Chinese Inflation Comes At 5.5% Y/Y, In Line With Expectations, Highest Since 2008

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The Chinese data dump is here.  Just as expected the key May inflation data point out of China came at 5.5% Y/Y, in line with expectations, and higher than 5.3% in April. This is the highest inflation print since 2008 when the economy fell into a deflationary vortex. Other economic data: PPI comes blistering at 6.8%, beating expectations of 6.5%, and in line with 6.8% in April. Industrial production was 13.3%, stronger than the 13.1% expected, and down from 13.4% previously, while retail sales were the only metric that missed, coming at 16.9% Y/Y, below consensus of 17.0%, and lower than 17.1% in April. Fixed Inventory excluding Rural was at 25.8%, on expectations of 25.2% and higher than 25.4% previously. Lastly, on the key topic of electricity output, the print is 377.5 BKW/h up 12% Y/Y: it is unclear whether the energy gap discussed previously will be filled at this rate of growth. Inflation continues to dominate although courtesy of the better than expected Industrial Production calls for stagflation will be more muted this time. Expect to see renewed calls on the PBoC to hike rates imminently.

China CPI:


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Having predicted 19 of the last 1 busts - I must admit this is the one I'm waiting for.

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Annndd, there go the PM's.

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There are no, I mean there is no inflation...go fuck yourself China.  Shit, who changed the teleprompter?

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Try 10%, minimum.  I know people who live in China.

phungus_mungus's picture

In line with who's expectations?


Ours or their bullshit ones? 

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Oh it's just the marginal efficiency of capital.

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It's a nice conjob by the Chinese govt maniacs.  They had a 6.00% CPI floating aorund in their corrupt media, then the Goldilocks 5.5% fudge.  Sent all crosses up, USD sold markets ticked up. 

You are right despite the CPI being fudged, they will but rates up immiediatly, inflation probaly running way over 6%

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It's like the Japanese nuclear misunderstanding...just lie to everyone about what really is going on.  In a month everyone will be watching PeeWee's Republican playhouse debates so who cares?...China's inflation could be 11% but they delivered what people estimated.  The Chinese word for credibility is wingit

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as the Lone Ranger was disguised as Ben Bernanke, the Japanese BSI Manufacturing Index really fell off a cliff.

Expectations of -2.1 to the actual of -23.3.

Holy smokes, Batman!

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. . . which of course verifies the cover story on supply chain disruption.  It's all transitory, because we all know Japan's coming back.  Completely understandable ES would surge.


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Disclaimer: totally unrelated.

Not really, I like this bloke.. Stella.

Vid - $1425 Gold Target.


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Great news. ES futes up almost 1%

Inflation, as far as the Chinese can manipulate their numbers.

In the mean time....risk on, China story intact!!!!

Perhaps GE or CREE can export some more jobs their tomorrow.

This will end well.

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This is like watching a slow motion train wreck and you're in the car. Death of a thousand cuts.
Ya, I'm kind of an impatient guy. Lets quit playing these games and get the show on the road. Geez, this is nuts. It's like a game of who can lie the biggest and best and get away with it.

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China will 100% crash next 3mths IMO.  They are acting nutso with their stats at the moment.  Everytime the fudge their BS numbers, oil is bid. 

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Wow, you guys still doomin' along? I think y'all grossly misunderestimate the ability of politicians to masterfully kick the can down the road, sometimes indefinitely

I came here briefly two years ago and saw much the same DOOOM !!!

Anyways it's all irrelevant, the current slump is just a small-ish soft patch, the US is coming BACK baby, and in a big way!




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Well you know the saying right? If you meet the "Buddha" on the side of the road, smash him in the face. Do us a favor and take your ignorance, and do not return for another two years.

dellbalboa's picture

You are a unashamed apologist, Dear ignorant buddha.


I would hate to be your teacher, cause two years is a long time, and you have'nt learned a god damned thing,



US is back? haha, Lol comedian xD

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Ha! Good ole Godman Sachs saying (on wires) that China inflation is over 6%!  Good stuff, gotta save those commod shorts and risk FX shorts.

haven't got a link sorry, if you got bloomberg goldman sachs china 6%

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At least it's still lower than current US inflation bitchez.   :-)

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dont ever trust China.....that about sums it up

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I for one welcome our Random Number Generator overlords.

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Thanks to a small glitch in the ZeroMatrix, while trying to view this article I discovered that ZH uses Drupal/Pressflow.

I guess that explains a lot.


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wow china burt the shorters again, with fake numbers. 

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Yes, the market is on full retarded mode...

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Oh yeah, Chinese citizens are rioting over a 5.5% inflation rate. Lying gov't scumbags.

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I can't figure out who the bigger liars are. The joo overlords of Wall St. or the commie overlords of China. But I don't think there has been a more evil group ever than jooz!

Paralympic Equity's picture


Another 50 bps up...


It's like a great dream, all of it. After Greece, China, I just can't wait for the Irish banks bullshit to start...