmans scattered throughout the landscape.

As they say, Washington, DC has become Israeli-occupied territory.

Bringin It's picture

Why will all our politicians be standing in line before this powerful Israeli lobby waiting for handouts from money provided by the U.S. taxpayer?

Disturbing question JR with an equally disturbing answer.

Ahmeexnal's picture

The bankrupt european colonialist powers need more wars to kick the can down the street for a few months more.  European intel has been providing information to Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran as well as funding, training and arming them to the teeth.

But there are a lot of players on both sides of the Israeli-Arab "conflict" that know the colonialists are the ones instigating the hatred. 

Europe is about to have the shotgun explode in it's face.


JR's picture

That’s drivel, of course.  The revenge, hatred and under currents for war emanate from Israel and from Israel’s Amen corner, the Likud-arm of the U.S. government.

FlyPaper's picture

How about another scenario:   While the "Arab" spring has been engaged, the normal anti-Israeli focus has waned.  Well, can't have that, especially if Syria is having trouble with its population.  So what does a clever Syrian dictator do?  Send a bunch of loyalists across the border to Israel to try and "change the dialog."   And Egypt: let's kill some more Christians, then open the border between Gaza and Egypt (by fiat if not outright); and start the shelling again.  That way the world won't notice the military is installing another crony dictator in Egypt.   

Kinda the way Obama lets bad news leak on weekends, and crowing about wonderful made up things when bad news hits the press.  

Don't need any "european colonialist powers" and a grand conspiracy here.  Just run-of-the-mill distraction of the masses. 


Ying-Yang's picture

Great photography.. sad situation.

WaterWings's picture

Take the power back.

Lord Welligton's picture

I think that they just might be doing that.

If they can suffer 10,000 deaths they will have succeeded.

Here's the thing.

10,000 unarmed Arabs must die.

Then Israel makes peace.

Better than 10,000,000 Arabs dying in outright war.


WaterWings's picture

And we must end the annual $3,000,000,000 Israel gets for "aid".

JW n FL's picture

it is expensive hunting down and killing children with rock and sticks.. think of the nvg costs alone.. never mind the tech that Israel steals from us.. like uranium.


great friends! trust them with.. something.. what was it? the Money! Banks! Washington DC..


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JW n FL's picture

wait.. you thought that was all?


no.. no.. That is just one list.. here is another.. figure out how mnay more on your own time.


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unky's picture

I was in Israel a couple of times. I stood at an Israeli military base on the Golan heights near the border. The border to Syria at the Golan heights is all full with mines. How did they manage to cross the border so easily?

lolmao500's picture

Those are tank mines, not anti-personnel mines.

And there's reports Syria tanks have entered lebanon.

unky's picture

I dont think so, the mine fields were for people. The place i saw had very steep mountains and you would not have been able to get up there with a tank from Syria anyway. Plus they had Czech hedgehog to stop tanks.

When watching the video did u notice they all go in one line until they arrive at the border?

Max Hunter's picture

So was your original question rhetorical or were you just trying to see if the rest of us are as observant as yourself??

cossack55's picture

Might be all command controlled.  Dumb mines are too indescriminate.

Muir's picture

Yes, because Israel is highly discriminate in the use of it's weapons.

mick_richfield's picture

you would not have been able to get up there with a tank from Syria anyway


The mines are for tanks.  One of the great tank battles of history was fought in the Golan Heights in October of 1973, and Israel came very, very close to getting its ass kicked permanently.

bankruptcylawyer's picture

this is 100% correct. the golan is mountainous land separting fertile areas of israel to the south and the damascus valley to the north/east. you can only get tanks up the golan from a few specific paths. there are mines meant to deter people. but mostly, the golan is secured by cameras and patrols that respond to constant surveillance. 

it is rather quiet on the border and you can go fairly close to the 'fence' without actually approaching the fence. the land around is beautiful . 

israel could easily attack damascus from the golan, but it never has and never will need to i hope.

i've been to the golan many times. there is a reason israel annexed the golan, it is because syrian tanks tried rolling down on israel from the heights in order to roll towards tel aviv and bring an end to the very existance of the nation. 


if syrian owned the golan now, syria would have it lined with anti-tank and and anti-air missiles and be using it to launch missiles at all the israeli farmers in the valleys below, attacking israel's food supply. 

the golan is israeli land now (not just 'controlled' but possessed)  and until the destruction of israel , it will stay that way.


assad is going down, the brotherhood is coming up and war is coming. nothing you can do but run, hide, fight, or in the case of tyler, look the other way and pretend this is all about oil when it is about the very right to exist. 



gratefultraveller's picture

Actually Isreal "took" the Golan heights because Israel's biggest source of sweet water is there.

buzzard's picture

Ding! Ding! Ding! Winner. Tell us what he has won.


One week all expenses paid to hotel of your choice in Gaza. Enjoy your stay.

cossack55's picture

Change you hope you can live on.

High Plains Drifter's picture

I think all of this is very suspicious. I am not sure what is going on here, but i think the whole situation is controlled somehow and someone is angling for certain results, not sure what? i really don't think any of this is just spontaneous. one thing is for sure. it makes it appear like poor little israel is under attack from those mean old moooslims from all sides and is in dire straights........yeh sure.......

goldsaver's picture

So, based on your insinuation (and apologies if I am reading incorrectly between the lines) you are more willing to believe that Israel paid and organized Syrian and Egyptian men to attack their border in order to have photos appear all over Western media decrying the "brutality" of the IMF, than to believe that Iran, thru Hamas, did so.... hmm, somehow the logic escapes me.

Why is it so hard to believe that Iran would organize and finance an attack on the borders of Israel by cannon fodder in order to get the photos and the "world opinion" stocked against Israel? Do you hate so much that you must now ignore the logical?

High Plains Drifter's picture

well who can say what is really going on?  but the point is, that israel will play this up for their benefit, no matter how it goes, you watch and see. if you notice who has guns and who has the sling shots and rocks?  i promise you, if they did not have the internet and youtube, the machine gun barrels would be red hot by the end of the day and many arab men would be laying dead on those hills. this i know and this i promise you. it is not out of any worry about killing that they hold off on their shooting. they know full well they are being filmed........and this causes them to hesitate. i mean after all, it is a war for the mind right now, isn't it?


oh by the way, iran is controlled opposition. they are playing their part. all of this bullshit is controlled and sure things may not go according to play sometimes, but believe me, the hidden hand is at work here, i just feel it........

RichardP's picture

I think Israel should respond by sending columns of Israelis across Iran's border and filming the whole thing.  It would be interesting to see Iran's response captured on video.

downwiththebanks's picture

Aside from a deep and abiding desire to kill Iranians, what evidence do you have that Iran was behind any of this?

Do you seriously believe that the stolen land being re-occupied by refugees isn't reason enough?  That the jailbreaks have occurred in Gaza, the Heights, and Shebba Farms can HARDLY be a surprise.  

That said, the tide has turned - Apartheid Israel's army without soldiers cannot kill civilians with enough efficiency.  

Looking to blame it on Iran ignores the resentment created by 63 years of Ethnic Cleansing.  Which is, of course, the point.

zen0's picture

ethnic cleansing? No Arabs in the Knesset? How did they miss them? Are they disguised as Jews?

BigJim's picture

The zionists allowed a few token Arabs to stay so that trolls like you could claim Israel is an inclusive 'democracy'

downwiththebanks's picture

Here's a good example of what it means to be an Arab in the pro-Apartheid Knesset:

Lord Welligton's picture

Don't you just love Parliamentary Democracy.

By the by.

Is Israel a Republic?

Keri at Bankster Report's picture

You might want to do a little research into the origins and Hamas, and exactly who started it and funded it, before you bring "logic" into anything having to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And also, what's with your statement, "Do you hate so much that you must now ignore the logical?"

Gimme a break, what a strawman.  What did that guy say that indicates he's "hateful"?  He's skeptical---and I am, too.  Do a little more research about Isreal (like, oh, I don't know...maybe the USS Liberty attack?) and you might be as skeptical as I am.  What's wrong with being skeptical when you know governments are constantly lying, including the Israeli government?

Why it is only "hate" to be suspicious of, specifically, the Isreali government?  You are obviously, by your own "logic," "hateful" of the Iranian government based on your comments, because you're already pinning this on them; but you won't call that "hate," will you?  No, because being skeptical is not "hate"--it is being skeptical.  Any why, pray tell, is it more "logical" to believe that Iran would stage this than to believe that Israel would stage it?  There is logic to support either conclusion; that's why you don't use just "logic" alone, but evidence as well.  Show the evidence than Iran did this, and you might have some support for your claims.  We don't have the evidence of anything right now.

I get sick of this attitude that questioning the motives and actions of the untouchable, can-do-no-wrong state of Israel is, and can only be, "hate."  Israel is just another corrupt, oppressive government engaged in widespread illegal and immoral violations of human rights; they don't get a pass from me.

Michael's picture

I have evidence Israel killed 34 American sailors and wounded 172 of our servicemen aboard the USS Liberty without any repercussions.

The Loss Of Liberty (USS Liberty Cover-Up)

Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty

Ponzi Unit's picture

Right you are, Keri. Hamas was started up in 1988 by Shine Bet, Israeli internal security org equivalent to our FBI, as a counterweight to the PLO. Unintended consequences abound...

Ponzi Unit's picture

Right you are, Keri. Hamas was started up in 1988 by Shine Bet, Israeli internal security org equivalent to our FBI, as a counterweight to the PLO. Unintended consequences abound...

Ponzi Unit's picture

Ouch. Make that Shin Bet. typo...

MakeMineADouble's picture

And not just that...

that just did not look like 100's of people to me

MakeMineADouble's picture

take it back.  looked at it again.

JR's picture

The border flare-ups may have an origin with the Mossad because it helps Israel demonstrate that her enemies are war-like and not fit as a negotiating partner for peace.

Netanyahu needs the Gaza war to show that West Bank Palestinians should not be talking to those Hamas “terrorists.”  It fits exactly with AIPAC’s new talking points to prevent peace at all costs with Palestine: Israel can’t talk peace now because the West Bank and Gaza have been talking to each other about a unified state and to demonize that effort means: ‘There’s no qualified party to talk peace with.’”

This, from M. L. Rosenberg in “Time Is Not Israel’s Partner in Crime”:

“An Israeli government that actually wants peace with the Palestinians would encourage Abbas' efforts toward Palestinian unity, without which there will never be peace. Israel need not endorse Abbas' efforts; it should simply wait and see what comes out of Fatah-Hamas talks.

“Opponents of peace (actually, opponents of Israel returning any territory) point to Hamas as the big obstacle. And it is, so long as it either engages in violence or tolerates it. But the fact is that far more Gazans die at the hands of Israel than the other way around.

“Reports from Gaza indicate that Hamas now fears that the cycle of violence will get out of control, leading to another Israeli invasion and the horrific loss of Palestinian lives (in 2008-9, the Israeli invasion led to 1,400 Palestinian dead - mostly civilians - compared to fewer than a dozen Israeli soldiers).”

So this is the path of Likud, the path of AIPAC and the path of the U.S. Congress.  If this is the path of the American people, we will have followed Netanyahu into Hell.

Bringin It's picture

AIPAC is unAmerican.

cossack55's picture

Tyler may want to take a peek at the article. Spot on.