The Charts From The FCIC Report

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We will get to the text shortly (and at last check the word count for "Goldman" was well over 200 and rising). Also, cutting to the puppet chase, the FCIC said during the hearing that it has made criminal referrals (more than 0, less than 1000). Won't go into details. Wristslapping to follow.

1. Traditional and Shadow Banking Systems (gee... where have we seen this chart before; also someone please advise the FCIC they are about $10 trillion off on their shadow banking liabilities).

2. Asset-Backed securities outstanding

3. Compensation in Financial and Non-financial sectors. Compression trade? Fuck no.

4. Funding for Mortgages:

5. Subprime Mortgage Originations:

6. For those who still don't get it, here is what an RMBS is.

7. The Bubble: Bank Borrowing and Mortgage Interest Rates... Good luck with these going negative

8. US Home Prices

9. Repo Borrowing

10. A typical CDO Investment

11. Who bought Non-GSE Backed Securities

12. A standard CDO

13. A synthetic CDO

14. Mortgage Delinquencies by Loan Type

15. Wonder why companies are hording cash? Here's why: ABCP outstanding plunges

16. Bear Stearns Liquidity

17. OTC Derivatives Outstanding. That's in Trillion

18. Cost of Interbank Lending. Comapre to SHIBOR today.

19. Money Market Funds

20. Counterparty Payments

21. Underwater Mortgages


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OMG too much data, just tell me everything is going to be ok.

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Everything is o.k.... , its o.k., unless you tried catching a knife and bought miners or futures yesterday.


SLW,PAAS,GG,ABX,G,AUY..... Uggggg.


Should have bought NVIDA .... Up over 40% in a 3-4 weeks .... Lol'

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Seriously, its like oh OMG I think I just


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Bahaha that made me laugh out loud. Well played sir.

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oh, is it too late to sign for for AIG counterparty status

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If you drink just enough alcohol, those reports might sound plausible...


on the other hand....


to do so, the amount of alcohol needed would probably kill you...


so better not...

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you shouldnt have to go it alone, I will go with you.. we will drink together.

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does snow affect POMO

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Well, the 2 POMO clercks travel by subway so snow will only affect POMO if there is so much snow that they can't cross the distance from the subway to the office building.

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Yes, the banks are given an unwritten directive to by Municaple bonds, after the fed buys the pomo bonds from them, because the towns that are broke are more broke from paying plowers and cops 50 per hour for snow removal and details.. Then they will change tthe law so Fannie can buy these bonds as part of a packaged CDO, and call them mortgages.

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Speaking of Bear Stearns, I was going through the Fed lending data and found some interesting information about loans made to Bear back in March 2008.

 I posted my report here,

Fed deception and potential evidence the takeover of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan and a $28 billion dollar loan was facilitated by the Federal Reserve in order to smash silver prices.


 In this report I wish to do two things; first I’d like to use the recently released Federal Reserve lending data to show the Federal Reserves obvious attempt to mislead the public about lending to Bear Stearns, and secondly look to raise the question about whether the $28 Billion loan to Bear and the orchestrated takeover of Bear by JP Morgan contributed to the March 2008, 20% 4 day crash in silver prices.  (50% over 7 months)

Read more »


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Who cares? Rally on, S&P 1300!

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Exactly. The market is up. Thats all you need to know.

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Bear days are nice, quiet; no trolls.

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I can visualize the penalties now- slap!- Don't do that again- and get caught- here's your bonus- and promotion.

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21. Underwater Mortgages


Why do they use the colour black >50%





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Today's charts are going to look nasty.  350 down on the Dow?  You bet.

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The top is in. New captcha question. How much is dow 12,000 plus -12001

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Speaking of nasty looking charts, PMs just got raped.  Bastards don't like all those OI standing for delivery.

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All well here. Nothing we did not already know.

I'm sure if ZH and a few sharpies from commentators were given this lot's budget, there would have been some serious bleating going on in Wall Street.

Meanwhile, I'd still like to know, how come all four senior staff are Jewish? By chance? Really? Any flamers, best guesses? 

A non-partisan committee, much like the 9/11 commission, to be chaired by the just Dr. Henry Kissmyassinger, before it was torpedoed by his longtime, evil foes, the people of America... a similarly non-partisan committee looked into financial fraud and found that if simulator trained Arabs could do complex maneuvers on huge commercial aircraft to crash them precisely into specific storage areas to destroy ecvidence of decades of financial shenanigans, then, anything was possible, Alice was still in wonderland, the man still behind the curtain.

In conclusion they said wall street was full of mensches and thus the show should go on. 

Rally on....



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All four have penises too- sounds pretty suspicious to me.

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How do you know? Did you get a tip :)

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....banking fraud/500 = SEC fine....

....SEC fine = bank tax loss.... loss = sheeple austerity + sheeple higher taxes....

therefore, SEC fine = buy! the! frigging! dip!

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"Wristslapping!" Ha ha. It will be more like a vigorous finger shaking followed by an angry glare and then all is forgiven and forgotten. Oh you mischievous banksters! You know we can't stay mad at you!

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Gosh darn, they're so cute, and huggable too.  Little devils always getting into mischief. Still, we adore them, and can't live without 'em!


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Pretty stark. So glad we got rid of Glass-Steagall

Minority FCIC members criticizing report... saying whitewash of government involvement and regs-- FMA, FMAC


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Wristslap is a bit harsh and unlikely, more like a back pat.

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If we had a gold standard non-fractional reserve we wouldn't have all of this bullshit because the first guy who tried to make crazy leveraged toxic shit like this would get laughed out of the country (but the fed was always they're to push the short end down for the banks so they could borrow to at least make it look liquid?) know when your currency is actually tied to a real asset, not some fucking fractional checkbook entries...of course greenspan and bernanke at the fed thought oh interest rates are rising because the market needs more money. No the interest rates were rising because the people were using to much savings for bullshit and the market was trying to fight the monopolies/government/unions (namely banks..well everyone can be a bank now so..step right up get your gmac car loan ) and their excessive credit expansion and shafting of the working people because when interest rates rise it causes the prices of shit made now and on the market now cost less, but costs of future goods to go up which monopoly companies/government/unions don't like because they don't want to hire anyone to make prices fall based on production. They want to sell the shit products in all sectors of the economy at a jacked up price and they want the interest rates low so they can borrow at low rates and people can borrow at low rates and really fuck themselves running the price up of everything(on credit of course)...and receiving none of the benifits that capitalism is supposed to provide namely a retirement...and expansion of production..and a job to work at to get to save and acquire all the luxuries a free society with sound money and solid division of  labor for things we need should provide... they allowed deposit banks to be banks, insurance companies, and brokers...and turned on the liquidity spicket for 10 years? and gave the housing sector outrageous subsidies?

This was a train wreck waiting to every central bank has been since the days of well forever.(click click click ....uh liquidity shortage...print print print...uh we have a problem..)

and whats his face, problems our country hasn't faced before blah blah blah how about the second bank of the united states? the first bank of the united states? 1907 ring a bell? nothing new under the sun.

apparently these idiots don't think about all the people around the world that are going to be put to death (in this country alone high cost of living worldround for the short time the dollar is going to be left) and how far the the standard of living in this country will deteriorate "trying" to fix this I think jefferson said it best


“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”



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What I don't see here, and maybe someone here can point me in the right direction, is what percentage of the GSE yearly originating mortgages were subprime?

And, at the risk of sounding naive, is this information largely reliable?  Or is it just a whitewashing job?

I'm a humble engineer, and as so defer to you financial types to provide the real skinny.

My Regards and thanks in advance

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To sum it up, if the two GSEs (Freddie and Fannie) were to be allowed to crash, in all probability JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs would like shortly crash for the obvious connected reasons.

Again, the subprime can be broken down numerically thusly:  one-third of the subprime market was composed of outright speculators, both wealthy individuals and fraudsters, of course, and corporations.

Of the remaining two-thirds, two-thirds of that group (the vast majority) was composed of house flippers, both individual and corporate.

Therefore, the minority of that subprime market was in actuality comprised of residential homebuyers.

It was designed for the benefit of the banksters, and helped along by their fellow fraudsters.  One loan essentially sold hundreds or thousands of times over, with the resulting securities forming a lengthy chain of ultra-leveraging.

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"it has made criminal referrals"

Hilarious.  Who are they kidding? Small fry should be scared though.  A few sacrificial players to feed the blood lust of the crowd, and to support the illusion that justice has been served.