Central Banks Purchase 127 Tons Of Gold In Q1

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You liar! It's more like 40 tons of gold and 87 tons of tungsten!

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I find it interesting that most on here will hammer on CB's - yet when the CB's buy gold - they think it shows they are in the right trade.


CB's are notoriously wrong when the sell and buy PM's. Why anyone would want to be on the same side of the trade as the CB's in gold stumps me.

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Ah, the sleeper wakes.  Waited a year and 33 weeks, eh?

If not, I hope you have a throwaway cell phone...  Because to be able to smoke enough for that logic to make sense, you must be a dealer.

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Actually he's right but since the CBs just started buying over the past 2 years they are waaaayyyy behind in the game.  They will need to buy for 8 more years and by then everyone will be selling.

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Wasn't Gordon Brown just trying to get a job running the IMF paper pimps a few weeks ago? Seems to me to be more indicative of a top in fiat.

You can generalize about central banks, but Gordon Brown is the reincarnation of Wrong Way Corrigan.

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A CB buying gold is a CB hedging fiat. It's not a "trade".

P.S. look inside the bag before you give it away.

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3.4 tonnes Canada?? Farging embarassing eh?


If you wanna be on board with a gold backed Amero, its aboot time to buy some more.

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Sadly Paul Martin (the despicable traitor) pulled a Gordon Brown and sold off our gold holdings to "pay down the debt" when it was South of $300 USD/toz. So all we`re going to bring to the Amero is the world`s largest supply of fresh water.

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Fresh Water, soon to be "as good as gold" !

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...assuming successfully continued repression of desalinization technology...

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The Gold plating on tungsten is very thin at about 15 mils per bar. I would say it more like 40 ounces of gold and not 40 tons.

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So, how much of official gold reserves is salted?  1.5 million 400 oz. bars courtesy of Clinton/Rubin?  That would be a $900 billion swindle @ $1500/oz. (not adjusted for the actual gold plate)  Do the less savvy CBs hold most of it?  And what happened to the 16% of official gold reserves stored under WTC 1-2 in 2001?

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Wow, I get it.  At the same time Gordon Brown was selling off England's gold, Canada and other british subjects sold off too.  And the gold in fort knox was salted.  I wonder who accumulated all this gold at this time?  Could it be the elites, with crumbs to their political lacky's?  Of course, the elites would accumulate as much gold as possible for the coming hyper inflation (a la FOFOA) and of course, they would do that at the lowest price ever.  And of course, the Queen could just order her subjects to sell, in America it would require stealth.

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The Golden Rule- 'He who has the gold, makes the rules'

'Bout to get central banksta medieval in this world real soon.

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Yeah, it's a nice economic leading indicator. The buyer feels strong !

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I'd like to know just how much gold could be purchased with all the unbacked paper currency printed by the various central banks in Q1.

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A little nugget, um i dont know, maybe about the size of the moon

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@ SheepDog,

+ $1500 as usual.

I am interested in ZH comments on this observation I made on a now stale thread earlier:

One other observation: I have yet to see ANYONE who says that they will trade their GOLD for SILVER.  Silver for gold..., yes, but not the other way around.  So, which metal is being held by the strongest hands?  That would be gold.  My hands.  And the central banks.

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Who is selling all this Gold? who did Mexico buy from?

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JP the Morgue of course. Who, for a nominal fee, has also agreed to store it for them. 

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That is because most of us believe that present exchange ratio is going to fall down to the ratio between the physical reserves. 

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Seems like you have been awful negative on Silver in your recent comments.  What gives?  Don't tell me you've turned MOMO !

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Naah!  Not negative on silver.  I just like gold better.

Physical silver will outperform most other invesments, IMHO.  Sure is better than ALMOST anything.  Silver will also be spendable in a SHTF...  Keep the gold for my kid (grandkid(s)?) in the future.

I am not selling much more of my silver.  Won't sell ANY unless the GSR comes down to 30 or so.  I still have a lot.

And Pt too.  Mmm, yummy platinum...

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Further comments on gold, silver and trolls!

SILVER, perhaps because of fundamentals (use by industry &, relative scarcity) and BIG returns vs. gold, seems to be WAY more popular than gold here lately.

And, the trolls seem to have become very troll-y on silver.

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Why Platinum is almost forgotten?

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Grey and ugly as it may be, I like it too!

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Pt is not forgotten by me!

By value, it is my second biggest holding of PMs.

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My concern is that much of the demand for Platinum and Palladium is for catalytic converters and industry. Yes that places some kind of floor on the price but you are still exposed to big losses if there's a sudden drop in demand.

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Platinum is money.  Most people don't understand this because it has never seen use as currency, but that means nothing.

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Actually, the Russian Empire issued circulating platinum coins for several decades in the middle 19th century, valued, ironically, at almost exactly the same ratio relative to gold that holds today.  They also simultaneously issued (or tried to) full-value copper coins.  With all the obvious and well-documented problems in many other nations in trying to hold to a bimetallic standard, I can only imagine the problems the Russians faced in attempting to maintain a tetrametallic standard!

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Interesting.  I did not know that.

Yes, it is foolish to set exchange values.  All these metals should just float against each other.  One form of money would likely win the most use as currency.  

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The Russian platinum coins were beautiful --- and must have been an absolute bitch to mint, given the technology of the day.  Their numismatic premiums, which are very high, have unfortunately prevented me from ever purchasing one, although I have seen several over the years.

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Gold is realy good, but it is cheap historically in terms of silver.

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I'm tempted to trade, because Gold is cheap relative to silver.

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Puny peso trumps the dominant dollar?



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coming soon:  peso carry trade

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With +80% of Mexico's export destined to the U.S. market, Mexico is disadvantaged receinving an ever slumping USD in return. In addition, to curb inflation growth in Mexico, higher interest rates with accumulated gold purchases will make the currency more valuabale allowing for greater imports from the U.S and other partners.

I think Mexico is one of the most vulnerable countries to Ben inlfation scheme, due to proximity and the resulting economic dependence.

I am glad the Central Bank of Mexico is voting on its future with sound monetary fundamentals; then again, I may well be wrong.

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Everybody should do the same: BTFD. Watch this animation to get inspired to do so:


Then head over here to read why silver market mainpulation will not end anytime soon:


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Central Banks Purchase 127 Tons Of Gold In Q1

...and those purchases ain't on margin.

PMs up from here.

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Should we be performing a 64 team tournament bracket breakdown of country vs. country once it hits 5k an ounce ?

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Quick!  Flee to safety!!!

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I thought it was a barbarous relic?


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It will always be worth its weight in gold.  

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The Asians all need to buy more...when fiats all die, soonish, those with the most gold will win. 

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'USA 8,000 tons of gold' yea sure.

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our banksters are fabulous!  we must trust them. 

fade the NWO, BiCHeZ!

YouTube - Gold Price Song

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8000 Tons of gold paper certificates.