Chris Martenson Podcast On Surviving And Resilience

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Chris Martenson is one of the few visionaries who has long been warning about the disastrous effects of out of control spending and debt monetization (as well as unmasking the shell game the government has been engaging in for the past two years as it attempts to sequester foreign MBS holdings and exchange them for Treasury securities by tracking the TIC-custody account divergence), and his blog should be required reading for all interested in the intricacies of Fed intervention in rates. Today, Martenson has a post which, however, touches on something completely different: survival. In his words: "I was interviewed by Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast.
We had a meaty exploration of the core tenets of the Three Es (Economy, Energy, Environment) in light
of recent developments, then delved pretty deeply into strategies for
building personal resilience, which is the main focus of Jack's regular
podcasts. I enjoyed myself and think the discussion is worth listening
to." Yet this is not a bunker survivalist manifesto: "A note on TSP: while it has a "survival" theme, it's not "survivalist" in its approach. Jack is focused on helping his audience learn how to increase their degree of personal preparation - much in the same way we're focused on it here at His mantra is "Helping you live the life you want, if times get tough, or even if they don't." Like me, he's interested in guiding people to take steps that will improve their quality of life no matter how things unfold in the future. Speaking with him before and during our interview, I found him to be thoughtful, measured, and passionate about making a positive difference."

Martenson's podcast interview is now posted on TSP. Click here to listen to it.

Additionally, for those who are interested in delving deeper in the topics presented by Martenson, Chris has posted links to his ongoing 'What Should I Do? The
Basics of Resilience' series which offers more detailed guidance than provided in the podcast:


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Well done Chris. Sax does a fabulous job on your daily blog.

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For those who still are on the fence, check out

It took money to make this for your education. We are all in this together.

"The Secret of Oz" FREE English version



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There are good ideas on the surviving in Argentina blog also.   This guy FerFAL writes about his experiences throught their economic collapse.

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Highly recommend The Survival Podcast.  Been listening almost from Day 1.

As Tyler says, this is a "prepper" site, not a "survivalist" site.  The difference is preparation for bad times, as opposed to preparing for them and hoping they come.

Topics range from gardening, to crisis investing, to buying rural property, to choosing the right firearms.

The site's slogan is "Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't".  Good bunch of folks on the forum too

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repeat after me:  "bottle in front of me, bottle in front of me."

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Thanks! I've been looking for some sane (sans tin-foil hat) commentary.

Frankie Carbone's picture should be a standard membership for all the members of Fight Club.

The CM'ers and Fight Club would see eye to eye on about 99% of all issues discussed here, and there.

And yes, they talk A LOT about the markets. Some of the best -spirited but civil - debates on deflation vs. inflation go on in their forums.

They have zero tolerance for rudeness so if you're a chronic dick to posters they'll toss you in a New York second.

It's the site that I go to when I want to talk with bright people that treat each other, for the most part, with respect. You'll see amazing intellectual discussions go on for pages and pages. Very informative and mentally stimulating.

Phenomenal 100+ page thread called "The Definitive Firearms Thread" that talks about guns and personal defense.

I've been a member since 2008. Look me up and drop me a PM. I go by "Morpheus".

You'll be hard pressed to find any sheep in that community.

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And while it's been said on ZH before, it needs to be said again: Chris Martenson's "Crash Course" is an absolute must-watch. At 3.5 hrs total length it takes a little patience, but is absolutely worth the investment of time.

For those challenged by attention span, start at Chap. 9 or so, and watch to the end. Those are the most interesting chapters. After they whet your appetite, go back and watch the whole thing start to finish.


Frankie Carbone's picture


I own the DVD and bought copies for friends and family that I thought were ready to, that is, have the courage to shed their wool.

But you can watch it onsite absolutely free and it should be required media for any informed member of fight club.

It was precisely because of Chris Martenson's theories on future food production that I was wise enough to pick up a subtle tip on an video stream talking about the Russian wheat harvest.


Guys, that was in the May/June timeframe that I bought a shitload of wheat calls when the option prices were bottoming. I made a killing off of the knowledge that I gained.

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I'm also a member over at  I second what Frankie/Morpheus says above.  

sagerxx's picture

Back from a 17-hour workday (incl. commute).  Gotta keep my small biz afloat another 18 months or so...  Unless Bennie Bananas crashes things first, in which case I'll go from Pilates guru to full-time farmer.  <g>


Good to see another CM-er over here!  I'll see you on the playgrounds, brah!

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Agreed. Chris' site is what brought me to this one. Like Tyler, an honest, intelligent voice.  

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Why would I possibly need any of these "survival" ideas when Wal Mart is open 24/7? Come on now, let's get real.

Jake Green's picture

Have you ever seen footage of the Wal Mart looting during Katrina?

Hell, even the cops were loading up.

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One other comment if I may.

It gives me some hope to see the blogosphere start to link up, interlink that is. And I do think it's vital that members cross-enroll so as to strengthen into an interlocked cohesive front.

If I had to guess I'd bet that Chris Martenson's site has 10-20 thousand members, with a few hundred regulars, or so.

I'm also a member of Charles Hugh Smith's site and a few others.

If the blogosphere can successfully interlock, without Washington considering it
a "threat to national security" (read: a threat to their corporatist media, finance, academic hegemony over your lives and the lives of your families), then we might finally find a very potent way to slay the corporate media beast, undermine it's message, further erode its already shitty credibility and send them into ruinous irrelevance.

Just hanging out on one site isn't going to cut it. Divided we fall.

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It gives me some hope to see the blogosphere start to link up, interlink that is.


Agreed... I have often had the feeling that sites such as ZH, TOD, etc would become the proving grounds for a new (mainstream) and final school of pure economics that rightfully incorporates energy economics (physics) and the natural capital of our environment... Time will tell, but clearly we are on the right path ;-)...

Frankie Carbone's picture

Blog news, analysis, and discussion makes me feel empowered like a citizen again, rather than a faceless drone consumer.

I hate that title/label with a gawd awful passion.

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I think its encouraging to finally see some other people start to think rationally about these issues ... I've only been focusing on them for the last ten years.

Water is the most critical -- I live in a town, muninciple water system draws from the river.  when the government collapses, no water.  no wells.  no springs.  There will be cholera, probably dead bodies, in the river.

40 gallons of water, as chris Martensen says he has, will last a couple of weeks.  Then what?

Filters are not going to be replaceable.  Don't even think about using something like that.

I have 500 gallons under my roof, for starters.  Then, I have simple metal apparatus and tools to construct a simple rainwater collection system off of my roof.  Finally, I am stockpiling Clorox.  (Of all commodities, this one will increase in value the most as govts collapse).  Clorox dissipates into the air over time, functionally its the same chemical that the muninciple water works use to sterilize water.  Its cheap.  Its tradeable for other goods and services. 



CPL's picture

Glad I'm on a well sometimes and have land.

nmewn's picture

I heard that. For the city dwellers...check out activated charcoal.

That reminds me...I need to turn off my sprinkler...left it on last night ;-)

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

I to am on a well, I bought a 110v pump & built a solar array to run it also have a hand pump. My well is only 40' deep so the 110v pump will easily push the head pressure. Plan to get a wind generatir soon.

Frankie Carbone's picture

As far as water, I live in Hurricane Alley (South Florida) and bought one of these:

I can literally purify putrid stagnant pond water and make it healthier than city tap water for pennies on the gallon.

Water supplies are an absolute in hurricane country.

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The world economy is very complex. There is a great need for highly skilled people in all kinds of fields ( medicine, engineering, yes - even finance etc).There are many parts of the world economy that, even as we speak, are vibrant and profitable. It may not alwayds be so in your backyard - so need to cast your net a bit wider. Yearning for a simpler utopian world where everyone grows their own own veggies in the back yard is likely to only lead to bitter disappointment - as the world moves forward not backwards.
I can find plenty of things to dislike about the way the world economy is working - but I dont think rejecting it wholesale ( and praying for an apocalypse to prove you right) is going to be an enriching decision.
One has to try to figure out the way the world works and find a profitable niche to occupy - this takes some thought and work and discipline - throwing a temper tantrum and retreating to a rural barn is not particularly heroic or creative .

Grand Supercycle's picture

Short signals detected yesterday have now increased.

Lndmvr's picture

Build a basic still. You will be able to distill any water source on a constant basis. It's also good for other stuff but I don't know if there will still be "revenuers" about. Also, with a corn supply, you could adapt a generator to run on ethanol.

Chemba's picture

Oh give me a f$%&ng break

I think this is a sign that ZH has gone, to borrow an awesome phrase, "full retard"

Crime of the Century's picture

Unlike Chemba apparently, Chris M can do math. Chemba thinks Ponzi>math. Math thinks Chemba is full retard.

RockyRacoon's picture

Since you find Zero Hedge to be providing nothing of value to enrich your life, why do you hang around?  Why not just move on to the Yahoo Boards and get your sustenance?

wisefool's picture

Is this kinda like QE2?

Jason T's picture

NewHoly cow this guy is preaching to choir... and I'm in that Choir.

Stun Gun's picture

Guns aren't the only useful tool when people start acting badly. A dependable stun gun or Taser, or high octain pepper spray can augment your self defense plan because sometimes bad guys like to get close enough to touch you before they let you know they are bad guys.


RockyRacoon's picture

I also have several high-quality sling shots with spare bands.  I go to the local Hobby Lobby when they have sales and buy those glass marbles (used in decorative vases and such I think) for ammo.  Ammo made specifically for a sling shot is ball bearing and quite expensive.  Also, I found a nice sling shot at Gander Mountain for about $10 (Daisy). Silent -- and very deadly with some practice.  There are probably other sources, but here is where I got mine:

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Chris Martenson, while being right about alot, is still a dumbass


He doesn't understand

Nuclear Breeders



Fusion Arcs


Thus he tells us what's wrong, but as right is he is about where we currently are, he's the diametrically opposite, (that's opposite = COMPLETLY AND UTTERLY FUCKING WRONG) about the FUTURE.

Now, if we assume we stay on the Queen's bullshit path, he is right.

But we need not do that, and we can surivive, and not run out of everything.

His whole thing is energy right?

So NUCLEAR BREEDERS which have a CLOSED fuel cycle, hell even a fuel cycle that expands...that's using make 10 nuclear plants worth of fuel, become 20, 40, 80, etc....

Also, FUSION.  30-50 years of research will get us there.  We must start RIGHT NOW. 

So it's up to you.  Believe Chris 'we have no future' Martenson, or go with what's really out there, and attainable to avoid this future.

Now again, I'm not hating on the guy.  Why?  Because his crash course talking about what is CURRENTLY our course, is dead on.

But boy does he not know how to steer it himself.

So a person with a brain realizes, that a person can be both COMPLETELY RIGHT IN ONE AREA, and COMPLETELY WRONG in another.

That's CM.  COmpletely right, and important to listen to about one end, and one that has to be muted on the other.

Will we run out of stuff?  Only if we're fucking idiots.

In a universe where FUSION is possible.  Where FUSION ARCS (that create any of the 92 naturally occuring elements) AND a universe so big there is pretty much endless amounts of everything SOMEWHERE out there....only an idiot would make the assumption, that we're going to run out of everything, and that it is impossible to stop.

It isn't. 


But it is, if the staus quo is maintained.


After all, scarcity brings wealth.  Get it?

We won't let the Earth NEEDLESSLY go into 'fighting over scraps' mode.  Only idiots, would let it.

So go and read, and learn alot from Chris, but you also have to teach him about the back end stuff. 

PuppetRepubl1c's picture

Most people agree FUSION technology is at least 100 years away.  Yes there are other things we could start using today like Thorium but there is no interest because other fuel sources are cheaper.  If history is any judge, no real attempt to switch energy sources will be made until the current fuel sources are MORE expensive than these new nuclear methods.  This means chaos and destruction are guaranteed to occur during the interim process where the world changes energy sources.


I lean towards Chris' view because you need only look at CSPAN for 30 seconds to realize our government (the most powerful in the world) is run by incompetent assholes.  It would be a an insult to the mentally handicapped to call them "retarded" because most mentally handicapped people are vastly more intelligent than the average politician in America.  How can anyone in their right mind look at the current leaders in America and think we have any hope of survival?



Frankie Carbone's picture

You have completely mischaracterized Chris' message which, in my book, makes you a simpleton.

Get your facts straight before you rant. Chris's message is ABSOLUTELY NOT that we don't have a future. His message is that the future is going to be dramatically different than the present.

In fact, he's stated repeatedly that he's excited to live in times like this and he carries a very positive, upbeat message.

Apparently you don't know that message as you'd rather be tilting at windmills.

PuppetRepubl1c's picture

I wasn't intending to say Chris believes there is no hope, that is my current conclusion.  (and i find it very likely, though not guaranteed to happen).  I do however believe that the interim period of change from our current energy system to the energy system of the future will be a violent and bumpy ride and from what i have heard Chris say he believes this is likely as well.


Frankie Carbone's picture

Puppet. I wasn't addressing you. I was addressing the genius above you who's fantasy thinking assumes that an as-yet unproven technology (I'm an engineer with a Ph.D level education, I'm qualified to make that assessment) is going to be implemented seamlessly in an effectively BROKE nation without issue.

A number of problems here:

1. This is not a proven technology. It's promising. Which means it's still high risk.

2. The cost of converting the Infrastructure of the United States over to a fusion-based energy system will make our social security obligations look like a cheap tip at the local diner comparatively. Where will we get the money?

3. Aircraft can't fly on fusion energy. Cars, trains, and trucks would have to be recycled and rebuilt for electric. Electric is very promising but poses an issue with rare earth metal shortages.

4. You can't make fertilizer out of fusion. You can with oil.

5. Same with plastics. Hell, look around your home and see how much oil is in your house.

6. Can't make most prescription drugs without oil.

The short of it is that Chris is not doom and gloom. He's a realist that sees the future for what it is, not what one would wish it to be. And he prepares accordingly. Fusion is not a panacea. It doesn't solve the need for oil, nor does it's mere promise address the TENS OF TRILLIONS AND DECADES of infrastructure replacement needed RIGHT NOW.

Yet it's an immature technology that isn't even at the small scale stage yet.

Nuclear breeders? We have a resource issue there as well. Raymond here wants to trade one critical issue for another. Spend trillions and a decade or two to kick the can another two decades? Arrgghhh.

So. Who's the idiot? Chris or the critic?

PuppetRepubl1c's picture

Very good points Frankie, baseless optimism is no plan for the future.


You are correct that Chris is optimistic about our future, i am not convinced it will be pretty.  Everyone is expecting some great new invention like the internet to save us all.  Maybe that will happen, it would surely be nice, but there is no guarantee and people who don't plan for rough times ahead will be caught very unprepared.

Frankie Carbone's picture

I have never seen any evidence of Chris' optimism based on the strategy of "hope". I think that he's just upbeat and positive about making do with what we have. My inferences from his writings are that a compelling return to community and roots will not only be necessary, but a net positive.

Sometimes news is not good news. Often it's terrible news. Americans have a tendency to shoot, no, scratch that,  disembowel the messenger. I think that's based on intellectual feebleness combined with a lack of ability to reason, and what I observe incredibly to be a "mass emotional arrestment".

Basically America is teeming with children, ages 6-80. Children beat up the messenger rather than face the message. How we got there I can't say for sure, but I think the Prussian education system is probably front and center to the problem.