Cheeky's Futures Charts - Jun 13

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Long time no read, no pictures either

Oh well, we'll see what Karen Tso is up to, and thanks for the charts. CNBC Asia's new format excludes oil, gold etc and just shows FX and stock indexes.

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Bear-massacre options expiration week.

The Vampire Squid... "15 years Rigging the options the markets to perfection"

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Bear-massacre my ass.  I'm waiting for an 1109 entry.

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Ahhhh, the fine classical cultured music with the zippy charts — a reprieve over here from the noncultured, dimwitted government-save-me crowd.

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I'm honestly impressed by the performance of the (paper) price of gold (& silver) over the past week and a half.   Save for the swift and downward manipulation by the usual commercials, they (namely gold) continue their ascent patiently.  Euro calamity: gold rallies / dollar rallies.  Euro short squeeze (now): gold rallies / euro rallies.  I feel like there are too many of us out here becoming privy to their games, and happily buying on every $10 - 20 dollar price drop (both physical, and slightly leveraged vehichles). Fortunately for us (or unfortunately for those with too much fiat and not enough gold/ it's becoming harder and more expensive for them to knock the price down through supports.

On a related note.... what happens to USDX & Gold (in FRN terms) when the USA along with the rest of the world begin to come to terms with ugly truth that is the Gulf of Mexico???

Hold on tight folks!!! Every Sunday for the past month I've been saying to myself that this week is going to be the most interesting week of the year. Somehow I haven't been convinced either of those predictions were wrong.

Stay Vigilant and Happy Trading!

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On a broader point, how can you root for 'happy trading' if you continue to amass gold, food, guns/ammo?  Don't you think some other skills might soon be more relevant (than trading)?

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Anyone for a bit of conjecture? 

Russia supposedly supports the most recent Iran sanctions. Russia supposedly reversed course on the recent missle shipment to Iran, from  allowing it to not.

I saw something about Gazprom buying BP.

Was that the trade off? Russia supports sanctions and when BP needs to be sold the US twists English balls for Gazprom?


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thank you, very calming.

though fairly addicted to andrea bocelli, he sings to me†

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I never trusted the Asian markets on Suday night. Absent any news of note over the weekend they always drift in the direction that the NY market had. The E/$ was bid in NY. Look at the ZH report. Shorts are out there. To trade lower the Euro needs fuel for the fire. Where will it come next? A blow up in a German court? A few more failed auctions in E.Europe? An uncooperative ECB? FX is a dangerous game to play. The market constantly blows out weak hands.

Anyone have a premarket price on BP? O's demand for an "escrow" would seem like bad news.

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I just saw that Wallmart will be carrying the new iPhone 4 starting the 24th....I am so buying those AAPL July $300 calls.....  LOL!!!

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Is Cheeky taking a well deserved Sunday evening off?  Good for him.

Say your avatar, RobotTrader, and was startled!  Either I was getting older and more feeble or I was seeing his Cheekiness in a whole new light.

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Russia is rolling Iran and the United States. BP will not be purchased by the Russian Oligarchy for the same reason the U.S. blocked the sale of Unocal to the Chinese.

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Its a rigged game controlled by the counterfeiters....

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Welcome back, Robo.

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someone said expiration, and Goldman was buying long S&P contracts last week?  my guess is they're front running their marching (PPT trading desk) orders.