Chairman of Goldman Sachs International Was - Until Last Year - Also Chairman of BP

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Peter Sutherland is a conspiracy theory.

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Luminati Sutherland is: Jesuit, Pilgrim's, Bilderberg, Trilateral, financial advisor to the Vatican, core globalist. in relative terms to him Blankfuck would be a sort of reliable pro-tem wheeler dealer functionary.

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2 many firms recruit the same pond scum. they may risen to the top, but the top of most ponds is still scum

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Sutherland was also on the Board of Governors instrumental in the crafting of the Maastricht Treaty which inaugurated the European Union. Given even the vague outlines of this insanely exalted and complicated pedigree, it would be no stretch of the imagination to suggest that Mr. Sutherland is privy to the workings of the global elite in a way that few of us "morts" can imagine. We think it is safe to assume that the given the exponentially growing global and strategic significance of the worst environmental disaster in history, that the BP/Deepwater Horizon/Transocean Ltd. oil rig explosion and the subsequent volcanic rupture of crude into the Gulf and soon to be the Mid and North Atlantic, at the very least either comprises the tragic and inevitable consequences of the globalist agenda for control of worldwide natural and financial resources or embodies an integral component in the ongoing plans of the elite for their One World Corporation Unlimited. Sutherland presided over the scandal and crisis plagued arrival of British Petroleum to the shores of America after its merger with Amoco in 1998. Under his watch the recently acquired Texas City oil refinery became the third worst oil refinery fire in U.S. history killing 11 workers and injuring over a 170 on March 23, 2005. Less than a year later on March 2, 2006, a huge leak at Alaska's Prudhoe Bay facility was belatedly discovered, ultimately releasing 267,00 gallons into the snow as an automatic leak detection system failed to discover oil seeping from corroded pipelines. A smaller leak later polluted the bay in Long Beach, CA. Critics claimed that bottom line cost cutting measures and the ability to pay the huge fines, some $98 million alone in the Prudhoe Bay incident, permitted and encouraged "catastrophic safety risks". Along with competitors Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell, BP was the subject of criminal and civil investigation over manipulation of crude oil and unleaded fuel markets in 2003/2004.


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So what do you propose? A ban on multiple directorships? This is not pretty I agree. However, if you were a CEO, you would not want unknowns on your board. You want high-profile figureheads, like Sutherland.

To try and explicitly link him to the BP oil spill and suggest that himself, Blankfein and Hayward are behind this catastrophe is really insane and quite frankly not really worth debating.

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I don't think that anyone is suggesting anything like that

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Guys, get a grip. Sutherland is a non-exec of many boards. So what?! Everyone knows that directorships lead to other directorship opportunities. This is no conspiracy, it's merely professional ass-covering by large organisations. Does Sutherland open doors that others can't? Probably. But I don't see the evil connection you are trying so desperately to establish.

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Yessssss, of responsibility, no knowledge, not really "there" at all.....

These are not the flexians you are looking for.....move along...

And LSE and the WTO (the orgs he did run) are innocent of any elitist motives LOL, stop already!  Sutherland may be more like Summers than Blankfein, but he still merits the Overlord title in my book.

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Sarcasm, "on", right?



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You know what's funny, when first read that I thought you wrote " Everyone knows that dictatorship leads to other dictatorship opportunities." But you are correct. You might say that all those guys are buds and provide each other with completely unrelated opportunities, like in oil and finance and government.

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an idol mind is the devils playhouse.. these movers and shakers are busy busy busy .  

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My idol mind is filled with visions of Verikova, Doutzen Kroes, Brigette Bargot, and early Liz Taylor, and Ursula Undress.

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Goldman dumped 43% and Hayward over 30% of their bp stocks days before the spill. Conspiracy?? I DON'T THINK SO... Inside job written all over it folks, just like buzzy krongard and 9/11 (he dumped united stocks)

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Does anyone have any links or backup on Goldman or Hayward dumping stock before the spill?

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heard stock was dumped ,, but backdated to accommodate the spill.

so lets see...  leak  ,,sell stock ... backdate,, wee this stock stuff is fun..

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You may also call me Flexian, if you wish.

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Life up any rock in this river and you'll find all manner of creepy-crawlies there.

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Flexians? That's a new one.

Is he also Benny's boss too?

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yes, he is. and barry's too. you see, they are just puppets of the bilderberg group, which mister hayward is also a member of. props to the author for exposing this elitist and i hope zh readers will educate themselves on the bilderberg group.