CBO's Revised Budget Sees 2011 Deficit Rising By $500 Billion To $1.5 Trillion; $4 Trillion In Deficit Through 2013 Guarantees QE3+

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QE3 is guaranteed and we are stunned that the market continues not to realize this.

Wtf are you talking about - the market just ramped.  Party time! Dow 12000!  Next stop: 36000.

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Happy Dow 12000!  I'm going to go take out a Mega Mortgage with no money down.

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Yes!  300 points higher than we were in January 2000!  I'm maxing out my credit cards today!

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These mutha Fukas here's hillary clinton talking about some banksta muthas


and just announced shareholders revenge


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That was a nice little juicing there of the market, huh? Must be warm feelings from Soetoro's speech last night.


FWIW this CBO report is worthless. Deficits will be twice as large as projected IF the system hasn't crashed before then.

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"As the recovery continues, the economy will add roughly 2.5 million jobs per year over the 2011–2016 period, CBO estimates. "

Wow, did they sacrifice a goat to read its entrails for this prediction?

"under those assumptions and with a continuing economic expansion, revenues as a share of GDP are projected to rise steadily—from about 15 percent of GDP in 2011 to 21 percent by 2021."

So, the economy's going to gain 2.5 million jobs per year all while the share of revenue of the economy received by the government is going to go up by 35%?

Stunning. Simply stunning. 

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I've found in life that when things make no sense, then I am operating under false assumptions and wrong information.  "We are stunned that the market continues to not realize this" and behold we also break Dow 12K.  "It's all good" says CNBC.

So, this report and todays activity is the final nail in the coffin, convincing me that my assumptions are false.  In other words I have accepted that THERE IS NO "MARKET" anymore.....

So, let's not play it like it is.  Nothing of truth matters anymore.  There is no rule of law.  Just BTFD while completing an exit strategy to get the fuck out of this country.  This is madness to the power of madness, or at least madness squared.  I hope they bring on both QE3 and QE4 in the next 6 months....the faster this shithouse crashes down the better.  We'll dig another hole and build another shitter. 

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A fast, hard crash is about the only hope we have left. :(

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Oh baby! You're on my wavelength: 

We're living in The Matrix now (as foretold in the movie);

Spoon boy: Do not try and analyze the market. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. 
Neo: What truth? 
Spoon boy: There is no market. 
Neo: There is no market? 
Spoon boy: Then you'll see, that it is not the market that moves, it is only The Bernank

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I've been feeling that for a while.  Every time I watch the bull-tards on CNBC, actually.  When I tune in I think to myself, "Tell me a story, CNBC.  None of this shit is real, anyways."

I nominate the banksters to play the parts of the machines, BTW.

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I must agree with my fellow engineer. The limit of QE(t) as t approaches infinity equals infinity.

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and the Dow celebrates by punching through 12,000 like a chainsaw through rice paper.

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...meaning that over the next 3 years the US will need to issue about $5 trillion in debt. Which means further debt monetization is guaranteed as foreign investors have now fully withdrawn and the Fed is all alone in gobbling up every dollar in gross issuance. QE3 is guaranteed and we are stunned that the market continues not to realize this.

Stunned?  I call feigned ignorance.  The Fed is the market, and the bank shareholders that control it realize exactly what they are doing.

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China is going to throw their inflation right in the face of every American consumer.  A Rudolf Havenstein policy disaster.

Long gold and  silver and Chinese stocks.


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Like Saint-Bernanke would say:






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Austerity, schmausterity...

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Dow 12,000.

Party like it is June 2008.

Drink enough absinthe so one forgets how that party ended.

Mazel Tov to The Bernank.

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There simply has to be an analysis performed on the amount of money disappearing from the universe from each mortgage default.

It is at least possible that Bernanke buying all this deficit PLUS munis may not exceed money destruction due to ongoing real estate collapse.

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Hypothetically, I have a home mortgage on which I will pay out a total of $1M in principal and interest over a 30-year period. I default. Bernanke prints up $1M and purchases 30-year government bonds with the money. You're saying what? That these two events somehow cancel each other out? Or that Bernanke's action is not inflationary?

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"It is at least possible that Bernanke buying all this deficit PLUS munis may not exceed money destruction due to ongoing real estate collapse."

The problem with that theory is the the defaulted upon house is still sitting on a balance sheet at pre-crash levels in order to keep the banks solvent.

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Oil exporting nations to the US in 1 year:  "We don't want your Ben confetti from Washington."




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Do they want to be Iraqified?

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I think the correct term is "liberated".

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How the F*** is the 10 yr rate not > 20%???


I don't care how much the Fed is buying.  I would be unloading any Fed bond > 3 months in duration.

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Fed lifts bid, and rates go down.  Sad how few understand the inverse relationship of price and rates.

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It is possible that the destruction of money due to mortgage default (ongoing) exceeds the money he's adding.

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Image of the life being sucked out of America.

Notice the handy carrying case for the banksters to exit stage right with the loot.


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..I don't know what to say here.....shit! I just drooled on my keyboard.

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That's hilarious ......the size of that monitor on the desk makes me think this has been going on for a very long time .

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Yes, women have been lactating for many years now.

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THE oldest occupation in the world.

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It looks like your prediction on your blog of gold needing to make a double bottom in the 1321ish range is being tested here and now.

See...I do read your blog. You do an excellent job and you're a natural writer and communicator. :>)

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How I wish she and her baby were mine.  Why do people post pictures like that here?  I'm trying to work.

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How I wish she and her baby were mine.  Why do people post pictures like that here?  I'm trying to work.

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Gold/Silver " Off " like pong ~ A waterboarding ....

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You didn't hear ? LEADER has proclaimed the end of the great recession , if he said it on TV it must be true .

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In percentage terms, your AIG is down even more.

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Thats the great thing about being up 25% on your call even a stop out gives you 10 % ...


Fuck, you seen my NVDA i'm up 44% since early dec .... LOL' Made my quarter ... Lol'

And US Steel off and running .... Front running.

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Thats the great thing about being up 25% on your call even a stop out gives you 10 % ...

= 6.5% after-tax

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Thats right ....

And whats that double monkey hammer tax thingy for gold again ?

And the yield thingy ...



* Great video on China -

Roach Says China Inflation Borders on `Serious Problem'




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Only relevant if you sell at a profit.  I treat it as a store of wealth, NOT an investment.  Represents a fixed % of my net worth with a Buffett-esque holding period - forever.

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But alas, many,many,many,many traders must deal with the tax issue ... The paper trading boom that has grown over the past few years ... A frenzy'

Coin sales up 200% in a couple of years ... A frenzy'

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Alas many, many, many, many traders are idiots.  It just proves once again that seemingly similar nominal return streams are not necessarly equal.  Real net return is the only the only relevant metric (i.e. after management fees, carried interest / profit participation, commissions, storage costs, taxes and inflation).

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But since the Fed is now all alone thou shall not have extra funds to ramp the markets 300 points like the good ole days...instead 30-50 point daily ramps will have to suffice.
Meanwhile: there will be no need for hedge funds or advisory services as the cartoon characters advice are all that is required...now everyone can just BTFD....

Goodbye Wall Street...we hardly knew ya...