Charlie Rangel Charged With Numerous Ethics Violations, Among Them Offshore Drilling Tax-Related Kickbacks

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Maybe we could have David Fiderer do a whitewash of this too.

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Senate Ethics Committee is the best at this. They can make any dirt totally disappear like majic .

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"Senate Ethics" I'm cracking up...


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No one cares. It will be on Fox News for one news cycle, maybe. Even the Gulf seems to be fading a bit. Corrupt crony-capitalists/politicians driving our country into a ditch? Not that relevant - I'm going to go watch Hulu on my iPad now. 

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More likely, it will be on FOX until they have beaten every last inkling of life out of it.


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And that would be a problem because you think Rangel is innocent?

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dang, I always thought:

"... that the phrase "honest politician" ...

meant that the pol stayed bought.  Waddya think Timmy?

Guess I'm not so much modern any more...

- Ned

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Couldn't happen to a more bent pol if you ask me.

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Rangel is one of the most corrupt criminals in a House composed almost entirely of corruption (Ron Paul might be an exception).

This is newsworthy, but won't be treated as much of anything.  The corruption permeates the MSM as well.

We are a banana republic.  Probably have been for a while now.

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Oh here's a surprise.

Trouble avoided him for years but he was breaking the rules all along. Guess he is not going along with the "new tax package" being drawn up by the Robber Bama team.So the machine discards him.



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the most ethical pelosi congress EVER

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LOL dems and big oil. how much did BP give obama.

lets hear it, its cheneys fault right.

this could lead to drastic results - charlie could lose his limo privileges for 4 days if found guilty - er that should be "mistaken"

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Nabors...  isn't that one of Cramer's favorites?  

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Gotta love HuffPost.  By the link labeled zerohedge is a thumbnail of Tyler/Pitt's nekkid torso.  Finance doesn't get any better than this.

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Well, Zerohedge iself chose that avatar for its Twitter account:

I suspect Marla Singer had a hand in the avatar selection...

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Charlie or Wesley? I think I know who'll do more hard time.

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"Charley stole the handle and the train just won't stop going, no it couldn't slow down."

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Who, this guy?

Rep. Charlie Rangel swears at Jason Mattera over scandal questions:

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Why don't you mind your goddam business?

Finally some "honest" words from our leaders.

Rick64's picture

  Good video Hendrix

It is our Goddamn business if we are paying for your cadillac and your not paying your taxes yet head the tax writing committee.  Is it a prerequisite to violate the very policies of whatever committee you are a member of?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Apparently, and now for the question, why?  Do they like cheating?  Or are they so dumb they don't know it is WRONG!

Miss Expectations's picture

I'll never get used to THE SMILE (Rangel's).  Jason's I liked.

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Come on man lighten up, he's Charlie!

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"Heeeere's Charlie, ahahahar!"  Charlie had recieved the invite from Bawknee Fwank to visit the PPT Clubhouse only this morning, but he had nothing better to do than to stop by.  "Gwad ewe couwd madthe id Chahwee!"  No one else was around, and Baknee would be manning the controls for Friday.  BS had considered that this may be a mistake, but Bawknee needed to be thanked for the nice FinReg Bill, and this would be a good way to do it.  Bawknee loved mindless entertainment, as such was the PPT.

"Coumown inthide Chahwee.  Dis ith da wiveen woomb.  Wook at ouw newah couch danks to dee U.TH. Taxpayeths!"  He pointed to a brand spankin' new red white and blue sofa.  "AH, hahah!  Why don't I stretch out, harhar!"  Charlie jumped onto the couch with his wingtips first.  They were covered in mud from the walk to get to the Oak tree, and he dug them into the cushions.  "Oh ewe aw funny Chahwee.  Hee hee.  Funny!"  "F*** yo couch 'Merca!  Buy another one, you rich motha trucka!"  He was tickling Bawknee pink!  "Oooheeheeooo!  Ewe ah so funny Chahwee."

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These are awesome! You should have a cartoon made for these! I could picture it on SNL or the Comedy Channel.

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With midterms upcoming, the House Dems have had enough of Rangel's extreme example of arrogant and blatant corruption.  They throw him overboard, hoping to save themselves...

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If that were true there would be a lot of blank spaces on the ballots come November and not just ones that look like " _______-D "

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Maybe, but it's more likely that this will be viewed as just the icing on an already stale and crumbling cake.

Republicans will gain, Rangel or no Rangel.  Then they'll do their typical song and dance, probably get an R in the White House in 2012, screw up royally, then the Democrats will gain, blah blah blah.  The beat goes on.

That's all assuming we even make it to November, of course.

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He will be on Faux New's Bill O'Really and that tabloid-tv moron can say what he has said over and over when Rangel was on, "You're A Patriot, You're A Patriot"...That idiot would not know a patriot if one bit him in his so-called "Independent" ass!!!

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Get Rangle the fuck outta congress - he's an embarrassment.

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Were worse off  by 'saving the system'' .. When bernutty says we averted disaster.

For you and your corrupt buddies.

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I've always considered Rangel to be one of the numerous corporate crats who dare portray themselves as "democrats" and "progressives"  -- nothing could be further from the truth.

While I haven't been following Rangel's adventures lately, I recall he pushed through the Singapore Accords, with a hidden clause greatly expanding foreign visa worker numbers.

He was also part of the group back in the late '70s who created, and successfully lobbied for the tax break legislation for corporations which offshored Defense Department work, which prior to that had been outlawed!

And he did this in the name of "diversity" (somehow, to the corrupt politician, punishing Black & White - & Other - workers in the name of diversity is OK, as long as the jobs are offshored!)!

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The Democrat got busted for these bribes only because he beat the Republican to them. Not one dime's worth of difference between the parties.

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Vote third party.

If you want to waste your vote, then vote for a demorepubicrat.

I prefer the Libertarians myself.

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Who are they?...seriously.

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Repubs will bust Dems for ethics violation. Dems will bust Repubs for being gay. The circle of divide and rule continues thusly and the morons (us) masturbate to this orgy.

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This is the most appropriate political song.

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Rollins blows that lame shit into smithereens.

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Charlie needs a few more serious charges to come forth before his name comes before the committee on the Nobel "Piece" Prize, currently Blago and Arminnejad are edging him out.  

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EEEE Gads...

Yer a bunch of racists.

(Just wanted to be first, that's ALL)

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Why are you not publishing David Fiderer's opinion?

I'm sure this is all just a right-wing smear campaign.

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"Non-stripper-abusing Wall Street CEO."
This is why I donated to ZeroHedge the last time (yes, that's once) this is
why I do it again and now.
I suggest the rest of you do the same.
And no it's not because I had a chuckle at the idea.
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