Charlie Rose Interviews Inside Job's Charles Ferguson

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Charles Ferguson, who deservedly won an Oscar for his must watch movie of 2010, Inside Job, which exposed such self-caricatures as Larry Summers, Napoleon Dynamite Sr, and Glenn Hubbard for the hollow shams they are, and who made waves by making the only logical statement at this year's Oscar celebration by asking why nobody on Wall Street had gone to prison, appeared on Charlie Rose in yet another must watch interview. Ferguson is once again given a chance to clarify his position on why nobody will likely ever go to prison for what amounts to the greatest generational and class heist ever witnessed: "Do you expect that there will be prosecutions for criminal wrongdoing coming out of what we now know?" The answer: "Whether there will be or not, is a function of political pressure because it is unfortunately disastrously, tragically clear that the Obama administration has no interest in doing anything about this." The reason, according to Ferguson for Obama's (lack of) action is: "there is a menu of answers: he is personally very conflict averse, to cold-blooded political calculation, to lack of experience and therefore insecurity in large very scale economic and financial matters, and therefore being a prisoner of his advisors. Perhaps some combination of all of those things..." In other words true lack of change that banker pocket change can believe in. As for what would take to fix the broken system we find ourselves in: "(i) change the role of money in elections, (ii) to pay regulators well, and (iii) have law enforcement that is necessary to enforce the laws we have." Alas the Inside Job director does not see any of these happening any time soon. Neither does anybody else.

Full interview:


h/t Sqworl

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Here's one for all of you marijuana smokers--free enterprise is where itzat!

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You don't know how hard the Beureau of alchahol tobacco and firearms had to work to snuff out all the little dealers to create an environement of big drug business that chops peoples frikkin head off who try to stop them. Trained in american military fort.

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Drug Prohibition is a Government Program.  It costs at least $70 billion a year at all levels. And for all this effort we find that it is easier for kids to get an illegal drug than a legal beer.


Did I mention that Drug Prohibition is a Government Program?

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I'd like to get my feet wet here.  Drug Prohibition is NOT just a "Government Program"... It is a UN program.

With that simple fact stated, the discussion I'm interested in is that we constantly and daily discuss the "symptoms of our problems/national issues"...  But we never discuss the "source" of those problems/national issues.  Why is it we refuse to acknowledge or discuss that our national issues are UN driven, not issues the People, we Citizens, have asked for?

Just wonderin'...


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Anytime you hear government refer to a program as "The War on...", simply substitute "The Jobs Program based on..." Works perfectly well for "Terror" and, earlier, "Poverty."

In the case of drugs, there was no rational solution to structural unemployment. Instead, they criminalizedthe activities of 10% of the populace and set another 10% to the task of capturing, convicting and incarcerating them.

750,000 annual court trials for marijuana cases. In some states (though nothing like it at the federal level), up to 28% of all prison sentences. Then, consider that in California, there's one $88,000/yr pensioned prison guard for every 5 prisoners. All an utter waste of time; it has accomplished nothing of long-term significance.

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When you say drug prohibition is a government program you are not being entirely accurate. You need to say the government has stated that it has taken responsibility for the drug problems. Freeing up the ability to distribute drugs massively and widely. Because well everybody thinks it's handled.

Which is why a war on poverty increases poverty. A war on drugs increases drugs. By simply claiming responsibility and then being an unresponsive complicit cunt in the affair you can have your cake and eat it too.

Oh and I spent 70 billion dollars last year analyzing that combating that problem. I totally didn't spend it all on yachts and hookers. For realz.

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Tyler, did you run the link for the free/legit version for online viewing yet? In case someone missed it (like I did):

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Thank you, Tyler !    I usually don't watch PBS.    Thank goodness I read ZEROHEDGE, the good stuff doesn't escape this website !!   

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And Ferguson's quote:  "The reason, according to Ferguson for Obama's (lack of) action is: "there is a menu of answers: he is personally very conflict averse, to cold-blooded political calculation, to lack of experience and therefore insecurity in large very scale economic and financial matters, and therefore being a prisoner of his advisors."

Well, dang me!  I would have said it was because at least fifteen of Obama's appointments to his administration, like the dood interviewing him, Charlie Rose, were members of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission (and Rose still is, of course).

But then, I believe in that quirky mathy thing, the correlation coefficient!

Well, dang me.....

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Where can we see this documentary? Whyt it is not widely shown? Not even on the internet.

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The DVD is available for sale on internet..A must see!

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My wife is headed out the door to return the copy we rented from Blockbuster.  They had three or four copies on the shelf.  If you've been reading stuff on this site for a while there isn't much new in it for you.  But it's fun to watch a few of the criminals, ahem, I mean Treasury and bank representatives squirm during the interview sequences.

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I think that you would have learned by now what an Oscar represents.

Do you really want to be legitimate? Cut your support for the zionist co-opt crew.

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Thanks for the tip. I like Rose but dont always catch him. Will make a point of seeing this.

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Rose is an egomaniac. He continually interupts his guests while they are explaining a detailed point, derailing their line of thought and pissing me off.

Fuck Rose. He is a lackey and piss poor interviewer.

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You should peruse my previous comment:  Charlie Rose is a member of Davy Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, which reads like a who's who of the usual suspects.

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Obama, the articulate servant boy in the employ of bankers.  

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But it's everything not just the banks, even aljazeera knows this and "republishes" an article fromForeign Policy Matters.

"It's a plutocracy, stupid... The issues of jobs, health, taxes, the environment, regulation to protect kids' health, oil drilling, workers' safety, education, guns - they are all dictated by lobbies just as overbearing as AIPAC.
All we do up here is cater to rich, selfish people and their special interests. And their interest is cutting all social programs so we can keep cutting taxes to make them even richer...."


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How about the fact that the government will never prosecute the same people who provide a market for government debt?

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Why does a sovereign country borrow it's 'own' money from private corporations?

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Answer: Because a country is not sovereign - or/and,

Answer: Because a country *is* the private corporation.

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Answer: Govt is the system of parasites (host. society)

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If Amerika were truly sovereign, the five principal influential organizations would not all have international memberships:  the Group of 30, the Peterson Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bretton Woods Committee. 

(Please note that the Group of 30, and the Bretton Woods Committee, both have the same exact business address and fax machine number.  Just a coincidency, of course.....)

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very old, and almost all pbs content can be viewed on the PBS site.

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This absolute proof that the Wall St. PigMen and the Washington Plutocracy will always concoct some elaborate scheme or scam to fleece billions from the public and they most likely get away with it with no punishment whatsoever.

There is nothing you can really do about it, it has been going on for decades.

In fact, it was much worse in the roaring 20's and the depression era 1930's.

Best thing you can do to survive this environment is to piggy back off their nefarious activity and try to scrape up a few crumbs here and there by trading in the direction which they are pushing stocks.

I'm pretty much done trying to change the system.  I'm just feel lucky I live in the U.S. and not in some third world country or in Communist China or Russia where bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, etc. are 10x worse.

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Question is, will your children be able to say the same thing about their environment and their lives. You may be able to leave them enough wealth so they get by, but will they enjoy life behind concrete walls to protect that wealth from angry ex-middle class that got mugged through taxes and inflation.

AUD's picture

-1 junk. It's pretty much as you say, at least until the mighty US government bond market starts to see some real outflows.

rocker's picture

Happy to live in the USA. What the Fuck. My wife has learned more about our corrupt system from my direction of just watching the asswipes run the greatest rip off of America on Bloomberg. To hear Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Neel Kashkari, Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the crooks lie right in front of congress under oath without jail terms applied. But we did put Martha Stewart in Jail. LOL. We heard heck of a job Brownie to a great job Hank praise from Bush & Co. Now she has to watch Bambi coward to get our money back and and the Bernanke monetize all the shit he took from Banks as collateral that's worthless.

This is the first time in history that a financial crisis of this magnitude has occurred and nobody of consequence has gone to jail. Nobody! The only ones they put in were tokens. You say it was worse in the great depression. What the hell do you call this. It's the Great Recession. LOL. The crooks will take the market down again. And if your not careful, you may get trashed in it. This is a rigged market, this I know you are aware of. RIGGED MARKET. Check past history and you will see during the depression the drops are far from over.

This pig nation has trashed the constitution. It is not for and by the people. As a matter of fact, people are discouraged to participate. Our supreme court says it's for and by the corrupt corporations and elite bankers that are too big to fail.  Corporations have been given the right to surpass the people. People have limits to political donations. But corporations run by people have none.

The court has dictated to the people that a famous document is worthless. One that said, "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.  Well, the government of the people in the U.S. is lost. 

So don't tell me it is 10X worse in Russia or China. Our freedoms are going to hell fast while those nations are improving everyday.  Asia, Russia and China have furtures to look forward to. We have none if we can't put crooks who stole American's savings in Jail. GS, JPM, BAC, C, LEH, MER, AIG, and the FED all did what Bernie Madoff did. They just did not go to Jail. 

rocker's picture

By the way Robo, I did not junk you. Because you are smart enough to trade against the crowd and you understand that the market will take away the most money from the most people it can. Good stocks can go down and bad ones up. Right now, there still seems to be too many shorts. When that ends you and I both know it will not be pretty. Until then. BTFD works. Either way, I still say this nation is Fucked until the majority of the people take it back. And I don't mean teabagger bullshits either. We are Japan now. 

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I live in one of those Third World countries where corruption is "10x worse" than in the US.  In fact, in terms of corruption, it is rated Number 2 in the entire world (though I am confident we can reach top status).

That being said, the local currency has skyrocketted from 1400 to the dollar three years ago to 850 to the dollar today.  Note also that ALL currencies, perhaps save for Zimbabwe, have climbed against the dollar over the last two years.  Note also that living standards have improved even in my spot over the last few years.  Can you say the same in the United States?

US-style Corruption, even a tenth of other Third World countries, carries another cost, a little something we call inflation.

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A Newbie's First Post and Tribute to Robot Trader ~ Whether one Agrees or Disagrees or, like many ZH posters, seemingly  require immediate mental therapy and/or IQ transplants after each RT post...IMHO RT is one of the great characters who make  ZH better and more amusing place for any trader to visit.  RT, while I've been in the trading game since the DOW hovered wildly around 700, (now a seemingly alternate universe), and do trend toward more doomer-esque trades than your somewhat satirical posts indicate you like, I appreciate it when you pop into a discussion.  Does it take courage for you to post here,  or do you conjure up comments with wicked delight? Do you keep charts of your ZH "junked yet again" trend lines?  What do you think of your RT doppelgangers?  HarryWanger has you beat a bit in this realm, I think.  It's hilarious when people junk the doppelgangers.  Who do you think are the best characters to follow on ZH?  Do you agree that williambanzai7 is brilliant and perhaps only next to Tyler?  I wonder who other ZH posters love or love to hate...?  I absolutely agree with this post and wonder why it has been junked....still it's amusing.

hambone's picture

And fuck you - ZH is no longer a "trading" site...I think some / many / most ??? see that trading and investing in America is a joke now.  Capital is made up like monopoly money and given to the greatest among us at the expense of the least.  This whole system must be torn down.  The parties must be imploded.  The liars must be removed from positions of power and responsibility. 

Gauging companies valuations and present / future worth is over.  Now all depends on whether Fed criminality and thievery will be maintained.  In that environment those w/ "money" know there is grave danger.  Most would prefer the nation, the market, the economy repair itself and at no expense to them; no risk of capital, freedom, or life. 

But if all isn't risked soon - all will be lost.

DraginDickHedge's picture

Hi are indeed and fact spot on in the theme and arch of your thinking.  I agree with you that "trading" is a joke and with the thrust of your other angry yet well founded sentiments even if petulantly porffered, perhaps with the exception of the F**k me part.. One can still hedge and trade but only with the insane need to position against the madness you begin top touch upon.  As I alluded above, we are in an alternate and evil universe compared to the the time I started at DOW 700, which still was a time of oligopolistic forces.  My shout out to RT was more to identify him as a great, amusing character on ZH...not a endorsement of all his views or trading suggestions.  He is playing with you, don't you realize?  So, be well and keep up the fight...inform with courage, act wisely, and add insight to ZH, and perhaps be a bit less profane...although it seems to be a sign of these times that some think profanity move a discussion forward...not just you.  All that was is lost already.  We must do what we can to try to influence a more sane future.  I can't get beyond..."reset"...reboot, but I am thinking.  Will look forward to you insight in the future.

RoRoTrader's picture

Besides the consistent top drawer trade calls your social insights belong on the best sellers list.

Btw........Charlie Rose looked like he was really choking that one down...... for the Republic.

RoRoTrader's picture

You are just a pussy asshole RB

hambone's picture

Fucking horrendous Robo -

sound just like the jews who turned on their own in collusion w/ the Nazis to extend their stay on this planet.  You are smart and have money and will look the other way while the people are raped just so long as you can get yours.  Fuck you and your america.  I won't no part of this america any longer.  I will have a different america or will not be a part of it.  Don't know how or when but I won't live the lie you are happy to live within.  Either it will change or I will lose in trying to change it.

I'm not a religious person but life is about quality - not quantity.  You have chosen otherwise.

Ricky Bobby's picture

+1 That has been my criticism of robo as well. Fucking camp guard. He might have to sacrifice you and your family so he can survive.

Res publica mortuus est, vivat imperium

DraginDickHedge's picture

Oh, I see you are part of the racist hate mongers and not part of thoughtful solutions.  You are a sad case.  Hate and profanity might make you feel all hot and satisfied, but you demean your self and the problems we all face.  Can't you dig deep and get your IQ and whatever you define as your core essence above the pettty nature of what you spew.  How does your vomiting out racist remarks and other inane profanity add to the work toward solutions?

malek's picture

Very interesting how you completely avoid to say anything on the underlying central issues hambone mentioned.

Are you a new incarnation of a Doppelganger? I could look into your posting history, but why waste my time...

DraginDickHedge's picture

Hi Malek.  As stated in my first post mentioning RT's dopplegangers, I am new posting here.  No need to check.  I am always happy to address underlying issues and had initially intended to thank you for your suggestion and try to address your concerns.  Alas, Hambone's underlying issues are so deeply covered under an impenetrable morass of hate and ignorance, I am at a loss to proffer any thoughtful point or counter point.  Apparently you are among those who content there was a Zionist conspiracy where the Elders of Zion allowed many of thier own to die to obtain a homeland ~ Israel.  In my studies and opinion, this did not happen in any and has its roots with white supremesists and thier ilk.  The letter which purports to support this was debunked thoroughly and in my opinion with merit.  Yes, I do HATE the Fed and understand its origins and the faith of some who were invloved.  Yes, the Fed has ruined this country, no dispute. I do not correlate the religion of some involved as a significent factor.  You probably do.  I do not happen to know many of the Jewish faith and do not know thier goals.  Do you belong to a faith who hates sloely due to race?  How does race hate of any form help solve our problems?  I can only scorn Hambones high opinion of himself as a person of high his posts and see his sick mind...He does speak for himself. 


malek's picture

Without doing extended research, I did not see the points in his posts you mention about Hambone's mindset. Therefore the full-scale attack in your reply seems a bit overblown to say the least. Maybe you can post a link to a previous comment by Hambone that supports your claims.

I am an agnostic, sometimes tending towards atheism, and therefore I don't care about religion or anybodies beliefs unless they claim it as reason/permission/excuse to do something crazy. I know a number of Jews, they are decent and mostly very intelligent people - but I cannot look into their or anyone else's head. Conspiracy theories don't appeal to me, as I try to keep it as simple as possible but not simpler, and find an answer in the best tradition of Occam's Razor, and not pull a rabbit out of the hat to explain everything.
The whole discussion seems to imply RT is Jewish - I am not aware. A year ago RT's posts were always a good read, but at some point half a year ago or so (I don't use up my brain to store such unimportant facts) he switched to his "satirical" style that I soon started to find completely annoying, as he now obfuscates his real opinion so well it becomes everyone's guess what he is really thinking.
True politician style. And I fully understand if others get pissed off by that.

DraginDickHedge's picture

Hello again, Malek.  Thanks for your thoughts.  You initially complained that I only critizied Hambone for crafting a lurid, racist post without addressing the underlying issues he raised in his rather wandering hate speech-esque post.  I struggled to determine an issue other than F**k this and that, resulting in my perhaps feeble attempt to try to discern how Hambone made the rather odd mindjump from what RT posted to Hambone's response that RT was "just like the jews..."  I want to clarify that my attempt to address your concerns in no way was intended to imply that RT is of jewish heritage.  Who cares one way or the other as this is a financial site?  Althopugh, during my lurking phase I have often been astonished as to extent some posters eschew an on-point discussion of the market issue identified by ZH and instead tread totally off point to bash some ethnicity or religion and actually hijack entire threads with juvinelle hate talking points until someone of sound mind gets back to the issue.  I will check out more of his past posts.  He just seems irrationally angry.  Not stupid, or ill-informed, but his anger gets in the way of lucidity and he ends up posting what I can best describe as, (I know the following lacks delicacy and is not meant to be mean) random mind farts of anger.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

It has been going on longer than 'decades'... it has been going on since before Christ threw the tables of the 'money changers' from the Temple.

International banking was well established prior to the Persians rise to power...and it's all based on the urge of people to have capital now rather than later...they get the capital now along with capital and interest repayment...governments are comprised of people and they have the same urges as individuals plus they are spending taxpayers money. IOWs, govs and bankers have always been in bed together.

DraginDickHedge's picture

Hello SW,  finally an opinion which touches one of the primary paths to a solution...ending central banking...the FED, IMF, BIS Etc.  I refer all to many intelligent posts on ZH as to this necessity and some who offer ideas as to how to do this.  The study of how cultures over the centuries have tried to reconcile the difficulty and danger of lugging bags of gold and silver (some cut, and counterfit) around on dangerous roads or the need for examinition of jewels and other barterable items for counterfits and the like, how to determine true value... with the objective to aid honest commerce to let people use the fruit of thier labor to buy and sell efficiently to support their families (and unfortunately their overlords), to aid and grow honest commerce for the benefit of all.  Some on ZH think the return to a gold standard is a solution.  I think only partly so.  All who want to end central banking must determine a workable and I think selectively global alternative.  So, perhaps to create a solution for the future, we should study what was tried and did not work in the past centuries.  I'll provide books and sites later as I need to leave now.  Thank you for raising the issue!

Mesquite's picture


Best thing you can do to survive this environment is to piggy back off their nefarious activity and try to scrape up a few crumbs here and there by trading in the direction which they are pushing stocks.

Somebody had to say it..Thanks..

Or, Keep 'Tilting @ Windmills' &

spreading vitriol..of which there seems to be no shortage of..

And yes, the 20s & 30s had some brutal events not normally focused upon, but researchable..

Today, we have FEMA camps waiting in the wings, don't forget..

(Oh, and for telling it like it is--one

   gets multiple 'junks'..That just

   sez a lot about some folks lurking



asteroids's picture

Dear Robo, you don't get it. If the PigMen aren't stopped, they will eventualy come afer YOU.

Miss Expectations's picture

Time to put a 10 part "Inside Job Outtakes" up on YouTube.

malek's picture

Is the interview really worth it?

I had vowed to never watch Charlie Rose again if possible, after seeing what arrogant douchebag he is in:

A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994