China Furious at The Nobel Peace Prize Award

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By Static Chaos

Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for "two decades of non-violent struggle for human rights". China is totally livid and called the award "an obscenity" as reported by Reuters.

The chairman of the Norwegian
Nobel Committee,
Thorbjoern Jagland, holds up a
photograph of Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo, a former literature professor, was initially detained on December 8, 2008 due to his participation with Charter 08, a manifesto to promote political reform and democratization in the People's Republic of China. He was subsequently sentenced to 11 years in jail. More than 8,100 people inside and outside of China have signed Charter 08 since its release.

Beijing, who had warned the Nobel Institute against granting the prize to Liu this summer, immediately summoned Norway's ambassador to protest. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu declared in a statement "This is an obscenity against the peace prize."

Reportedly, CNN and BBC broadcasts in Beijing were cut when the prize was mentioned. Liu's wife Liu Xia told Reuters Chinese police was taking her to Liu Xiaobo's prison in northeastern China to prevent foreign reporters speaking to her.

The West, including Britain, France, Germany, the European Union, and the United Nations, although congratulated Liu, were all very careful to avoid saying anything sensitive that would upset China.

"Peace, Self-perseverance, A Strong China" was the final wish of Dr. Sun Yat-sen before he had a chance to fully implement the Three Principles of the People - Nationalism, Democracy and the People's Livelihood.

Judging from the muted reactions from the Western world, it appears China is finally getting stronger after centuries plagued by foreign invasions and internal turmoils.  However, the newly minted status also has come with a huge price tag of Democracy and People's Livelihood - two of the Three Principles. 

And if history is of any indication, no country and/or political system would last long without all three principles as part of its foundation. 


Video Source: Reuters

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Precious's picture

When are the Chinese going to realize what a worldwide laughing-stock they are by these infantile over-reactions?

LMAO's picture

Not in defense of the Chinese but,

I guess about the same time Americans are starting to realize that their infantile over-reactions towards the Yuan, as being the source of all evil and all American problems, are basically senseless and unwarranted.

It will be a rude awakening.



AnAnonymous's picture

And not on tomorrow in both cases.

suteibu's picture

This is a replay of the tension that led up to the Plaza Accord and the forced strengthening of the yen.  China watched and learned.

LMAO's picture

@ Paul E

Right and + a bunch! I still remember the committees reaction to Vanunu last year who wanted to be expunged from the Nobel peace prize list of nominees.

"No, we can't do that. When you are on the list, you are on the list! We may now go fcuk yourself"


It doesn't even matter to them if being on the list can have very disturbing consequences for the said nominee and his/hers family. Other than that, it must be quite hard for some people who have dedicated their lives to peace find themselves ending up on the same list as Obama.


Dick Buttkiss's picture


"Three Principles of the People - Nationalism, Democracy and the People's Livelihood."

Nationalism: the identification of a country with its government and thus the worship of the latter at the expense of the former.

Democracy: the belief that by voting one's overlords into office, one magically has control over them.

the People's Livelihood: all jobs are government jobs.

Freedom: conspicuous by its absence in China and everywhere else.


The state can kiss my ass.


Troy Ounce's picture



+ 31.1035 gr.

Paul E. Math's picture

After awarding the peace prize to Obama and the economics prize to Krugman, the nobel prize committee has become about as relevant as the oscar committee.

Who the fuck are they to sit in judgement over who is the greatest peace-maker, economist, scientist, whatever?

They are like a bunch of high-school girls sitting around the cafeteria with nothing better to do but draw up a list of who is cool and who isn't.

LMAO's picture

I think it's about time that this farce of a Nobel Peace Prize committee is put out of their misery.

Even though Liu Xiaobo may very well be a legit prize winner last years' Odrama was certainly not!

This committee is nothing more than a political sock-puppet of Big Money. The chairman in fact is a long time politician.

I still can't grasp how it was humanly possible that a guy like Obama was able to win this prize last year (alright he is in good company with the likes of Arafat, Rabin and de Klerk)

Yes the fear mongering and war-extending prodigy called Obama would save the world by oppression and that of course is worthy of a peace prize.

One year later the US of A is battling a trade-war with China over some Yuan related dispute.

And presto, how convenient using our political tools called "members of the peace prize committee" to drop a hot potato called Liu Xiaobo in the legs of China.

After all China is Bad, bad, bad while nothing but praise to the robber barons and oppressors of the Obama government.

The Nobel peace prize committee is nothing else but a sick political joke.




Buckaroo Banzai's picture

yes, exactly. Look at the list of people who have won the Nobel "Peace" prize and you quickly realize that the whole thing is a farce.

ebworthen's picture

The Chinese socialist (Communist) fascist regime needs to be put down and it will take violence; the same is true for the U.S. regime.

eigenvalue's picture

You must be kidding. The Chinese are not allowed to have guns. How can they overthrow their evil regime? There is no Gorbachev in China..

laosuwan's picture

there are three things that make the chinese government furious




wealth in the hands of others

taraxias's picture

After last year's debacle, the Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered irrelevant.

Move on, nothing to see here.

suteibu's picture

More western pressure on China.  Nothing works for the global crowd - climate change, global financial governance, redistribution of wealth - unless China capitulates.  At stake is 1.3 billion consumers for the global banking system and global corporations.  No love for the communists, but the longer they stand, the better it will be for those who aren't keen on globalization.

tony bonn's picture

china is the obscenity....that hellhole of communist oppression is only slightly worse than the united states...fuck china...

LeBalance's picture

Please let's all concentrate on the "country" fiction and the nationalistic penile fantasies of "I am better than those pukes."

Never ever do we wish to concentrate on the string pullers because that is harder.

Never ever do we wish to examine our own enabling behavior as we wallow in our unearned plenty.


Paul E. Math's picture

Well said.  Excellent point.

Dr. Acula's picture

"that hellhole of communist oppression is only slightly worse than the united states"

Actually, in US, the government owns a larger portion of the economy (50% of the mortgages will do that). We also have 7x more per capita incarcerated than China does. We also spend 24x more on warfare per capita. Yay!


Kayman's picture

Well...Herr Dr.... under the rubric of "figures lie and liars figure".

1. I don't think the Chicom fascists are going to jail themselves

2. A bullet is cheaper than prison time

3. How do you expect China to keep exporting those thin leather gloves if they don't have the skin of dead Chinese prisoners to tan ?

America has much to fix but a China apologist ought to hang their head in shame.

zaknick's picture

Sun Yat Sen and the Kuomingtan were fascist/bankster/CIA approved heroin traffickers!


This is just more of the same Rothschild dominated scum attempting to subvert a free country like the USA once was:



Bob's picture

Looks like most people are thinking the same thing I am.  After Barry Obama got it as some sort of Hail Mary, preemptive award, what can be said?

Yet, it's nice to see it go to somebody who is actually doing something for the benefit of his society from a social justice perspective. 

Which brings me back to Barry O.  Guess I've got alot of disappointment to get over.

zen0's picture

That Norway dude is pretty tan for a scandinavian.


Must get around

Rogerwilco's picture

Yeah, he and Tangelo Mozillo use the same tanning creme.

China deserves the kick in the ass, and the Peace Prize Committee may have redeemed itself after last year's obscenity.

zen0's picture

The peace prize committee is permanently compromised, so all its choices are suspect. It would have been better for Lu Xiaobo to be ignored. Now the powers that bein China will be more intent on kicking his ass. Like  the powers that be kick Jonathan Pollard's ass in America.

Maybe they should give him a peace prize.


Fat chance.

quasimodo's picture

After the boner they pulled last year? It's going to take more than one good call for the NI to restore credibility.

Cpl Hicks's picture

Hey, I'm still a bit furious about last years Nobel Peace Prize.

Yeah, I fucking hoo.


Wait 'til next year!

Precious's picture

Boo fucking hoo.

Sean7k's picture

Fuck China and the horse they rode in on. The problem with dictators is always the same- they actually believe they can do whatever they want. And yes, America, you have the same surprise coming...

weinerdog43's picture

No joke.  Boo fucking hoo indeed.  Cry me a river.

Fred Hayek's picture

They thought it should go to another cipher/fraud just like last year's winner.

Mad Max's picture

Yes, I'm surprised it didn't go to I'm A Dinner Jacket.  Maybe it could have been shared between I'm A Dinner Jacket and Nut N'Yahoo.

Economic Darwinism's picture

Three Principles of the People - Nationalism, Democracy and the People's Livelihood.


And if history is of any indication, no country and/or political system would last long without all three principles as part of its foundation.

How many of the three can you still find in America?

Dr. Acula's picture


Nationalism is good for putting people in ovens.

Democracy is good for stealing your neighbor's wealth, and then telling them they should be glad they can keep anything.

Who is Liu Xiaobo anyway? Is he also a president overseeing an unjustified occupation?

LowProfile's picture

Thank you for your generous gift of cynicism.  Now please step aside.  Some of us are trying to take our country back.