China Integrated Energy (CBEH): Alleged (Repeat) Chinese Fraud Du Jour

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There is no bubble in China.  Seriously, everything is top notch.  This is just more capitalist propaganda.


Cities with no people, companies with no revenue......

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rodman and renshaw...not the sharpest knives in the drawer

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What do they care they have multiple layers of insurance. Americans who put their FRNs in .... well... they're f*ked!

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What do they care they have multiple layers of insurance. Americans who put their FRNs in .... well... they're f*ked!

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"Nor does the Tongchuan 100,000?ton plant have any meaningful access to feedstock..."

Not unless you count the hot air and BS that seems available in unlimited supply. Methane, bitchez!

Thanks again for all the hard work and the excellent journalism. Is there anything you *can't* do?

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That report is hilarious. Remind me not to buy any used cars from China.

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They are learning fast but still minor league in global fraudulence

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VIA THE OCC MEMO SYSTEM- Due to trading halts, as of Friday, March 25, 2011 and until further notice, China Agritech, Inc (CUSIP 16937A200), ShengdaTech, Inc (CUSIP 823213103) and Vitacost, Inc. (CUSIP 92847A200) are no longer eligible for stock loan or collateral pledge at OCC.  Only share reducing transactions will be allowed on outstanding stock loan and borrow positions.  Any equity pledges for collateral purposes will receive no value.


If you have any questions regarding this memo, please contact your Financial Surveillance representative.

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Ethics in business deals:  that's so last century.  

After seeing all this corruption I have a new rule: I will deal ethically and fairly with PEOPLE, sole proprietorships and partnerships.  LLCs deserve every screwing they get. 


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I have a pretty big position in FXI.  So far, I'm not complaining.  I'd never touch these Chinese IPO's, only the big caps for me.

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Hard to take this ass clown seriously when his pen name is Jamz Unlimited...what are we coming to???

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How long before investors start having an objective look at major Chinese SOE's?  Maybe that's too much to ask for--easier to just stick your head in the sand.

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I made a lot shorting this on the way down. It's obviously a pure fraud.

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This is why Chinese people like gold so much.  They don't even like buying Chinese made products, much less stocks.

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Those Chineses even knock off our fraud better than we do it ourselves.  So much for 'Merkin ingenuity.

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Somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago,T.Clifford Rodman is rolling in his confines.

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I've closed out my shorts to a great profit and moving them into HRBN, looks like the next chinese scam stock.