Guest Post: China, Inflation & Gold: China Created Paper Money And Paper Money Then Created Inflation

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Yep leave anything in the economy, like money supply, to a bunch of crones in a central planning committee (instead of a free competitive market) and you're 100% guaranteed the outcome... a complete fuk up

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"Free competitive market" led to the current central planning committee.

"Freedom" is one of the most overrated concepts in existence, because people are far too stupid to hold on to it.

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White just gets dirty and becomes black eventually, therefore black is better, even if you want white, and white is better in every way.

That's awesome logics right there.

thefatasswilly's picture

. . .

I didn't say that. I only said that "white" is overrated. I didn't even compare "white" and "black."

Don't try to ridicule my logic when you can't even get reading comprehension down.

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Freedom is overrated because freedom leads to not freedom, therefore, we should pick something other than freedom, ie slavery to start out with.

Excellent logic there.  Don't criticize my "reading comprehension" when you fail at basic logic.

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. . . please point out where I said that we SHOULD pick something other than freedom. In addition to this, do you really see the world in such black and white absolutes? Do you not realize that there is more than right / wrong? Us / them? Think outside of your fucking western, Christian, black/white mindset, Jesus fucking Christ. You are a simple minded fool.

Once again, ALL I said is that freedom is overrated (and that it necessarily transforms into fascism).

Also, once again, brush up on your reading comprehension, holy shit. Fucking idiot.

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"The collapse of the present era will be unprecedented in magnitude."

Let me repeat myself for the thousandths time;

The complete and total economic collapse of the USA and the rest of the world is a mathematical certainty.

The next collapse will make the great depression look like a picnic.

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What really makes me laugh is when the cretins on cretinNBC drone on and on endlessly with CEOs with their outlook for the future and their five years plans. The world will be going up in flames and they will refuse to deviate from their overlords script.

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The fundamentals - power plants - agriculture - sanitation - manufacturing capability and capacity - medical capability - are not too bad.


Once the current fiat money is junked for something sounder - or the Fed stops the presses - we will go through some (a LOT) pain and wind up OK. Lots of new technology in the works.

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The toxins in your prastic rice are making you more berrigerent than normal.  Kindly go fuck yourself.

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1) If you want to make fun of my English, please consider that my third language is, in all likelihood, better than your first.

2) Can't find any way to attack my ideas, so try to attack my race? Good one, roundeye.

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enjoy servitude, sunshine. Since Gummint requires the consent of the??? is our fault. But it still requires consent.

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Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

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Freedom is what you make of it, authority is what others want to make of you

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Hi willy,

I think you would enjoy Hayeks 'The Constitution of Liberty' because in the early chapters he explains beautifully how freedom is important NOT because everyone is going to take advantage of it, probably for the reason you lay out in your post.

However Hayek proposes that we need freedom because ALL of society benefits from only a few individuals taking advantage of it. The freedom to think new thoughts, try new things, introduces innovations into society that EVERYONE benefits from, even if not everyone takes advantage of the freedoms nor even values them, we all get lightbulbs, the internet, cars, looms, fire and the wheel. A lack of freedom means a lack of progress.

Anyway I won't have explained it as eloquently as Hayek, but its a brilliant book and worth looking at.

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Hayek is the shit!

Eat shit Lord Keynes.

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"The freedom to think new thoughts, try new things, introduces innovations into society that EVERYONE benefits from . . ."

I actually agree. The problem is, the world is about to united / divided into an orwellian trinity of dictatorship. Freedom is long gone. I barely had a taste of it; my predicament is quite possibly the worst of any generation to have existed, or will exist.

The old fuckers on this website got to grow up and live free. I got cockteased without being able to take advantage of it. Future generations won't even know what freedom is, so they won't understand that they are enslaved.

Thanks for the book recommendation, though. Will definitely check it out.

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Yes I'm 31 and am very very scared of the future. Its going to slip into an orwellian nightmare, or a devastating war. But i'm not that bright so its likely i'm wrong.

You will enjoy the book, its a long term project for me, i read a few sections at a time, then drift on to something else and back again, but its one i always come back to.

best of luck, maybe we'll get lucky

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It's going to be biochemical / cyberspace / actual space war, then orwellian division of power.

Yes, we might get lucky and live :P

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Yep leave anything in the economy, like money supply, to a bunch of crones in a central planning committee (instead of a free competitive market) and you're 100% guaranteed the outcome... a complete fuk up

And thus we have the complete "fuk" up that is the current US economy.  A product of a byzantine and corrupt central planning process.

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0 Govt- you said 'Crones' and through thousands of translations that has become "Cronies".


- Ned

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the free market doesn't need anything, it is a self-regulating mechanism, no Govt or committee required

if you want to see what central committees and Govt does to markets I suggest you look at US banking, healthcare, property and education, all total fuk ups and all utterly bankrupt

this brings you fully up to date with the bleeding obvious

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"the free market doesn't need anything,..."

Wrong.  Just like sports, there needs to be an umpire to ensure the rules are enforced.  Without rules, it's Calvinball.

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Wrong. The free market has 2 referees already in place, the consumer and the seller. Via 2 mechanisms, the competition mechanism and the pricing mechanism, consumer 'referees' the supplier and vice versa.

Namely if Wal-Marts offerings this week are too expensive you can choose (power) Cost Co.

There is no 3rd referee needed, such as a bunch of arseholes in a committee trying to put a spanner in the workings of the market (see US Govt subsidies of healthcare, education and the biggest disaster of the US Govts making, US property).

The free market is 100% self regulating, a constant liquid state of churn, flux, innovation and improvement 

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Just like sports, there needs to be an umpire to ensure the rules are enforced.

The justice system could function on a profit-loss equation as with a buyer and seller. I wish to agree with Zero Govt by saying that no government is better than a little government.

Are we entering the discussion of anarcho-capitalism? If so, MURRAY ROTHBARD trumps all arguments.

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I tend not to follow intellectuals, i find the street and a street markets provide all the ideas, questions and answers required to understand the planets workings. 

Regards Judiciary it, like Govt, is a monopoly power structure, it doesn't work, and is more of the 'baggage' we carry as society for centuries and it too is for the dustbin (i hope!)

Free society and free markets are both self-regulating through natural laws, adding middle-men or police/regulators/judges/law/lawyers/Depts (see all the baggage?) has not changed anything in society for any good

Go to a US town where its Govt has gone bankrupt and has lost its police etc. Does anarchy break out? Nope, we fall back into a natural order as we've been for thousands of years and just get along like a herd of buffalo or flock of birds. We never needed a 3rd party or middle-men (parasites) we call Govt to work our markets or society. We are self-governing and self regulating as any species on the planet does

The idea we need another agent to make us responsible or civil is a liberal nonsense if not a parasitical scare story to herd us. The biggest lie probably ever told

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You think in a vacuum. It's as if you don't understand that time is always burning.

Once again, "free market capitalism" inevitably leads to "central planning committee."

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intellectuals and academics think in a vacuum, they detach from 'the street' which is why their thinking goes up their rectum. All that exists is the individual and how we interact with the herd, it is the herd that keeps us in check through natural (animal) rules. Govt has changed precisely nothing about this natural order. 

All authority structures are failures, they usually apply rules nobody wishes to obey and worse authority serves itself (see law, an industry built on serving its own financial interests rather than its supposed role, dispensing 'justice' whatever that is)

If you think free markets lead to central planning first see where central planning got you (bankruptcy of China, USSR, North Korea etc).

Free markets revolve by themselves, companies appear, mature and die like any other life form. Markets are self perpetuating through the constant churn of new enterprise changing the rules and pushing aside the old established businesses. It's a natural lifecycle like a forest.

Ask central planners like Stalin, they could not work out who was 'orchestrating' capitalism in the West that was leading to its success. It probably never occured to a central planner to ask why they were so crap too! It's because of the competition mechanism, it weeds out the shit but being a central monopoly committee you never come against higher IQ's that put you to the sword as happens in the free market.

Central committees get progressively dumber without any competition to keep them sharp/honest. Ask Ben Barnanke, he can't even define inflation poor sod and few of the Fed Chairman know what they're talking about (ditto all Govt Depts)

Central planning (Govt) the biggest failure mechanism ever devised, the dumbest institution in any country.

Competition, you simply can't beat it (as Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea found out)

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. . . are you a fucking idiot? Reply to what I said and don't just spew preplanned bullshit.

For an example of my argument, look at the United States of America. Argue against that, please. I never said that central planning is better or worse than free market, dimwit.

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are you retarded, I've already mentioned the US and central planning, here's a recap; your property sector is in fuking chaos because of Washingtons quangos (Fanny and Freddie); your education system is in chaos with students in $1 Trillion of debt; your over-regulated banking is totally bankrupt; wherever Washington subsidies your farmers they cause food inflation and food riots; your money supply is a criminal ponzi scheme of debt-based money; your military-industrial complex is the most expensive on the planet but keeps getting its arse whipped by small amateur under-funded forces (Viet Kong, Iraqi militia, Taliban); and to top it all the central planners, central committees and central Depts of Washington are way too thick to work out they're totally bankrupt and have spent America into hell.

What do you like about Govt??? It's the dumbest most corrupt institution in every country! The only thing that works in any country free enterprise (food, clothing, technology, illegal drugs, anything black market etc). Anything Govt touches (or subsidises) turns to crap  

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You are partly right but you are not mentioning the "key".  That is "free market money".  Unless we are allowed/demand to choose our currency, rather than have a currency forced upon us, the rest of the free market won't work in the long run.

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Yes i agree with a free competitive market in money, competition is the ONLY way to deliver any product or service of worth and the only mechanism that forces failure of the old way and brings in better ways.

Monopoly money (central banking) systems follow the path of all monopolies, they deliver crap and trash the system (see 95% destruction in the value of both Sterling and the US Dollar over past 80 years, the ECB's Euro will only last 15 years tops!)   

Translational Lift's picture

You forgot a few along with their hundreds of sub-agencies (Depts.) most of which could/should be eliminated thus saving $Trillions.

Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms
Federal program providing financial assistance to manufacturers affected by import competition.

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Ah yes, the never-ending bleating of the excluded middle.

Who will enforce your contracts?

How will you keep what's yours...yours?

Why does the military use 'central planning', if it's sooo useless?


Zero Govt's picture

Buyers ands sellers in the main do not require contracts, a handshake is usually enough and its built on relationships, not pieces of paper and lawyers in my experience.

Regards keeping what's mine mine same as it ever was, tending to it. The worst we face in society is the odd petty theft or robbery. So what? Beats the 30-60% of robbery of our income by the parasitical criminals of the State.

Finally regards the military being centrally planned it's the sam result as any other: crap. The most effective fighting forces are small and flexible (see SAS). Send 6 SAS into a jungle and you throw 120 of your regular army boys in and I'll bet you it ain't the army platoon coming out alive!

Take Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan I (Russian invasion) and Afghanistan II (US-UK invasion). All are mighty military centralised forces against smaller flexible force. The mighty force 'wins' for 1 month then loses the occupation (over time). The Taliban are poor (out-spent $1m to $1), out-gunned and out-numbered. But they beat the back Russians and they'll beat our dumb forces back too as soon as we run out of pissing our money away over there due to bankruptcy here.  

War is like the free market. You can dominate with a big force but over time smaller forces tear you to shreds attacking from numerous angles of weakness. You can stand on an anthill and 'dominate' it for about 1 minute, but after 3 minutes you're being nipped to pieces and have to fuk off.

Small, smart and flexible (like the internet) always beats big central and dumb (like mainframes) over any length of time. 1 big central brain is always dumber than 100 smaller brains, that's why the big dumb US Govt will attack the internet and over time get taken apart and fail completely.

See also the US Govts complete slaughter against the small flexible (illegal) drugs industry. The US Govt hasn't even made a dent in the free market trade in illegal drugs. They have lost the battle day in day out for decades. They're so big and dumb they can't even find the battlefield!!!

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It's not easy to build new infrastructure in Africa.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

Fuck Africa.

Can you think of any continent on earth that receives more foreign aid?

How about they legalize capitalism and get their asses to work.

How about we legalize capitalism in America and let the to-big-to-fails go bankrupt and complete the creative destruction process with renewal?


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by 1022, confidence had eroded in both the notes and the supporting iron money

Not only did the Chinese learn about the folly of paper money a thousand years ago, they also learned of the folly of iron money. A strong enough magnet on store premises kept the customers from ever leaving the shop with their money.

Cash_is_Trash's picture

Perhaps neodymium was in use back then.

Then again, they currently mine upwards of 90% of rare earths.

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Don't forget Silver! Keep on eye on this new Tweeter that reports daily silver sell outs on the web.!/Silver_Watchdog

It seems like inventories of brand name 100oz bars are being depleted daily.

traderjoe's picture

I just checked Apmex - they only have 165 - 100 oz bars left in stock. A couple of weeks ago I think the number was closer to 1000. And while they have recently been listing some bars as in stock with deferred delivery dates, all of these brand names are now "out of stock". 

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The Universal wisdom says the [Renewal] chaos starts from an old kingdom. So the rioting Egypt is perhaps only an overture? The impolsion will begin from where it all started?

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Forget about gold and silver. Go long wheat, corn and soya bean and screw the Chinese!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Go all of the above.

DBA and JJG are food ETFs, "paper food".

New_Meat's picture

but you can't eat "paper food."

dang, couldn't resist ;-)

- Ned

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you beat me to it

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

POW!  Got me guys!

Floom (falls to floor)!

Out by TKO!

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I just dumped 200 lbs of corn in the woods behind my house. My small part in this war on the chinese peg.

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That's a little less food to help your neighbors when TSHTF, and a little less food for people in Africa who had nothing to do with this.  Besides, the Chinese peg isn't really the problem- the global Power Elite are the problem, and starving the poor is bonus points for them.  If you really want to cause trouble, buy silver.