China Fraud Basket Update

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While the rest of the world finally wakes up to the reality of pervasive Chinese reverse merger fraud, a topic we discussed way back in November and alleged that soon enough the bulk of Chinese companies receiving NYSE and Nasdaq listing are very possibly frauds, we would simply like to demonstrate the performance of our short Chinese basket discussed most recently here. At a 75% annualized profit, shorting Chinese fraud is proving to be two times as lucrative as being long silver.

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+ 1,

Zero Hedge rules supreme, best to recognize.

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Agreed. I have been telling other brokers at the desk I am officially a Zerohedge kool-aid drinker. There is literally nothing else in the media world I take with 100% confidence.

+1 Tyler

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Yo Tyler give us some hot pics to short! 

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ZH never gives investing picks.

Besides short china RTOs, long silver and gold, short GS and cramer, and short all world equities.

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What's the P&L on that basket?

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Like a hedge there Short Cramer Long Goldman  

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Pretty darn green, sans the global market short.

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What part of "stay out of stocks thanks to massively manipulated equity capital markets" (Zero Hedge August 2009) is still unclear?

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Youre looking for equities to go long on here? No problem- Just wait for Robotrader posts, he always finds some retail towel store or leotard monger that has a boner chart to go long on. Of course its always a different 'basket' of boners every day so buyer beware.

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I don't know what you have in that basket, but the borrow on some of those names is upwards of 50%!!!!  CCME which has been halted was trading borrow at 70% prior to the halt.  You could have priced that borrow rate from the options.


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What basket? Easter basket early? Filled with piles and piles of dog turds again, this year?


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You can't game fraud so it always = SELL.

ZH should run with this 'fraud basket' concept and get on the ETF bandwagon...

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they killing those China boys today....blood

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Wait, isn't silver up 100% YoY?

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Thank you Duncan Niederauer.  I can see why shareholders are rewarding you while you sell the fucking floor of the NYSE to the Germans.  Nice work if you can get it.  Another fuckwad steps fully into the light on the Wall Street and demands applause.

But enough about that...someone quick start another conversation about Lulu Lemon!

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but...but...but, fraud is against the law in China! they shot some guy for making bad baby formula.... oh, in the market is OK, huh?

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Correct fraud IN China bad - selling stock of scam companies to Americans AOK

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I guess they didn't like us diluting the value of those two trillion worth of treasuries we dumed onto them in exchange for their cheap crap, eh?

Nigger is as nigger does, niggers.

Gold, bitches.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I'm going to give you props for that one because it was good.  Shame on everyone else for not doing so.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Much obliged Chumba. twas my first post.

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Well bad first post. Don't leave much room for improvement when you have an opening punch like that. LOL

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Heph's got a point.  You've got a lot riding on your second, er, I guess now third post.  Gotta live up to that first post orgasm.

Eighth rule of Fight Club: if this is your first post at Fight Club, you have to fight.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Damn, you're right.  One and done. CooooStanza!

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well they certainly know how to market cars in China

How to draw attention to your auto show in China: Paint some boobies and call it "art"


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I'm bullish on China.  

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Anyone who is short these names can you tell me if you are getting better borrow rates than the implied borrow rate from the synthetic.  Some of the worst names are in the 50-70% range.

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I just keep buying puts and looking for more scam RTO's - it is like printing money, I almost know how Bernanke feels everyday (without the holy shit I am destroying the world part)

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ive been buying these companies like mad.  The same people that said the market would never recover in march 2009 are saying the same about these hidden gems.  Buy of a lifetime.  Of course when these stocks triple ZH wont run an article saying they were wrong (ZH is never wrong of course)

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So by now at least half your purchases are indefinitely halted?

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you've got to adjust this for the cost of borrow, like phil says above.  your 40% return quickly gets eroded with borrowing cost.  that's IF you can even borrow the shares.  fraud, no doubt...skeptical of china, count me in.  but your returns are misleading and assume that you could execute a short based on a bloomberg chart.  this is certainly not the case.

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that's not what options are for, and the pricing is the same if you do it with an option (that's how somebody would price the lending rate).  if you want to use options, then you should at least approximate covering the bid/ask spread on the vol curve and 3m+ of option premium.  the returns are materially different, making this misleading.  a good trade, no doubt...but the returns imply that you can execute based on a bloomberg chart which simply isn't true.

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LOLOLOL - so how much RINO,DGW,PUDA,CCME etc did you own? Not to mention the more than dozen names that are already trading in the pinks for pennies. 

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Got suckered into NIV.  Small position, big lesson.

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China frauds busted, next winner, think the ticker is 'Wall Street'