The Citadel Trail Emerges, Goldman Injunction Likely To Follow Shortly

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I got my 0H cap. I wore it to the grocery store today. That is all.

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This isn't even news. You're twisting a non-event into some conspiracy theory....

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Drink up. It's only Kool-Aid

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Huh? How much is Goldman paying you to follow this blog and comment?

Oh, and Jace contributed $2,400 to the Obama campaign...from his address in Chicago.

Obama isn't dirty? Yup, and the Pope doesn't wear pantyhose.

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I wish I could understand all of this...

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I wonder if the stolen code actually proves the front running allegations and that's why they've gone absolutely bananas?

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I'll bet as much comes of this as the Japanese bearer bond guys, or the North Korean ship that was being tracked off the coast of China.

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Let's see if the Feds can keep Sergey alive long enough to hear some of the more gruesome GS stuff!  Can't wait to find out if the program really front-runs.

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Man, lot of hate coming your way over the last few days, Tyler.  Stay strong brother

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Wasn't GS leasing tankers full of oil?

If so, then this doesn't look promising for them...

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So Misha left Citadel months ago, taking a bunch of high frequency traders with him, and because he hired Sergey Citadel is somehow involved? If there's anyone involved, it's Misha.

Wow, what utter rubbish you write and pretend to call news.

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"Wasn't GS leasing tankers full of oil?"

I am pretty sure those will be unloaded ahead of the herd.