China Lashes Out At US "Hypocrisy", Blasts US Human Rights "Double Standard" In Pursuing "World Hegemony"

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Those morons should talk. Now political banter is on a global stage. Gotta consolidate the propaganda machine. It just is too much effort to have it decentralized,

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      By the 1830s, the federal government no longer needed the Cherokees as strategic allies and land speculators wanted this land for plantations and for the gold that was discovered in North Georgia. In 1838, the government forced the removal of the Cherokees in the East to Oklahoma. Over 16,000 Cherokee began the long march, with one quarter to half dying along the way of the “Trail of Tears\

maybe you should check the history of your own country

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Sort of a half assed, small-scale version of the Great Leap Forward, which was only 50 years ago.  Both and All governments engage in hypocracy, unless there is some glaring example I've missed. 

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I can just see Belushi now in Animal House screaming, "Food fight!"


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But I thought the Obama administration had pre-empted and defused criticism like this with its Apology World Tour series.    Smart DiplomacyTM and all that....    Sounds like China has figured out what makes this administration tick; guilt at being american.   No wonder Obama refuses to just show his birth certificate:  He's embarassed to be American!

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I owe it all to little chocolate donuts

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It is beneficial to the cause of human rights to have countries exposing each other's dirty laundry.  Let them squabble.

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is it just possible that BOTH countries are full of fuckers?

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Correction: Not "full of", but "led by".

Is it just possible that ALL countries are led by fuckers?

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sorry, yeah that's what i meant

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The Great Leap Forward was an exotic ideology driven event. This time, US citizens could tell about alien causes.

Compare: in the US, Ben Bernanke is nicknamed Zimbabwe Ben as if Zimbabwe had something to do with the practice Ben is implementing.  Ben is a one hundred per cent US citizen who applied US recipes. Nothing alien in him.

The Cherokees treatment was also one hundred per cent US citizen ideology driven.


The Great Leap Forward has to be depicted as a non chinese ideological pollution through the importation of non chinese ideological ideas.

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The Great Leap Forward has to be depicted as a non chinese ideological pollution through the importation of non chinese ideological ideas.

Stupidity and tyranny are pan-global, chum.

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Spanning multiple globes?

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But their origins can be traced down.  The ideology behind the GLF was non chinese.

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"The ideology behind the GLF was non chinese."

It's true that it was non-Chinese ... in that it was Marxist (google "Theory of Productive Forces").

The whole Chinese communist experiment was Marxist-Leninist with Mao Zhedong's personal variations. So what's your point?

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This back and forth rhetoric does nothing and is like two scoundrels arguing whose dick is bigger.

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Ah, So!  And Chinee man getting chop chop pissed as balls shrivel up from Japanquo radiation.  On other hand, tiny dick glow in dark!  Much easy to find;)

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How do you know they have tiny dicks?  Sucked on a few in your lifetime?

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There is a new map out and it is called "World Penis Map"

.....After extensive research by top universities

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"Top universities" that provide degrees through the internet?

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I hope thats in centimeters otherwise I got shortchanged.

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there was an article in Discover back in July 1993?   The author showed that package size and sperm counts per ml had the do with breeding pressures.  An 800 pound gorrila has tiny balls and a sperm count of 60 million. Some south american monkeys have balls the size of grapefruits and sperm counts in the billions and have to deposit through the morass of many previous depositers.  Humans have an average sperm count of 200 million and its declining.  We dont have to fight for it.

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Talk to asian women. All of them agree, asian men are needle dicks.

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Is that what they tell you to make you feel better about your own "inadequacy"?

And why so interested in the size of an asian man's dick to even begin the discussion in the first place?  Go to China, you can get some there if you're really that interested in some chinese sausage.

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This is how the Governments always start it , Divide and conquer, only in this case they will take us to war now they have the ball rolling.Don't worry if you see what they are doing you can make lots of money .I mean its not like anyone will stand up to them , so make lots of money instead.

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Stimulative fiscal policy that Wall Street and the MIC can always agree on.

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I'm not sure China is worse.  The US, and other satellites of Pax Judaica, are just better at hiding/justifying their BS.

Dresden & Tokyo firebombings, Katyn forest, Eisenhower death camps, Nagasaki & Hiroshima, the rape of Berlin, Torture and forced confessions at kangaroo court Nuremburg, etc.  And that's just within a few years.

If we really want to dig into things we can pin most of the crimes in China on Communism which was was designed, bought, and paid for by Pax Judaica.

Gregory Voitinsky, a Bolshevik, was the well-connected "Trotsky" behind Mao. 


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that's the trump card there.....

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That's a good point.  This article obviously had little or no research done on it.  The writers could have told the truth, instead they only made the US look better! 

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It looks to me like the report focused on recent and/or actual events.  So the question is: are the Cherokee still suffering?


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6 million native americans vs 60 million chinese. No contest. No trump card

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What about the 40 million Lenin and Stalin killed - however, all of that is in the past. how about the last decade? not even close. We've invaded several countries, killed hundreds of thousands , if not millions, enage in systematic torture which we try to justify - - we need to stfu and get rid of these zionist, neocon/Neolibs who are disgracing this country  -all the while being funded by their tribesmen on Wall Street and the mainstream media.  

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agreed. The history of AmeriKKKa is paved with the blood of 100's of millions of innocents. nothing but divide and conquer, rape  and pillage. World War II is no cover for the truth. We justify every atrocity we have ever commited. Democracy my ass! It has always been greed and power.

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Exactly, we Americans of the present or near future went back in time to seed 15th century Europeans with diseases that would wipe out at least 90% of the native american population before the Pilgrims arrived in North America, to make it look like the conquistadores were unwittingly responsible for depopulating the Americas before our forefathers' and foremothers' and fore-othergendered ancestors' arrival.    Yeah!   That's the ticket!

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Also, Muhammed was a CIA plant, as was Napoleon, and Jenjiss Khan...John Kerry ferried him up the river several dozen centuries ago, and not during the Vietnam war like he thought.

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I'm confused. Have Mohammed, Napoleon, and Jenjiss Khan been issuing annual assessments of other nation's human rights recently?

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There was no such thing as the UN back then, nevermind any poser international community talking shop within it concerned with "human rights," nor were there press releases per se, nor much of a news cycle, given the maximum speed of information travel was low, so, well, No.

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Let us not forget our divine forgiveness of the African natives who stole onto our ships in order to party in the New World for free.  The population of the Condederacy was 50% slaves at the start of the Civil War--whereupon we not only freed them after a couple hundred years of slavery, but then gave them 40 acres and a mule . . . which nobody seems to know what they did with. 

Let's not overlook slavery, my fellow patriots. 

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Let's not wallow in it either.    The slavery that existed here in the current US states was far less severe than that practiced in other times, or than in other places in the world contemporaneously, such as, oh, the european sugar colonies in the carribean.   The slavery practiced there was just about mass murder.   As to how the africans got on slaver ships to begin with, that was mostly at the hands of other africans.   You see there was already an active practice of slavery on the continent before the triangular trade between africa, the americas, and europe fired up.   Africans received pay for enslaving other africans in that trade.   The europeans weren't big on going inland where malaria reigned.

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Sure.  There is nothing like a consumer, demand driven economy.

Funny how US citizens can not suspend their duplicity for ten minutes. They have to display it permanently.

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Um, gee I don't know. It's funny, I must say, how such 'smart' zheople are so ignorant about their own sphere, whilst simultaneously being so ignorant about other spheres.

Experts, visionaries who know what they know. Know what?

Ignorance imparted to them from their favorite co-opted media outlet/disinfo outlet/phy-op outlet.


Envy, jealousy, inadequacy, racism? Hard to tell. Maybe the lack of a fully compromised shadow system makes you uneasy.

Fetal position in the warm cozy lap of your lizard overlord waiting for you monthly check. Your bennies from your Benny.


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Are you fuckin kiding me with your junk boat?!

1 fukin person is too many

6million vs 60 million your a fuckin moron does your golfball size consciousness even fathom the depth of 66 million dead people?

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  • Near total wipe out of native American Indians.
  • 6 million as a percentage of 6.2-6.4 million. A 98% kill rate?
  • 60 million as a percentage of 650 million. A 11% kill rate. (You also may want to look up drought and famine throughout history)
  • Creating a constitution about the inaeliable rights of man to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness, while... (wait for it...) owning slaves, thats right owning other people as your own property who have none of the above "rights".


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Some scholars claim over 100 million Native Americans died in the wake of European expansion. Of course the more 'conservative' number is only 6 million. The point being no one really knows and both numbers are probably just guesses reflecting ideology. Splitting the difference places Americans on par with China. Now add in the untold MILLIONS America has slaughtered through war, sanctions and economic policies and you get a clear picture of hypocrisy.

Now I would never defend China either. Point being they are BOTH terrible. They can both be correct when pointing the finger at each other. Oh, and this is not Chinas' first human rights report about the U.S. They do this all the time, with the same bluster, so calm down. It does not mean WWIII, yet.

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When we do it, the euphemism "kicking ass" is preferred.

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you people are STILL talking about 150 year old shit??