China Prepares To Export More Inflation Back To US As It Announces Hikes In Commercial Electricity Prices

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productivity and efficiency are the answer.  start at home.

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Best words I have read tonight.  The precursor of efficient productivity is the ability to think critically.  These skills are in short supply.

zeek's picture order to keep our Chinese made plastic dogshit from increasing in price, Bernanke will start printing electricity in the next fifteen minutes...

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What is the current market rate for Volt dollars in Empty Carbon shares?

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in dummy terms, this assures US inflation, how? THX
edit: went to Wal Mart...I get it now.

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I guess I have no choice but to pay whatever price they demand. LMAO!


They simply will not go with whole hog subsidies. Greedy bastidges. lolololol

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Hopefully this makes Chinese state executions too expensive now and the prisoners will just be worked to death.

What? Sorry, I didn't know they already did that. I guess all I ever read about is some buffoon in DC talking about China manipulating their currency or how cheap the tourist sex trade is in Hong Kong.

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Politicians will almost always choose inflation as the "out" since it benefits them the most.

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For a  20 billion (US dollars ) investment what did china get? not much more than we got with our 800 billion bank bail out.

But at least they can go out and look at it. And it will stop a flood,

our investment?      not so much! 

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Further proof that China has inherited some of the poorest and worst habits of western way of economic thought which ultimately will bring down China along with the rest of the failed global economic genocide-- not experiment.

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Nuke power, bitchez!

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Do not assume china has any pricing power. I expect a margin squeeze.

corporations can easily move production of many items to lower cost countries. china is not in a strong position here.

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And as I have stated since day one on this blog, "Sanford Bernstein = donkey dick." I'm coming for you, donkey dick.  See you (in arbitration) soon!

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Poor gringos. Quit buying twice the crap you really need!

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I recall ZH posting that the Walmart CEO predicting rising prices for goods produced in China coming to the US by July.

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We have imported deflation in consumer goods prices for years.... Now the worm turns ;}

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But...but...but we don't use electricity from China, do we?

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no one can stop the pass thru! NO! ONE!!


Tax Payers! WallMart! Shoppers!! You are now going to carry China! LOL the U.S. is not enough!!!

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Good luck passing costs.

Margin compression is more likely and "slowly" ramp up prices.

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Not much margin in Walmart products made in CHina.

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Then expect the cooling of the Chinese economy.

Time for the savers to start using those savings.

Everybody must become debt-enslaved.

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I hope corporations can simply move production of many items to worse cost countries. China is not in a well-built position here. Payday loans canada