Chairman Of Libyan National Oil Corporation Defects To Tunisia

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Just out from Reuters: "Shokri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC), has defected from Muammar Gaddafi's government and is on his way to the Tunisian capital, a Tunisian security source told Reuters on Tuesday. Another source said earlier on Tuesday that Ghanem had arrived on the Tunisian island of Djerba after fleeing Libya." It is unclear if this will have much if any impact on the Libyan oil production which continues to be halted, and lately even the rebel have seen their output halted due to lack of supplies. One thing is sure: Saudi Arabia will scream loud that it will be more than happy and willing to replace any lost production even as it continues to cut its output as it now enjoys $120 brent a little too much. And yes, the Japan rebuilding effort will be run on chlorophyll.

And an update, and refutation, via Reuters:

There is no indication that Shokri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC), has defected from Muammar Gaddafi's government, a Libyan official in Tripoli said.

Tunisian and rebel sources have said Ghanem has defected and left Libya for Tunisia.

"I have no news that he has resigned or defected or something," the Libyan official said. "Part of his job is to travel and deal with oil companies. So we have not heard anything beyond that."

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I am happy. I am very happy. This morning when I woke up I felt good because the sun was shining. I felt good because I was a frog. And I felt good because I have you as a friend.


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In a PowerPoint display, he pinpointed areas that had taken the heaviest hits, including several in and near Surt, Colonel Qaddafi’s hometown, on the Mediterranean coast. “From now on, employees and their families will act as human armor to protect these locations,”

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First Moousa Kouuusa, then Shakinem Ghorunning.

hmmmmm, Mooooo Ammar is leaking his cabinet away. 

i smell a rat.


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That explains why ex Blackwater Boss is now training SA mercenary troops! They need $120 Brent to finance this 500+ M endeavor !

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FYI joe....hes no EX boss.

He just renamed Blackwater XE....

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Hah, and I thought he had it sold after the con hearings?!?! I knew about XE as being his new "business", hmhm! Thx for the update Bubba!

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In 2 weeks he will end up in Qatar

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Giant, mutated, sentient chlorophyll?

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I hope this guy has brought with him all of the official documents that makes NOC a shareholder in all their international ventures. That way he can run them sitting in Tunisia and the new rebel government can be financed by the presence of the Official oil chairman in Tunis receiving dividends in NOC's name. Lets make Tunis the new headquarters of Libyan NOC reporting to political bosses in Benghazi. That will really piss off q-daffy. And finance their revolution. I would love to be their consultant in Tunis...they make good couscous, the fish variety. In fact they should form a political union between new Libya and new Tunisia. It would stabilize the situation. Oil revenues could then be shared between two small nations (total pop. 15 million). In exchange of couscous of course from Tunisian side!

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And soon, El Erian and Bill Gross will be defecting to Canada, and so on.....the grass is always greener on the other side.

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NATO is just bombing the shit outa anywhere the moQ might turn up.  the british high command (Gen. Richards) wants restrictions on bombing targets eased.  bombing missions now number in the thousands, as any command/control is being levelled. 

the "int'l criminal court" now seeks arrest warrants for the moQ, his 2nd son, saif, and his intel chief, abdullah al-sabussi for "crimes against humanity" and the british military keeps pounding the rhetoric that the moQ is killing civilians, so he must be stopped.  some are thinking the hague might just want to hold off from joining the par-tee b/c this makes a settlement more unreachable. 

but i think the hague feels that the place will just be levelled at his point, anyhow, so why not?  this is from a may 15 report from morgan strong thru reuters, originally, i think, tho, i am taking it from a tripoli puplication.

the 11 killed were clerics and 45 more were wounded as they were sleeping.  apparently they were meeting in brega, and apparently near some kinda military target, too.  NATO said it was the most civilians they had killed/wounded, yet, as far as they know...from morgan strong: 

* A NATO air strike on the eastern Libyan city of Brega on Friday, which the Libyan government said killed 11 people and wounded 45, was directed against a "command and control bunker", a NATO statement said.

* President Barack Obama gave his stamp of approval to Libya's anti-Al Qathafi forces on Friday, bringing leaders of the rebel group to the White House where they were deemed credible and legitimate.

* NATO said it conducted 148 air sorties on Friday, 44 of them strike sorties that aim to identify and hit targets but do not always deploy munitions.

* Since NATO took over command of air strikes on March 31, its aircraft have conducted 6,525 sorties, including 2,556 strike sorties

and, the US stopped short of recognizing the libyan rebels.  france & others have recognized the rebels as the goobermint.  prez0 did not meet with them, officially, and we are left with the rebels needing all kinds money for supplies and of course, arms  (Paste):

Meanwhile, the US has stepped up its support of anti-Al Qathafi rebels, with Obama authorising $25m in non-lethal assistance and $53m in humanitarian aid.

The White House said it was looking for ways to increase US financial support to the opposition, in part through congressional legislation that would free up a portion of the more than $30bn in frozen Al Qathafi regime assets in US banks so it could be used to aid the rebels.  (end Paste).

business as usual, eh?  bombs awaaaaay! 

i don't think we'll see NATO boots on the ground for a while.  indications are that NATO is loving the air mail franchise and the rebels will try to take scalps and survive the close air support.  if they can.  the british general and the NATO spokespersons never fail to impress that these efforts are so the the moQ will stop killing libyan civilians.  that is why they are doing this. 


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The demonization of Gadaffi continues, and the same machinery will be pointed at Strass Kahn more or less immediately.

It's pretty clear at this point that the $125 spike in Brent smashed economies globally and the consequent demand reduction (destruction) is reducing consumption of what oil production exists.  Price falls.  This is how it works, of course. 

Oil scarcity will never allow growth again.  Any attempt at growth means consumption increase.  That will spike the price, destroy the economy trying it, and reduce consumption (and thus price).  This is forever, folks.  A downward sloping sawtooth pattern for global economic activity.

Best to remember that after you look past the obfuscating details of financial instruments and economic "laws", what you eventually have to deal with is physics.  Things don't happen without a fuel supply.  Period.  A horsepower is 750ish watts.  A Camry has a 100 horsepower engine.  An agricultural tractor has a 450 horsepower engine.  Only oil can do this, and there is no escaping it.

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And yes, the Japan rebuilding effort will be run on chlorophyll.



EDIT:  "on chlorophyll....[and tree hugs]."

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Looks like Muamar might have to accidently shell Tunisia again.

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"You're never gonna do it without the fez on.  No, no, no.  Please understand/that's what i am/i want to be your holy man."