Chinese Leaks Are A Swiss Watch: CPI At 4.6%, 2010 GDP At 10.3%

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Earlier we reported that based on a leak to Phoenix TV, "China's
inflation hit 4.6% in December, pushing the full-year 2010 consumer
price index up 3.3%, while the national economy grew 10.3% last year,
Hong Kong-based broadcaster Phoenix TV reported on its website
Wednesday, without citing any sources." Guess what: it was spot on. Just released CPI comes at 4.6%, just below the "official" estimate, and down from 5.1% before, while 2010 GDP of 10.3% came above expectations (and in line with leaks) of 9.5%. Lastly, the PPI came in at 5.9%, to pretend to offset some of the consumer price inflation, also spot on with the leaked number. Which begs the question: why was this data, as bogus as it is, leaked? Actually, that question, along with the data, is very much irrelevant. In the meantime, the AUDJPY and AUDUSD couldn't care less, both having barely budged by 10 pips.

Full data:

  • December GDP: 9.8%, vs. Exp. of 9.5%
  • Dec. retail sales: 19.1%, vs Exp. of 18.7%
  • December producer prices: 5.9% YoY, vs. Exp. of 5.8%
  • December consumer prices: 4.6% MoM, vs. Exp. of 4.7%


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max2205's picture

Thank God!!!!

BreakingNews At state dinner, Obama announces agreement with China that giant pandas at National Zoo can stay 5 more years - NBC News

Drag Racer's picture

That was my major concern as well... /ROFTAFCRMBL :rolling on floor triped and fell can't reach my beer laughing.

gimli's picture

Are these silver pandas?

I bet we never give these pandas back.

johngaltfla's picture

Who wants a Panda? Heck, you have to test them to insure they are not electroplate...

NOTW777's picture

you should also be reassured that cnbc is cheering obamas better poll numbers - thats all that counts right erin

The Talmud Kid's picture

erin is the CFR's butt slut.  The old men let her take some of the hors d'ouevres home after she sucks their wrinkled balls dry.

A real sad case, that one.

The Talmud Kid's picture

Long physical bullion, short GLD.

Let's see what ya got, CRIMEX.


GoinFawr's picture

Heh, anyone who has the minerals to ride that trade out definitely has a 'pair that would breed'.

Cursive's picture

Zhang wrote these numbers on a lunch napkin.  Waiter found it.  CPI was a little off cause Zhang got sloppy with the sticks and dropped a dumpling on it.

dr_teeth's picture

I was watching  CNBC Australia last night at about 11pm and they said those exact numbers. Are you sure this is not old news? I'm not joking.

Hondo's picture

Only stupid US investors would believe these numbers.

Itsalie's picture

MoM Dec CPI is still up 0.5% over November, so don't be fooled by that YoY number going down from 5% to 4.x%. Just call up someone in Shandong and ask for prices of cabbage or Szechuan for cooking oil prices if you want to know the number on the ground. Price controls does not work in wild wild east or west (Shandong is east, Szechuan is west, of china I mean). Now its over to Bernank's boyz to turn the Asian stock markets' sea of red into the sharpest U-turn and JP morgue to ram copper to new highs.

Xibalba's picture

HEre's A leAk for Ya: China gonna hike by 50 bps in time for the rabbit

Cdad's picture

I'm going much more macro on this China thing. 

Who the Hell cares about China anymore?  Seriously, these guys lie every time they talk.  They are central planners.  THEY ARE FREAKIN' COMMUNISTS PEOPLE!  Almost anything anyone could say about China for the next year is already priced in x 10.  De China bubble be burstin' very soon [as in yesterday].

Let's get serious and understand that anyone calling for China to save a useless idiot...or likely a criminal syndicate Wall Street banker looking for another reason to pump CAT for another day.

Get real and use your brains, folks. 

bankonzhongguo's picture

They are not communists. 

They are organized as fascists.

Just like any other global corporation.

Since the US consumer does not have the money anymore, Wall Street needs China to buyout the ponzi HFT scam-stock market.

They are drooling to get those nascent China based investment funds to buy more Netflix and Cowbell.

Now if they can pay-off the right guys at MINFIN and PBOC, then every Pearl River Delta "farmer" can buy into Clark County, NV.


Mercury's picture

Dude, China made the whisper number! <high five>

Somehow this seems familiar...what happened just after the last time people ran around taking like that?...I forget...

chump666's picture

no one believes these numbers.

next hedge fund manager/s going to China in 2011 with video cameras and blackberry tab spreadsheets?  whole F$$$$$$ plane loads.

china tea prices go up evey mth!


putbuyer's picture

Barry selling us out. Expected. Now the only way is to make it on your own.

This chick living off the grid. Excerpt for power.

DisparityFlux's picture

With 4.6, you get eggroll.


lead salad's picture

Was hoping for a happy ending...

snowball777's picture

1 from column A, 1 from column B, and a free Gen Cargo Carrier.

Trimmed Hedge's picture

Remember that building that they built in 5 days or whatever?

I wonder whatever happened to it since....

Seasmoke's picture

Watch out for Chinese drivers

Hephasteus's picture

It's always fun to marvel at the precision of central planning. It's very comforting.

JW n FL's picture

Team China BITCHEZ!!!!

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama bouncing back The president's approval rating returns to the 50s, but challenges remain, according to the latest poll

here come the numbers to pump him up! lil bush part duex in technicolor is on the rise!

OT sorry..

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

It was a warm night in Hawaii when LawWrench Summers drove his ice cream truck down the beach.  He was chugging down a Coca-cola float.  He loved the way the mercury from the HFCS laced his brain's pathways. 

"Ice cream, ice cream!"  Yelled brothers Barrock and George from the shoreline.  They ran back to the hotel pool where Darth Cheney was harassing the help.  "Come on sugar, show me your jugs."  The attendant ignored him.  "Raa."  Darth whined with disappointment.  Al Gore who was lying in a chair next to him with a towel over his eyes.  He lifted it up and squinted as he said, "Darth you got to be smooth man.  That's what Billy taught me.  Be smooth."  "Raa, and you are the smoothest around, raa!"  "Jealous much?  Muahahaha."

"Uncle Cheney?"  Interrupted 'Lil Bush.  "Can I have some monie for some ice cream?"  "Raa.  Here's a quarter."  "Me too, me too!"  Yelled little Barrock.  "Raa."  He flipped another quarter their way.  "To bad you do not have girls."  "They aren't mine!  I am watching them for Rockefeller.  Raa."  "Well if they were girls you could sell them off to the highest Goldman Sachs trader like Billy did."  "Do you ever shut up about him?!  Raa!"

The boys ran for the ice cream truck but Summers only drove faster.  'Look at them run!'  He laughed to himself.  Finally he stopped.  "What'll it be boys."  "Do you have anything for a quarter?" asked little Barrock.  "I have Jelly Smellies for fifty cents."  "Let's share!"  Smiled 'Lil Bush as he put his hand on his shoulder.  "Yeah!"  Agreed little Barrock.

Summers handed 'Lil Bush the dessert and he promptly ran away.  Barrock began to cry.  "Quit your crying, boy, he stole that fair and square."  He laughed loudly as he drove off.  Barrock walked back to where Darth Cheney was loungin'.  "Raa, stop your crying boy."  Barrock looked like he was all alone and without any ice cream.  Poor Barry.

But Barry would get ice cream come hell or high water.  He went to the bar where Hu was working.  He asked Hu for some ice cream.  "I give you ice cream after you pants Al Gore in front of the pool."  "No prob, Bob!"  Al Gore was stretching his arms high in the air.  He made eye contact with a young asian girl, and winked at her.  Little Barrock came up from behind and pulled down his pants.  The girl blushed and covered her mouth, "Little penis!"  She giggled.  Hu was pleased and gave little Barrock his dessert.  'He has a smaller penis than me!' thought Hu.

Misean's picture

The problem with Chinese stats is that your hungry an hour later...

Trimmed Hedge's picture

Plus they give me migraines.... : (

Misean's picture

That's the MSM that they use to make them presentable.

goldsaver's picture

Damn... too fucking funny!!!!!!!!!

no2foreclosures's picture

And a little MSG to make it all tasty.

DoctoRx's picture

At least China didn't (couldn't) invent $32 B in tax revenues from 2 alleged taxpayers.

And their growth in bank deposits far exceeds loan growth.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

I'm fucking out. 2/3rd stops monkey hammered...... Brutal ... I feel like silver wheaton salesman ....



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Don't worry, you are still the AIG, Bac salesman.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And all monie (even fiat) gets pumped on the news.

GoinFawr's picture

Right on cue: Australia closes and Ag/Au pop like a beachball that had been held underwater by someone who just got stung by a box jellyfish.


Oh regional Indian's picture

So China lies. Read that for about the 30th time this year already. The two chief liars met.

Traded some lies. Lied about some trades. 

Then they lied around some. 

Such a bunch of lie-abouts.

Yu Lingding Dong Fong! Give him sum guy dense! Or a little sense.


Michael's picture

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ThreeTrees's picture

I bet you they don't even know what they're generating.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Relax! 4.6% inflation? What could go wrong? The Fed is actually jealous :-)

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Market yawns, drops in asia so far.

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Kina's picture

One thing certain is the Chinese would have significantly understated the problem as they always do.


Eventually they will have to bite the bullet or face ever increasing social problems at home of the kind that makes them worry. Nothing like that to focus the mind of the Communist Party.


Surely that means there will be significant action taken pretty soon to really address the problem.


I look forward to a hit on the AUD as a result of it.