China Investment Corp Hikes Stake In Morgan Stanley To Just Under 10%, Becomes Second Largest Holder

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Unless we are reading this just released 13G from the China Investment Corporation wrong, Morgan Stanley has just gotten a new second largest holder of its stock. According to the 13G, CIC now owns 150,782,379 shares, or 9.97% of the outstanding stock, compared to 34,719,468 as of August 9, 2010, which in turn was a sneaky decline of 1.6 million shares from the prior period. Instead of buying our bonds, are the Chinese now looking at purchasing our banks directly? The attached chart shows how MS' holdings looked just before this 13G filing. CIC is now the top 2 holder of MS stock, just behind State Street with 163.7 million shares.

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Whose buying these low volume melt ups? The Chinese? Time to shank the Chinese for refusing to buy our treasuries. That'll teach those mercantilist bastards.

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What better way to influence US monetary policy than through our own incestuous banking lobby?

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I thought the NY Fed had a majority stake in Morgan Stanley.  Guess the Chinese are catching up...

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So that was the deal is it?

The Chinese get the Banks, the Germans the Exchange and the Russians and Japanese, the mafia.



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There is a mafia in the US so deeply integrated into the system no one will even mention it  . It isn't russian,japanese or italian .

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Seems there's a highly disproportionate amount of Jews in the government and executive areas of business in the western world. How much does the U.S. give to Israel per annum again?

Am i right? Or is this some bizaro-world where the highly unprobable amount of Jews in places of high power is just thought of to occur through natural chance? 

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Care to expound? Elaborate as it were, mysterious one?

Thanks in advance.


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LOL Blythe Masterfuckup  is running a equity for silver swap with them I bet.

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I wonder how many boardrooms in the S&P 500 China will have representatives in . Wow, China is smart take over the companies which control the US gov't .

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I think State Street is holding as a nominee/record holder for other beneficial owners. Which means CIC could be the No. 1 beneficial owner?

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According to Bloomberg, The Government of Singapore is already the largest holder of stock in Citi. Doesn't anyone understand that capitalist communists are still communists who realized that brute force against the world's powers in Korea and Vietnam would not work but that financial domination will? Wake up right people! 

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I pledge allegiance to the flag of The United States of Hu...

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At MS, proud owner of Smith-Barney - they make money the old fashioned way - they EARN it!!!

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Well good - these guys can go down when JPM does too then -- come on' MARCH DELIVERY MONTH!

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  • mark mchugh's picture

    I thought China Investment Corp was supposed to file quarterly 13 Fs with the SEC.

    The last one I can find is dated Feb. 5, 2010.

    Anybody know what's up here?

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    If history is any indication, this is the kiss of death of MS.
    Every time for'ners, especially oriental ones, starts buying stuff in American, that asset falls. Ask the Japs about their forays into US commercial real estate – if memory serves, they bought the same property, Twice, and lost money on it both times.
    So, by that thesis, MS goes.

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