Chinese Inflation Comes At 5.5% Y/Y, In Line With Expectations, Highest Since 2008

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The Chinese data dump is here.  Just as expected the key May inflation data point out of China came at 5.5% Y/Y, in line with expectations, and higher than 5.3% in April. This is the highest inflation print since 2008 when the economy fell into a deflationary vortex. Other economic data: PPI comes blistering at 6.8%, beating expectations of 6.5%, and in line with 6.8% in April. Industrial production was 13.3%, stronger than the 13.1% expected, and down from 13.4% previously, while retail sales were the only metric that missed, coming at 16.9% Y/Y, below consensus of 17.0%, and lower than 17.1% in April. Fixed Inventory excluding Rural was at 25.8%, on expectations of 25.2% and higher than 25.4% previously. Lastly, on the key topic of electricity output, the print is 377.5 BKW/h up 12% Y/Y: it is unclear whether the energy gap discussed previously will be filled at this rate of growth. Inflation continues to dominate although courtesy of the better than expected Industrial Production calls for stagflation will be more muted this time. Expect to see renewed calls on the PBoC to hike rates imminently.

China CPI: