China Lashes Out At US "Hypocrisy", Blasts US Human Rights "Double Standard" In Pursuing "World Hegemony"

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In what can only be described as a stunning deterioration in foreign relations between the world's two superpowers, following Friday's release by the US State Department of the annual report on human rights, which expressed sharp criticism of the human rights records of China, North Korea, Cuba and Belarus, among others, China decided it has had enough. Less than 48 hours later, it has lashed back at the US with a report that is making headlines at every government controlled, and otherwise, media in mainland China, which makes a mockery of the US double standard when it comes to human rights, and exposes US "hypocrisy" which China (rightly many would claim) asserts is merely a pretext for continued US attempts at world "hegemony". As Xinhua reports on its front page, "The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2010 was
released by the Information Office of China's State Council, or
cabinet, in response to the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
for 2010 issued by the U.S. Department of State on April.
The U.S. reports are "full of distortions and
accusations of the human rights situation in more than 190 countries and
regions including China. However, the United States turned a blind eye
to its own terrible human rights situation and seldom mentioned it
China's report said.
" The war of words hits a new all time record: "The United States has taken human rights as "a political instrument to defame other nations' image and seek its own strategic interests," the report said. While illustrating a dismal record of the United States on its own human rights, China's report said the United States could not be justified to pose as the world's "human rights justice." "However, it released the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices year after year to accuse and blame other countries for their human rights practices," the report said. These moves fully expose the United States' hypocrisy by exercising double standards on human rights and its malicious design to pursue hegemony under the pretext of human rights, it said. The report advised the U.S. government to "take concrete actions to improve its own human rights conditions, check and rectify its acts in the human rights field, and stop the hegemonistic deeds of using human rights issues to interfere in other countries' internal affairs." While that last sentence may not be an explicit warning for the US to shut the hell up and focus on its own dirty laundry, or else, it sure does sound like one.

From Xinhua:


In the United States, the violation of citizens' civil and political rights by the government is severe, said the report.

Citizen's privacy has been undermined. More than 6,600 travelers had been subject to electronic device searches between October 1, 2008 and June 2, 2010, nearly half of them American citizens, said the report, citing figures released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in September 2010.

The report said abuse of violence and torturing suspects to get confession is serious in the U.S. law enforcement, and "wrongful conviction occurred quite often."

While advocating Internet freedom, the U.S. in fact imposes fairly strict restriction on cyberspace, said the report.

The United States applies double standards on Internet freedom by requesting unrestricted "Internet freedom" in other countries, which becomes an important diplomatic tool for the U.S. to impose pressure and seek hegemony, and imposing strict restriction within its own territory, the report said.

The U.S. regards itself as "the beacon of democracy." However, its democracy is largely based on money, the report said.

According to media report in 2010, U.S. House and Senate candidates shattered fundraising records for a midterm election, taking in more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars as of October 24. The midterm election, held in November 2010, finally cost 3.98 billion U.S. dollars, the most expensive in the U.S. history.


One out of every five people is a victim of a crime in the United States every year, said the report.

The United States reports the world' s highest incidence of violent crimes, and its people's lives, properties and personal security are not duly protected, the report said.

In 2009, an estimated 4.3 million violent crimes, 15.6 million property crimes and 133,000 personal thefts were committed against U.S. residents aged 12 or older, and the violent crime rate was 17.1 victimizations per 1,000 persons, said the report, quoting figures from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The United States also ranks first in the world in terms of the number of privately-owned guns and had high incidence of gun-related crimes, said the report, noting that the United States exercised lax control on the already rampant gun ownership.

Some 90 million people own an estimated 200 million guns in the United States, which has a population of about 300 million, the report said citing figures from the public media.

Statistics showed there were 12,000 gun murders a year in the United States, the report said.

The report also said that the frequent campus shootings in colleges in the United States came to the spotlight in recent years.


"Racial discrimination, deep-seated in the United States, has permeated every aspect of social life," said the report.

Minority groups confront discrimination in their employment and occupation. The black people are treated unfairly or excluded in promotion, welfare and employment, the report quoted U.S media reports as saying.

It is reported that one-third of black people confronted discrimination at work, against which only one-sixteenth of the black people would lodge a complaint.

The New York Times reported on September 23, 2010 that by the end of September 30, 2009, Muslim workers had filed a record 803 claims of complaints over employment discrimination, up 20 percent from the previous year.

The report said U.S. minority groups have high unemployment rate, and do not enjoy the same political status as white people.

Poverty proportion for U.S. minorities is high in the United States. The poverty proportion of the black was 25.8 percent in 2009, and those of Hispanic origin and Asian were 25.3 percent and 12.5 percent respectively, much higher than that of the non-Hispanic white at 9.4 percent, said the report, citing U.S. media figures.

The report also said that U.S. minority groups face obvious inequality in education, and the health care for African-American people is worrisome.

Racial discrimination is evident in the law enforcement and judicial systems, racial hate crimes are frequent, and immigrants' rights and interests are not guaranteed, said the report.


Gender discrimination against women widely exists in the United States, and women in the country often experience sexual assault and violence.

Statistics showed that some 20 million women are rape victims in the country, some one fifth female students on campus are victims of sexual assault, and nearly 3,000 female soldiers were sexually assaulted in fiscal year 2008, up nine percent from the year before.

Women are also victims of domestic violence in the United States, said the report, as some 1.3 million people fall victim to domestic violence every year, with women accounting for 92 percent.

Many children in the U.S. live in poverty and their physical and mental health is not ensured as nearly one in four children struggles with hunger, according to the report.

The report also pointed out that violence against children is very severe in the country, citing figures from the official website of Love Our Children USA that every year, over three million children are victims of violence reportedly and the actual number is three times greater.

More than 93,000 children are currently incarcerated in the United States, and between 75 and 93 percent of children have experienced at least one traumatic experience, including sexual abuse and neglect, the report said.

According to the report, pornographic content is rampant on the Internet and severely harms American children as seven in 10 children have accidentally accessed pornography on the Internet and one in three has done so intentionally.


The United States has a notorious record of international human rights violations, said the report.

The U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused huge civilian casualties.

Figures from the WikiLeaks website revealed up to 285,000 war casualties in Iraq from March 2003 through the end of 2009, with 63 percent of the 109,000 people killed in the Iraq war being civilians.

"The U.S. military actions in Afghanistan and other regions have also brought tremendous casualties to local people," said the report.

The report cited the notorious case on a "kill team" formed by five soldiers from the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The team had committed at least three murders, where they randomly targeted and killed Afghan civilians, and dismembered the corpses and hoarded the human bones.

In addition, the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops had caused 535 Afghan civilian deaths and injuries in 2009. Among them 113 civilians were shot and killed, an increase of 43 percent over 2008, the report quoted McClatchy Newspapers as saying.


The United States have been holding individuals captured under the pretext of the "war on terror" and abusing detainees with various methods, according to the report.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) established secret detention facilities to interrogate so-called "high-value detainees," said the report, citing a document submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May 2010.

According to the document, the CIA had taken custody of 94 detainees, and had employed "enhanced techniques" to varying degrees, including stress positions, extreme temperature changes, sleep deprivation and "waterboarding" in the interrogation of 28 of those detainees.

Full, unabridged report can and should be read here.

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AnAnonymous's picture

It is vastly needed. Chinese record of recent invasions is not as impressive as the US. Had to tap in the 2000 history record of China to try to make a balance, still a long way to match up the US impressive data.

Creed's picture

I find it illuminating that this list of FACTS is being junked so heavily




not 1700-1800's indian killing or black slavery, no, this shit went on while most of us here were watching it on tv








by SilverRhino
on Sun, 04/10/2011 - 13:30


If the USA is bad, China is infinitely worse.

  • Long March
  • Hundred Flowers Campaign
  • Cultural Revolution
  • Great Leap Forward
  • Tibet
  • 60+ MILLION dead
  • One Child Policy : Forced Abortions
  • Government sponsored organlegging
  • Mass suppression of Falun Gong and Christians
  • World leader in executions (more than the rest of the world combined)
Rodent Freikorps's picture

The BBC has found the first evidence that China is currently helping Sudan's government militarily in Darfur.


King_of_simpletons's picture

China fights all of its wars by proxy. They are a crooked bunch. They support most terrorist organizations and is like a virus. Then these Chinese come out and ask us if China has ever invaded a country.  The answer is yes, and innumerable to mention.

AnAnonymous's picture

A pearl. The guy spoke about forgetting the past and one of his apologists found the way to compare the current US military activity to China's activity.

Only in the US...

Banjo's picture

Who is the only nation that has dropped nuclear weapons? Twice.

Which nation is currently using depleted uranium munitions in active combat? NB: This is causing a rise in birth defects in Iraq. Also this same nation used depleted uranium in Kosovo/Serbia.

Which nation allows it's citizens to be locked up and have no access to legal counsel or even a civilian court with military tribuanls deemed adequate?


Chapter summary Killing Hope by William Blum


 1. China - 1945 to 1960s: Was Mao Tse-tung just paranoid?
 2. Italy - 1947-1948: Free elections, Hollywood style
 3. Greece - 1947 to early 1950s: From cradle of democracy to client state
 4. The Philippines - 1940s and 1950s: America's oldest colony
 5. Korea - 1945-1953: Was it all that it appeared to be?
 6. Albania - 1949-1953: The proper English spy
 7. Eastern Europe - 1948-1956: Operation Splinter Factor
 8. Germany - 1950s: Everything from juvenile delinquency to terrorism
 9. Iran - 1953: Making it safe for the King of Kings
10. Guatemala - 1953-1954: While the world watched
11. Costa Rica - Mid-1950s: Trying to topple an ally - Part 1
12. Syria - 1956-1957: Purchasing a new government
13. Middle East - 1957-1958: The Eisenhower Doctrine claims another backyard for America
14. Indonesia - 1957-1958: War and pornography
15. Western Europe - 1950s and 1960s: Fronts within fronts within fronts
16. British Guiana - 1953-1964: The CIA's international labor mafia
17. Soviet Union - Late 1940s to 1960s: From spy planes to book publishing
18. Italy - 1950s to 1970s: Supporting the Cardinal's orphans and techno-fascism
19. Vietnam - 1950-1973: The Hearts and Minds Circus
20. Cambodia - 1955-1973: Prince Sihanouk walks the high-wire of neutralism
21. Laos - 1957-1973: L'Armée Clandestine
22. Haiti - 1959-1963: The Marines land, again
23. Guatemala - 1960: One good coup deserves another
24. France/Algeria - 1960s: L'état, c'est la CIA
25. Ecuador - 1960-1963: A text book of dirty tricks
26. The Congo - 1960-1964: The assassination of Patrice Lumumba
27. Brazil - 1961-1964: Introducing the marvelous new world of death squads
28. Peru - 1960-1965: Fort Bragg moves to the jungle
29. Dominican Republic - 1960-1966: Saving democracy from communism by getting rid of democracy
30. Cuba - 1959 to 1980s: The unforgivable revolution
31. Indonesia - 1965: Liquidating President Sukarno … and 500,000 others
    East Timor - 1975: And 200,000 more
32. Ghana - 1966: Kwame Nkrumah steps out of line
33. Uruguay - 1964-1970: Torture -- as American as apple pie
34. Chile - 1964-1973: A hammer and sickle stamped on your child's forehead
35. Greece - 1964-1974: "Fuck your Parliament and your Constitution," said
    the President of the United States
36. Bolivia - 1964-1975: Tracking down Che Guevara in the land of coup d'etat
37. Guatemala - 1962 to 1980s: A less publicized "final solution"
38. Costa Rica - 1970-1971: Trying to topple an ally -- Part 2
39. Iraq - 1972-1975: Covert action should not be confused with missionary work
40. Australia - 1973-1975: Another free election bites the dust
41. Angola - 1975 to 1980s: The Great Powers Poker Game
42. Zaire - 1975-1978: Mobutu and the CIA, a marriage made in heaven
43. Jamaica - 1976-1980: Kissinger's ultimatum
44. Seychelles - 1979-1981: Yet another area of great strategic importance
45. Grenada - 1979-1984: Lying -- one of the few growth industries in Washington
46. Morocco - 1983: A video nasty
47. Suriname - 1982-1984: Once again, the Cuban bogeyman
48. Libya - 1981-1989: Ronald Reagan meets his match
49. Nicaragua - 1981-1990: Destabilization in slow motion
50. Panama - 1969-1991: Double-crossing our drug supplier
51. Bulgaria 1990/Albania 1991: Teaching communists what democracy is all about
52. Iraq - 1990-1991: Desert holocaust
53. Afghanistan - 1979-1992: America's Jihad
54. El Salvador - 1980-1994: Human rights, Washington style
55. Haiti - 1986-1994: Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?
56. The American Empire - 1992 to present
gall batter's picture

Thumbs up, Banjo.  Just lose that apostrophe in it's--"Which nation allows it's citizens to be locked...?" 

A Man without Qualities's picture

What we think of as modern China is in essence a Han People's empire, which has been spreading its grasp over the country for hundreds if not thousands of years.  There have been countless genocidal episodes, lasting into the modern era with the Uyghurs, Tibetans, and other Turkic or Mongol tribes (i.e. not proper Chinese).  Modern tactics include forced migration and sterilization, as well as the various measures of wiping out the record or previous cultures, especially on the old silk road.  It always staggers me to think of the numbers of deaths in China's history as a result of internal wars or starvation (either deliberate or accidental).

Now, there are lots of ways the US is totally fucked up, and there has been incredible brutality in the founding of the nation, but as I see it, more than 95% of the deaths of native Americans was as a result of the diseases the Europeans brought and most of these occurred before the Europeans had actually reached the areas.  The history of slavery, segregation, all were horrendous, and there's still far too many fucked up angry white men and ghettoized minorities and the obsession with guns is just idiotic.  

However, to look at the weight of history (and you need to look harder in China's case) and to suggest human rights in China are even close to what you have in the US is absurd and the Chinese government continues to push the illusion that greater economic prosperity is the same as greater civil liberties (my guess, they are very worried about a rising educated class pushing for real rights) but don't be fooled for a second.  Even though the US has become more of the totalitarian police state in the last ten years, it's still far closer to the ideals of the founding fathers than China will be if we wait decades.

As for the US commitment to spreading democracy, it's inversely proportional to how much oil the country has, which is why in the resource rich countries they're about equal to China.

Reese Bobby's picture


And whoever junked this thoughtful comment should save it for comments like this:

I mean would anyone choose a Chinese secret prison over a U.S. secret prison?

AnAnonymous's picture

There have been countless genocidal episodes, lasting into the modern era with the Uyghurs, Tibetans, and other Turkic or Mongol tribes (i.e. not proper Chinese). 


 Another evidence of the inefficiency of the Chinese in this department. How long have they been at this? Thousand of years? Most of those people (and more!) still exist in China as ethnies, speaking and living a different culture than the Bienaren. The US, much more effective in destroying people through ethnocides and acculturation.

AnAnonymous's picture
  • Tibet
  • The funny thing about Tibet and cause why Chinese got so loathed about it by US citizens and co is that Tibet had slavery, torture and kid abduction for temple priest training, reincarnation and all.

    China dismantled slavery in Tibet, ended torture and the kids abuctions still go on.

    Once again, it has to be compared with the US, that nation based on human rights, freedom and all that started as a slaver nation, with institutionalized racial slavery.

    One is big on propaganda, ready to highjack humanity to cover selfish purposes, the other acts.

    When a country like China is able to get a better record on a story like slavery, it tells a lot about the virtue of the free world, the US.

    NidStyles's picture

    Firstly the US didn't start with "Institutionalized Racial Slavery". It started with Chattel Slavery. There were white as well as black slaves and slave owner's. That's more of that Progressively Revisionist BS you are preaching.

    Secondly Tibet had a class system, not outright slavery. It was the same system that existed in China for at least a thousand years.

    You want to promote China, but you seem to ignore that it's coal mines, are dug by Politcal Prisoner's under slave condition's. Those people are never allowed to be free, and they will likely die in chains with black lung.


    Any more inconsistent lies you want to spread?



    AnAnonymous's picture

    Actually, if there is a revision, that is chattel slavery.

    There was an institution of racial slavery. White slaves in the US? When? Who? You might want to equalize indentured servitude with slavery but still, in the US, indentured servitude lost steam quickly after the start of the US (after the US independence) while slavery was on the reverse path, that is spiralling upwards.

    So where were your white slaves in the US?

    Tibet had slavery. Characterized as such by Westerners who went to Tibet at the beginning of the 20th century. A class system does not forcefully encompass slavery. But Tibet had.

    I dont need to promote China. It is the US gang spirit. People telling facts contrary to their beloved US must have a hidden agenda and belong to an adverse group. So UScitizenish. 

    Rodent Freikorps's picture

    You can blame yellow fever and malaria for that.

    After the euros had killed all the indians in the Caribbean, they tried transporting white workers, but euros were dying at a more than 50% clip from disease.

    Blacks, coming from West Africa had a much better survival rate against yellow fever.

    On San Domingo, where Napoleon Bonaparte sent some 60,000 men to topple the rebel black leader Toussaint l'Overture, more than 80% had succumbed to yellow fever - including his brother-in-law and expedition commander General Charles Leclerc.


    nmewn's picture

    "After the euros had killed all the indians in the Caribbean, they tried transporting white workers, but euros were dying at a more than 50% clip from disease."

    Oh come now Freikorps...let's go ahead and drop names...(the europeons love to do it here don't they?) it was the British, like our good pal AnAnonymous here, who sacked, conquered and enslaved their way around the globe...along with the Portugese, Spanish & Dutch. It wasn't that long ago the British gave up their last major fortress in Asia...Hong Kong, that is, a part of mainland China.

    Oh my...sticky wicket what?...LOL.

    Rodent Freikorps's picture

    I can't figure out why people act like slavery sprang full-blown from the brow of the US when it was firmly established in the New World by the European colonial powers, and obviously, continued in the West Indies after the US told the Brits to pound sand.

    We bought Louisiana from the French in 1803.


    AnAnonymous's picture

    I can't figure out why people act like slavery sprang full-blown from the brow of the US when it was firmly established in the New World by the European colonial powers, and obviously, continued in the West Indies after the US told the Brits to pound sand.


    It is quite easy though to figure out. The US took their independence from the colonial powers. They broke free. The grip of the colonial powers was also deeply wrapped on the US.  But they broke free. On proclamation of human rights and inalienable rights to freedom.

    The old goose the Europeans did it.  The choice of maintaining slavery and expand it was one of free US citizens, no longer under colonial dominion.

    AnAnonymous's picture

    The US was also in China.


    The British did what they did. Once again,  with your gang style mentality,  you wont find a ganger in me. Sorry to not deliver with that. You can count me to list one by one the doings of the brits.

    Remains that what the US citizens have done, they have done.  And their duplicity is there to show.

    nmewn's picture

    "The US was also in China."

    Such a small yelp?...I thought for sure I could extract a larger howl of powdered wig indignation...LOL.

    Maybe if we spoke of the British East India Company and their practice of bringing in opium from their conquered lands in India and addicting 25% of the male Chinese population prompting two opium wars between the British Empire and the Chinese.

    The europeon's had this nasty habit of bopping around the world killing, enslaving and looting the world and sending the booty back home...crony capitalism indeed ;-)

    Here, in America, they (the English) set up the very economic system...including slavery...that we broke away from. America, breaking from your empire, knew slavery was in fact an evil...but it was part of the economic system the English had built up here (we were afterall the kings subjects prior to our war with your ancestors for our indepedence). In time, it took another 600,000 American lives to end what you had built here...if you want to believe that's what our Civil War was about...but we did in fact end it...and we still pay everyday for that system europeons spread across the planet.

    So, the next time you feel compelled to type US into just about every damned post you have ever made here on ZH, you might want to reconsider...because it was your country's pillaging and greed that contributed to hundreds of years of misery for millions of people on every continent on the planet.

    mdwagner's picture

    China:  about 100 per 100,000 citizens in prison.

    USA: about 1000 per 100,000 citizens in prison.


    China is not saying that they have no human rights violations in their country.  They're saying that the United States is hypocritical which is true.

    Hephasteus's picture

    Ya but the US will provide you with a free attorney to defend you from itself. Of course the attorney won't be on your side because you're not paying but at least you have someone well paid to not defend you from imprisonment.

    Apparently it's reported that you get here through some kind of swirling vortex like a water fall hole. All the holes lead to fucked up countries run by fucked up lying sociopaths with fucked up psychotics keeping control. I guess the moral of the story is only smart response to demands or requests to step through the holes are fuck your holes. Of course you could trying playing a game with bill gates on on an xbox but since he made the game system you're going to get your fucking ass cheated.

    Dear universe. Fuck your hole. Fuck your xbox. Fuck your world. Fuck your authority.

    Oh this place is working to balance everything out which is why imbalances have been steadily growing forever. Oh and the people running it know more than you do which is why it's failed to produce one fucking kingdom that can last for more than a few hundred years even though it continually yaps on and on about 1000 year kingdoms. Welcome to psycho university.

    What's funny is nations follow UCC code laws. And bankers are admitted liars violating full disclosure principles at all times. It's against the law to enter into a legally binding contract with a minor. Yet if you go to work at age 16 you are legal minor and collecting social security from you is illegal. They give you social security numbers when you are born. Still fucking illegal and you don't get any more minor than that.

    trav7777's picture

    The US has a million times more blacks.

    The face of US crime is black and secondarily hispanic.

    Look at the stats, blacks commit roughly 54% of the serious violent crimes annually.  They are the prison population.

    mdwagner's picture

    The United states has 10 times as many prisoners per capita than China, with the majority of them being non-violent victimless crimes.  We are a criminal factory.  We have way more people in prison than the former Soviet Union and Saddam-led Iraq.  Everything is a crime here.

    AnAnonymous's picture

    At least, the Chinese have this right with their racism targetting.

    A sure hit, considering the eternal nature of the US citizens.

    So much resources spent to try and cover what they are through propaganda. Speaking of a waste...

    Hephasteus's picture

    All you have to do is go find some yellow people or some green people or some orange people. Beat them, make them slaves and you'll get your next 54 percent of violent criminal offenders.

    Seriously just find some cop somewhere without his partner and tazer him to knock out his radio. Then beat him and whip him. He'll be a violent criminal offender in no time. Drag him out in the woods and rape his children.

    But cops are easy. Shoot one of his fellow officers in the head right in front of him. Instantly violent. Hell get 12 people to phone the police station and tell him what a big giant dirt bag cops are. He'll be tazering grandma and beating her with a nightstick for asking why he pulled her over.

    So since we didn't drag blacks here with giant pay packages and corporate assisted housing and moving costs. I just can't for the fucking life of me figure out why they are violent and criminal. Something has to make sense. And yet somehow someway a few people get rewarded for the suffering of millions or thousands or hundred of thousands. I'm sure all the slavery and beating was instantly paid back in one of those touching scenes of the color purple that made oprah millions of dollars. Oh wait white people who had NOTHING TO DO WITH the whole thing also made huge bank off that.

    So not a very brilliant analysis of the dynamics of the situation.

    Clancy's picture

    Mmm, yes. All of them travesties of human rights. Especially the Long March and the Hundred Flowers Campaign. But did you consider:

    • Hoover Dam
    • The Louisiana Purchase
    • The Spirit of St. Louis
    • The Transcontinental Railroad
    • The Little Rascals
    • Picadilly Circus
    • Kayne West
    ? Clearly the US has just as much to answer for as China does.  Just look how long that list historical looking bullshit is.

    SilverRhino's picture

    37 junks above .... some of you fuckers must HATE the fact that MODERN China is drenched in blood far worse than Americans have done in the last 60 years.  


    • Long March
    • Hundred Flowers Campaign
    • Cultural Revolution
    • Great Leap Forward
    • Tibet
    • 60+ MILLION dead
    • One Child Policy : Forced Abortions
    • Government sponsored organlegging
    • Mass suppression of Falun Gong and Christians
    • World leader in executions (more than the rest of the world combined)


    • Killed upwards of a million Chinese in the Korean War.
    • Killed 3 million in Vietnam
    • Killed a roughly million during the Iraq war and occupation. [open to debate, bring your # and sources if you have the balls]

     Who is worse again?  

    And go silver you fucking bitches!

    mdwagner's picture

    Who cares who is worse?  Is China saying we're worse than they are or that we're not the perfect model of human rights that we pretend to be?

    zen0's picture

    Did you know the Cherokee have jewish roots? Google it. Lots of information.

    Creed's picture

    cherokees are jewish? lolol


    how did the jews get over here?


    maybe that explains why the cherokee are so damn smart in comparison to other north american injuns?

    robobbob's picture

    DNA testing indicates that the original eastern north american natives may have been pre ice age european related from 18K years ago when world ocean levels were lower. more investigation needed into the subject, but.....

    not an acceptable PC line of inquiry at this time.

    completely ruins the current narrative.

    Creed's picture

    maybe you should check the history of your own country



    because of the white mans arrival in north America the American indians have been given a choice between living like savages or living like civilised people

    I'm American indian and I approve this message

    Twindrives's picture

    This is bullish for USD and U.S Treasuries.

    duncecap rack's picture

    The S&P is on for a moon shot tomorrow as well.

    Montgomery Burns's picture

    I hope so. I want to buy more vxx.

    Shell Game's picture

    The widow-maker is dead, long live the widow-maker..

    Manthong's picture

    "The U.S. regards itself as "the beacon of democracy." However, its democracy is largely based on money, the report said."

    They are right about that.. otherwise there wouldn't be earmarks, PACs and 7 zillion lobbyists for every legislator. 


    Creed's picture

    China owes it's existence and economy to the USA :)

    and it knows it

    it's kind of hard to be so xenophobic & racist when you know you're seconds fiddle, but they manage

    AnAnonymous's picture

    it's kind of hard to be so xenophobic & racist when you know you're seconds fiddle, but they manage


    They have still a long road to go to reach the excellency of the US in those departments.

    NidStyles's picture

    Yeah, we're so racist and xenophobic here after all. Not that the president isn't a black guy from Kenya or anything..

    AnAnonymous's picture

    Yeah, we're so racist and xenophobic here after all. Not that the president isn't a black guy from Kenya or anything..


    The Obama experience is quite hard for the US citizens. Once again, as US citizens can not depict as they are, they provided the evidences of their own duplicity once again.

    The black POTUS only proved one thing: that a US negro, even when reaching the highest position in the US, is still to be considered as an alien, a foreign bit that does not belong to the US.

    This guy is  told to be a Muslim, a Kenyan born, a Marxist, an anti colonialist etc everything save a US citizen. He is still not one of them, even though his actions as a US president tag him as your typical US citizen president.

    Poor pick once again, and when will the US citizen learn their lessons? 

    schadenfreude's picture

    You bought Wall Street by electing him. All the stupid propaganda about his origin, religion, etc.. just shows you are influenced by your TV.

    nmewn's picture

    "The black POTUS only proved one thing: that a US negro, even when reaching the highest position in the US, is still to be considered as an alien, a foreign bit that does not belong to the US."

    And the first black Prime Minister in the UK was...?

    TBT or not TBT's picture

    The charcaterization of Obama as a "US negro" is quite a stretch, as his black ancestry shared nothing of the slavery and racism US blacks experienced.   His deadbeat loser dad was from Kenya and his mother was an antiamerican white american.  His white american mother and white american grandparents mostly raised him, mostly in Hawaii, mostly out of contact with "US black culture".    Obama's US black cultural identity is in fact one he put on well after reaching adulthood, as a path to political influence.  The choice to join a black church was a path recommended to him to get cred, contacts, and influence as a "community organizer" in Chicago.    He pulled that off well enough to gather 96 percent of the black vote in the 2008 election, but what he supposedly shares of the experience of US blacks is a sham.   

    AnAnonymous's picture

    It depicts the US as a factor of backwardness.  200 years of US negro training in US civilization and a negro whose father was or is a savage negro from Africa is the one becoming the US president.

    Never think the worse is achieved when the US is still in  the room. No  matter how scrappy the original product, the US can and will worsen it. 

    tmosley's picture

    This president is the same as any other in recent memory.

    You do the same thing you've always done, you will get the same thing you always got.  Too bad we didn't learn that prior to 1913.

    Creed's picture

    there are no social services in China

    you save or you die

    American poor have plasma tv's and food stamps

    Chinese poor?

    Human rights? I saw the video of the Chinee soldiers shooting down Tibetans trying to escape over the Himalayas. Fuck China.

    ThisIsBob's picture

    Not a question of those morons talking, more a question of our morons shutting up.

    sunny's picture

    Hello pot, this is the kettle, you're black.