Charlie Lets Zero Intelligence Have It

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Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Less than three hours after saying this "I generally don't respond to people who don't matter on Wall Street" you come out with this:

Not even sure you deserve a response to this, as apparently you have completely missed our prodding which had nothing to do with you being on Goldman's pay and everything with you doing the responsible journalistic thing, i.e., asking the tough questions which you purport you did, instead of being fed the party line. We appreciate the other side of the story: we can get that from Goldman's press releases and 8K's - you are supposed to read between the lines and find out what it is in the story that your new friends at 85 Broad are not telling you. But if by now you have not realized what your job as a journalist entails, it would be a folly for Zero Hedge to try to educate you at this late stage in your career.

Instead, as everyone knows the true nature of CNBC's journalism, which is namely to sell advertising space, we would simply like to present one piece of data that you, your producer, and your parent company General Electric may be most interested in.

As to the veracity of your, or Zero Hedge's claims, well, the audience is the best arbiter of that.

Good day.

PS. Maria (oh wait, whispering in my ear says your name is) Michelle, please give us a mailing address: we will dispatch a copy of Fight Club to you post haste, for free. It is a travesty to have your producer whisper in your ear just who this pseudonymous Tyler Durden is.

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Charlie who?  Isn't he some sort or resturant owner or critic or something?

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The rant begins at 2:35 in that video

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LOL!! Love that the banner at the top right has been changed.

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...and all you need to do is tilt the logo 90 degrees to complement the banner. :D

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Why it's Charlie Meatball. And that's all you need to know.

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fight club is actually on AMC tonight. CC could get up to date by tomorrow

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"fight club is actually on AMC tonight. CC could get up to date by tomorrow." thank you for the heads up.

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I love how they pretend they don't know anything about zerohedge. You know they F5 the thing every 2 minutes.

I love how being a blogger makes you a moron. Yet what's the difference between them and a blogger? Better teeth. More time on makeup and less time on real research. TD knows more in his left testicle than these douches.

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Gasparino knows a lot more about "anonymous" bloggers than he pretends to know. Him (and Dennis Kneale) are just taunting them. There are no secrets in the street.

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Game over.

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The S&P 500 has been trading with the Euro currency almost exactly for longer than I care to think about. Call the a-holes at 85 Broad and ask for a comment. Stop reporting BS minutae, no one legit gives a shit, really.

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Agreed...really bad idea Charlie, you f'in WS shill.

On another note, is today the beginning of SPY breakdown? Has anyone else noticed that we ever so briefly touched $96.11 just before 1pm and have more or less trended lower/weaker since then?

The significance here is $96.11 is the June 11 & YTD intra-day high. Perhaps if that level does not get taken out with any afternoon ramping shenanigans, the market will selloff.

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anon 12091 - "Perhaps if that level does not get taken out with any afternoon ramping shenanigans, the market will selloff."

That's a joke right... have you been paying attention for the last 4 months?

Anonymous's picture

of course i have been, but i also believe we will breakdown at some point (as we briefly did following the June 8-12 ramp).

my level held today and we closed barely red, i wonder if that is a line in the sand for a time...we shall see


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i don't mean to put words in d.o.d.'s mouth, but i think the point he was trying to make is that technicals (or fundamentals, for that matter) are not driving this market and you might as well throw them out the window.  i aspire to be a market technician and i came to this realization a few weeks ago.

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This market is making a mockery of both TA and FA.  It seems the robots are programmed in bizarro-mode.  Take the action most opposite of what any analysis concludes.  Except VWAP, that is!

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NICE...I was wondering how to square the circle of taking out the June highs on the S&P without going meaningfully higher from there (as the teknicians were all creaming over us taking out 950).  But looking at the SPY instead makes perfect sense as thats what the mechanical overlords have been gunning this whole time.

I just can't imagine how there hasn't been at least some retracement with the likes of INTC and CSCO up 20% in less than 10 trading days.  Somethins gotta give.

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CNBC lacks all credibility. Charlie is just his own puppet, and pretty much everything is a scam. But what is there to do? Society exposed.

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Indeed. What is a puppet but someone with another fellow's hand up their bum and telling them what to do.

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Money talks...b/s walks...nuff said- and go on, TD, to more, really important matters.

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Unfortunately, you need to compare the graphs together on Google Trends. The graph you have proves that ZH is growing and CNBC is faltering, but doesn't show them compared to eachother.

To do that you need to seperate the two terms by commas in the same search:

The result is not as flattering.

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Or maybe it just means that dolts interested in CNBC can't figure out what the URL is without doing a google search.

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Unfortunately, you're wrong. ZH is on the up and CNBC is on the down. No one said ZH is bigger. Better is better and worse is worse. CNBC is on the way out.

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Interestingly that's mainly due to viewers from india, singapore and malaysia. Maybe ZH needs a marketing campaign there.

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"Moronic blogger is redundant" she says?????  Beyotch!  I can't believe we can let her get away with this!  Keep the heat on 'em, T.

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I have a nice shiny mirror for you high-and-mighties.  Let's see...


How many blogs on CNBC?  28, maybe?  (I lost count)  Let's take a look at some of those authors' names.

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And "on-air talent" is an oxymoron.

So we have a draw?

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Her name is tits. And she will never let you forget it either. Michelle my bell Sunday morn say when we are together woo ooh ooh oh.

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...and so is "moronic talking (air) head" on cnbc who's apparently incapable of understanding what this is really all about...piece of crap network just keeps supplying the fodder for INTELLIGENT bloggers to chew-up and spit out.

cnbc is getting bitch-slapped all over he blogosphere and this is the best they can do? It's quite comical.

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Here is a graph you might like to better show your growth:

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good find there. what'll they think of next?!?

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he gets a call from the goldman CEO and assumes it's a moronic blogger?
I don't get that comment about lloyd blankfein should accept wrong GOTCHAs answers only, because bots are the only ones that are able to do that.
X times 22 equals 396?

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To me, the moment Charlie's credibility jumped the shark was during his singlehanded effort to pump the monolines so many moons ago.

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Yeah, he was constantly coming on the air, in one case 15 minutes before the market closed, with "rumors" of monoline bailouts.  I guess he figured if he said "rumor" it protected him from spewing his fraudulent crap.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Here are some links about the episode I refer to.  The "rumor" never did turn out to be true, and Ambac is basically in runoff today.


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Congratulations, Tyler, on CNBC's free plug for Zero. More people to enlighten. (maybe Charlie, too)

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Who even watches CNBC anymore? You used to have to put up with it just because but anymore its a waste of time and energy. Moronic Journalism.....

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blogger and zero intelligence is redundant, hmmmm.  Sounds like CNBS is throwing in the towel on reaching true inquiring minds and is content to stick with the sheep that just want to be sold green shoots.  I will give them this... I really should have gone long last week, even if it was against any good common sense I have....

You could almost hear the producer whisper in her ear "Tyler Durden is from Fight Club, you know, the movie."

Congrats on all the new found recognition Tyler, it would seem you are making friends.

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Just more haughty comments from CNBC's well of douchebags and sluts.

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Cold snap. They just made fun of the blogger world. No bad for an entertainment channel masquerading as a business channel.

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They suck at entertainment too. They are more like a high school CCTV show with teenage hormones circulating in their pipes.

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It's the breasts.  They are blinding and cause max confusion. Even to me and i am a chick.

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I'll tell you what's redundant - Caruso-Cabrera and breasts.

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agreed. she's ugly and a drama whore. let's just go with titsy cc. dare i ask gordo about gold or is that also redundant?

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GE --- Imagination at work.

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CG does not have time to be watching movies.  CG is too busy taking the pulse of the STREET! 

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Just joined the ranks of Trash TV.