Chinese Demand For Gold "Explosive"

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I am not a Turd but I took his place in line on a gold thread.

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please. you are such foolish peasants.

of course we should give away our gold.....if we don't JPM will not only have to forego bonuses, they might die.

so could you all get real -- if this country has to go down to take care of Jamie Dimon and the four or five next generations of his family in luxury beyond imaging...

so be it.

it is only right that we should give to the gods and our betters.

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Yet silver has been outperforming gold YTD.

Go figure right.

(Not in gold but would like to be, am long SIVR)

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Gold and silver will basically go straight up until April, and will not hit a peak until June or July... POG will be around $1550 to $1650 at that time.

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"demand in China for physical gold and gold-related investments is growing at an "explosive" pace"

So is the price of food. Fortunately gold isn't in the Chinese CPI, so no adjustments are needed.

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It is not being projected in this last months prices....but I think along with others that China is shorting...and buying GLD and asking for delivery....they will steal as much as they can before the cat is out of the bag....all I read is how China, Vietnam, Central banks, are buyers....but the price is pretty low....go thinks this next month in Comex is going to be a doosey....where the pedal hits the medal...

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Yes, and the smart little farts are now doing the same thing to SLV.

Great, suck up all you can.I am ready for a rocket ride.

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Ha, we'll see. I'm putting my money on either a near term double top, downwards to another round of consolidation before heading up again, or working on a handle to this cup.  Either way, LT bull still in place until it's not. But, I'd be very surprised to see us bust right through the highs already - although I've been surprised before and surely will be again.

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sometimes consolidations after big moves can take 18 months even in a bull market.  I think you may be right.  Unless things really are about to blow up gold should consolidate for a while longer.

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sometimes consolidations after big moves can take 18 months even in a bull market.  I think you may be right.  Unless things really are about to blow up gold should consolidate for a while longer.

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Volatility in PMs today.

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Excellent, I just read that article. Gold looking good.

China is at least protecting themselves and their people by empowering them, and telling them to buy gold. and silver to protect themselves. Unlike our criminal government and banking cabal which are content to steal from the little people through relentless debasement.

If it wasn't for the communist Chinese I might not know what my own government is doing.

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>>China is at least protecting themselves and their people by empowering them

On the surface it appears that way, but consider that a forced confiscation of silver and gold via a Chinese declaration of a strategic metal would be MUCH MUCH easier than in the USA.  

I would not say that China is empowering its citizens, it is leveraging THEIR purchasing power with an intent to eventually confiscate.  


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The Chinese have been playing this kind of game a looooong time. The last time they were in this neighborhood they built the Great Wall in response. Of course they didn't have 1.2 billion stomachs to feed at the time...

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Many in China remember extreme controls only a generation ago.  There is a reason beyond ornamentation that jewelry (gold, gems, coins and other elements of value) has long been worn and gifted during good times and hidden for emergencies during bad times.  These same assets have had currency status for a much longer time than any paper currency.  The Chinese aren't stupid, and their memories are more realistic than the USA.  Just ask people in the Balkans.

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Not near as explosive as the auto sector.

There is an explosion in auto dealer stocks, Group 1 and AutoNation among the top % gainers the last two years, vastly outperforming anything gold-related.

AN, GPI, etc.

TRW, BWA and other auto parts suppliers have also had absolutely monstrous runs.

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I guess you missed the part where Chinese auto sales were down 10% YoY last month.

Or are you just playing the retard today?

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playing the retard today?

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I was about to say the same thing.

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and of course the old catfish mouth "it's not hard to make money trading" - no wait - "it's a jungle out there to survive in trading" robu uber bull bear wannabe has profited nicely on said auto stocks. he saw the potential early, jumped on board, and now is up nicely. my hunch is he'll sell within a tick from the top.

silver's down a dime, robo. it's about time for you to start schooling gentleman jim sinclair again.

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Whoops, too late.  That ship has sailed.  Silver now approaching $31.

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Best time to cash out, when everything looks too good to be true. I'll stick to PM's thanks

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Bubble bubble

Toil and trouble.

This desire of the Chinese government to encourage somethign fo rth egood of their people somehow stinks to the highest heavens.


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Silver the most used industrial 'commodity' world wide second only to oil is still in the low double digits per oz!  How long do these bankster cocksuckers think they can continue to keep this metal this cheap?  Palladium over $800 per oz, Platinum over $1800 per oz.  Silver $30 per oz!  Does the Silver price reflect the greatest imbalance of any 'commodity' price of all time?

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I'm as much of a silver bull as anyone, but silver is NOT the second most used commodity.  You are forgetting most of the other metals, foodstuffs, wood, hell, even secondary materials like polyurethane pellets.

Compared to those, silver isn't used much at all.  Of course, this is why silver can explode to the upside so strongly, simply because they don't use much and they HAVE to have it.  For now, at least.  Graphene and carbon nanotubes will replace many of it's roles eventually, but that is years away at least.  

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I think he's referring to the oft quoted fact(?) that silver is used in the most NUMBER of products after oil.  Just happens to be trace amounts versus the massive bulk of petroleum that is used for plastics, makeup, fuel, etc.

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Perhaps the Chinese want to eat the gold since plastic rice and cardboard pot stickers just don't have the right flavor.

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Gold appears to be in backwardation.

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Being in Costa Rica now (hah!), I have no way of knowing if that is true.  If it IS true, then Fekete predicts the physical would very quickly dry up if gold in backwardation for any length of time over say few days.

Got your gold yet?

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If Bank of America was selling gold products to the mass market and demand was this high, would you be looking for higher highs, or would you think a top was in? If you knew that in China, gold and houses are both "good" investments? There are bloggers who criticize the government and mainstream economists for pushing housing and gold, who expect deflation will come to China with another Asian crisis. If there was a Chinese zerohedge, they would be on it.

I own gold because I think sovereign risk is great. But Chinese demand is artificially high due to inflation. You are looking at peak or near-peak demand from China, IMHO. Now, after the citizens have all that gold and the price drops, I'm sure the Chinese government, which controls the big state banks such as ICBC, will offer to buy that gold at favorable prices...

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If BOA were selling gold products, I'd have the gold tested before I'd purchase.  I have more to say about this but I'm too distracted by Amy Calistri's hat.  

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Bingo.  Chinese demand has peaked due to their inflation problems.

Expect more rate increases, more increases in bank reserves, and maybe even a slight devaluation in the Yuan in the next few months.

None of that will be good for Gold demand.

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My 'old Asia hand' prognosis is as follows;

Over half the world's population in Asia.

Half of them in poverty or near it, but many millions breaking into middle class.

Asians have not been duped yet, they still trust PMs more than banks.

Fewer Asians can afford to invest in gold than just 1 year ago, silver is the next choice.

This trend is magnified as gold prices rise.

Gold will go up, but silver will go up more, and not only for these reasons.

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I'm more interested in what happens if/when BIS declares it will use gold to settle international forex transactions. Will gold be outlawed for all common peasants?  Will there be a common price, which is completely different from the price used by the BIS?  Likely only "registered" BIS constituents will have access to their pricing. FOFOA has me thinking... where's this going?...

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When have the Eurotrash rottenchild not tried to screw everyone over?...nothing new here.

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Nice volume on silver futures today.

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All paper will burn.

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Good day for the Cobra Kai.  Family Dollar, Gold, Silver.  This dojo is rocking.

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I don't get why would people would have an 'explosive' interest for something that is at an all time high. Don't get me wrong, silver for example @ 20-25 I'd load the boat, but 31 ? I'll pass.


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and did you ever load the boat? no right? AT 18 you said, silver at 10 I'd load the boat but at 18, I'll pass...