China To "Investigate" Wreckage Of Top Secret Stealth Chopper Used In bin Laden Raid

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It was only a matter of time before the combination of a suddenly alienated Pakistan and a top secret stealth helicopter crashed deep in its territory, would raise the specter of China, and specifically its military complex hinting it would be delighted to peek under the dress of said crashed chopper to fortify its expanding stealth program. ABC reports: "Pakistani officials said today they're interested in studying the remains of the U.S.'s secret stealth-modified helicopter abandoned during the Navy SEAL raid of Osama bin Laden's compound, and suggested the Chinese are as well. The U.S. has already asked the Pakistanis for the helicopter wreckage back, but one Pakistani official told ABC News the Chinese were also "very interested" in seeing the remains. Another official said, "We might let them [the Chinese] take a look." Gee, following two weeks of demonization did anyone possibly consider that Pakistan would now scramble to reallign itself with China? Surely not the Clinton stepford wife (or is that husband).

A U.S. official said he did not know if the Pakistanis had offered a peek to the Chinese, but said he would be "shocked" if the Chinese hadn't already been given access to the damaged aircraft.

The chopper, which aviation experts believe to be a highly classified modified version of a Blackhawk helicopter, clipped a wall during the operation that took down the al Qaeda leader, the White House said. The U.S. Navy SEALs that rode in on the bird attempted to destroy it after abandoning it on the ground, but a significant portion of the tail section survived the explosion. In the days after the raid, the tail section and other pieces of debris -- including a mysterious cloth-like covering that the local children found entertaining to play with -- were photographed being hauled away from the crash site by tractor.

Aviation experts said the unusual configuration of the rear rotor, the curious hub-cap like housing around it and the general shape of the bird are all clues the helicopter was highly modified to not only be quiet, but to have as small a radar signature as possible.

And yes, Pakistan already owes China:

"Because Pakistan gets access to Chinese missile technology and other advanced systems, Islamabad is always looking for ways to give China something in return," Clarke said.

The Chinese and Pakistani governments are known to have a close relationship. Last month Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif concluded a trip to Beijing, afterwards telling Pakistan's local press that China was Pakistan's "best friend."

U.S. officials have not officially disclosed any details on the helicopter, but President Obama said it was a "$60 million helicopter," in a report by The Washington Post. While the price tag on normal Blackhawks varies depending the type, none cost more than $20 million according to the latest Department of Defense procurement report.

The Chinese, who are masters at reverse engineering, will likely need just one peek:

If the Chinese are allowed to see the wreckage, it may not be the first time the Chinese military was given an opportunity to benefit technologically from America's misfortune. In 1999 an American stealth F-117 Nighthawk bomber was shot down in Serbia, the wreckage of which was reportedly passed along to the Chinese.

More than a decade later, in January of this year, China's first stealth fighter, the J-20, took a test flight that caught international attention and sparked a debate over whether China had developed the stealth-capabilities based on what they learned from the downed Nighthawk. Balkan military officials told The Associated Press the Chinese likely based their designs on the American plane, but Chinese officials denied the allegation in their state-run newspaper, The Global Times.

Look for this to be a talking point during upcoming teleprompter conferences, with the variable being whether the US pushes Pakistan hard on this, and thus alienates it further into China's camp, or moderates the recently aggressive tone somewhat.

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What - they have a sudden interest in L.O. TAIL ROTOR designs? (News to China: That's all that was left after intentional destruction of this craft ...)


L.O -> Low Observable (stealth)



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That chopper wasn't left behind by accident.

I'm pretty sure there's a hidden agenda with all this.

Otherwise a single missile would have cleaned the place.

You can say whatever you want about American, BUT IF THEY WANT TO BLOW SOMETHING UP THEY BLOW IT UP IN STYLE!

The had drones with hellfires flying over when they did the attack. Don't you think they'd blown it if it wasn't supposed to be found?

And gently "asking" it back? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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That chopper wasn't left behind by accident.

- - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -

"An accident left the chopper behind"

There; fixed your logic for you ..


(with the main body of the craft 'blown up'  by our forces)

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Sudden Debt got it right the first time.  They should be investigating who got the payoff to have the "mechanical failure" at just the right moment.


Maybe the same guy who dropped the video link for 25 minutes during the take down of the impersonator of OBL.

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Fuck Pakistan and fuck China...and fuck Amerika™ for hollowing itself out

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if you did it to yourself you'd show them the Hemingway...did.

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Odds are it was shot down. Otherwise they would have bene more thorough about "cleansing" the area.

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Odds are it was shot down. 

- - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -  - - -

Looked to me like they (the chopper) were setting down/coing down right on top of that wall ... notice how the tail section is sitting ...

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Question? In the event of tail landing on the wall, Can the crew survive inside the cockpit? engine running full power, rotter spinning full rpm? 

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the entire chopper story smells like bs to me, perhaps to cover the fact that the entire osama story is bs...  layer upon layer of lies.

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yup, agreed.  The chopper was there for a reason and I would think the mission was planned before the birth certificate issue blew up.  Like you say, layer upon layer of bullshit. 

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It is called technology transfer, we wouldn't want the third world war to be over to quickley now would we...

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I read that the 'destruction' was flawed, leaving too much in tact on the ground.

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IIRC the vid presented shows 'licking flames' where the main bulk of the wreckage was ...

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I believe the tail section fell on the other side of a wall, so they couldn't get at it from the ground. Missiles were probably out of the question given the circumstances.

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That's what I said - just a few posts above ...they set down on the wall (in all likelyhood)

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My understanding was that it crashed into the compound's wall, causing the tail section to fall outside the compound. That would easily explain why it was left unmarked by any signs of fire or explosion. They couldn't get to it.

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The entire mission was a catastrophic failure. The mission purpose was to remove "Osama bin Laden" and witnessed. The helicopter crush made it impossible since there were not enough room inside the remaining helicopters.


- Numerous witnesses had to be slaughtered. It became a mafia hit instead of a military operation.

- The numerous "family members" also were left behind creating a big headache of how to handle them

- Without the left helicopter, there would not be any publicity about the mission itself sparing the Pakistani puppet government from the humiliation and insults 

- Finally, the latest US stealth technology will end up in Chinese hands greatly improving their future military capabilities


Yes, dear Obama bin Laden, you fucked up America one more time. But don't worry, American imbeciles are proud of having you as their president.

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Nice summary. Although, the sense I get from the pictures is that it is some kind of conversion kit and not a full on stealth unit.

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 Finally, the latest US stealth technology will end up in Chinese hands greatly improving their future military capabilities


This is NOTHING, Clinton when in office gave they CRAY computer technology.

Thus enabling them to hit ANYWHERE in the USA using ICBM's, with the same accuracy as ourselves.


To me this was a treasonous act.Before that, they were only able to hit the West Coast, and with no real practical accuracy.


On a final note, can ANY person here tell me one thing Teleprompterman has done RIGHT?.

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Sooner you will see chinese chopper flying with invisible tail.

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Pakistani officals are corrupt, so whoever will bid more will get the helicopter

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Is this somehow different from officials in other countries?

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Why JUNK unky?.

It's TRUE.

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prez BJ Lewinsky give them silent screw sub technology and 0bummer gives them a viable sealth shell.

does anyone actually believe these things are accidents??

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Wasn't it missile systems through Loral?

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The upside is that if the Chinesees get it they can make it cheaper there and sell it to the US.  But what would the industrial military complex do then?

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Go to plan "B." Make billions torturing the American people with TSA / Dept of "Father"land Security.



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I think the whole world, including true American patriots, should align with China and forge an alliance to get rid of the nasty cancerous US of A before it kills us all!

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The preferred nomenclature is Ulcered Sphincter of Asserica.

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comic gold.

augie's picture

And yes, Pakistan already owes China

So does the American government. Clinton sold missle secrets to the Chinese right? How difficult is the leap to see that the chopper was left there intentionally in return for less pressure on our monetary policy?  On the world level i dont think "money" is the only currency, technology is a great barter tool.

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A conspiracy, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by a conundrum.

It seems like a new "axis" is forming. Russia, China, India, Iran, Syria, and now Pakistan.

augie's picture

Another amalgamation by the world elites. Divide et impera. It will be dissolved and reconsituted in some other conflict to maintain the fear just as it has been throughout human history.

serotonindumptruck's picture

You are no doubt correct. The elite hold no sense of blind nationalism or allegiance to any one nation or the corresponding rectangular piece of cloth. "Patriotism" and "nationalism" are implements of control, to be used for purposes of manipulating mass opinion.

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This is why i love ZH. So many people with their eyes open.



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from aviationweek :

"The Seals appear to have destroyed almost all of the airframe that landed inside the compound, but part of the helicopter’s tail landed outside the wall and escaped demolition during the roughly 40-min. ground operation.

The public photos show that the destroyed Black Hawk’s tail features stealth-configured shapes on the boom and the tail-rotor hub fairings, swept stabilizers and a “dishpan” cover over a five- or six-blade tail rotor. It has a silver-loaded infrared (IR) suppression finish similar to that seen on the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey.

Stealth enhancements for rotorcraft are not new and were applied extensively to the Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, canceled in 2004. Compared with fixed-wing stealth, more emphasis is usually placed on noise and IR signatures."


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"It has a silver-loaded infrared (IR) suppression finish similar to that seen on the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey."

Well, no wonder it crashed with that kind of flawed engineering. Probably wasn't even shot down.

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silver...kills bacteria, bankers, vampires, AND radar reflections.

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"...silver-loaded infrared (IR) suppression finish..."


Now THAT'S why the thing failed! Should have been plastered with FRNs instead!!

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Within the parametrics of the well disproven, more aptly described as yet to be rigorously tested and confirmed Efficient Capital Market Hypothesis (which is why it's referred to as a fucking Hypothesis, as nothing has been proven other than just being somewhat even less than anecdotal bullshit, just like the Keynesian multiplier being any number, pick a number greater than 0, Not) it would be interesting to establish a correlation between silver prices and stealth helicopter crashes.
Ergo (likewise within the framework of at best anecdotal evidence established as a sample set of one event which is more rigorous than that for the ECMH) we can conclude that the helicopter crashed because the price of silver crashed.  Further, employing in this case exceedingly faulty Syllogistic Logic, given that silver crashed because JPM slammed the market (manipulation in the dark ages which was treated in a manner similar to debasement of currency, with the accused nailed to crosses along the Appian Way) then JPM's actions were responsible for the crash of the helicopter and thus, by extension should be construed as treasonous.

And thus, silver manipulators should be exported to Italy to be crucified along the Appian Way for the beneficial education of the starving, oppressed sheeple to enjoy during prime time newscasts, furthering the dominant social theme of not fucking with the elite's monetary system.
Which further opens the question to Benny and the Red's engagement in the conspiracy, the truth of which could only be found subsequent to the recently now apparently legal and socially acceptable application of the newest Olympic sport of water-boarding.

Have I missed anything?

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maybe it was left as payment to pakistan

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And we thought a land invasion was unlikely.......

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We will soon see Chinese "stealth" helicopter with russian engines. LOL.