Citi On "Unusual Risk" From A Weaker Than Expected ADP And/Or ISM

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Thank you Shitty for some useless info.


Most at risk are long positions in AUD, NOK, and SEK but other risk . . . .

Technical bounce in the Dollar based on.......?

Yeah, we are all wondering when and if QE is coming to an end.




Edit: In the meantime it looks like the market continues to price in both QE 3 and QE 4


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so much for risk off............

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Most at risk are long positions in AUD, NOK, and SEK


Seems others are assuming it is another reason for money printing... USD down.

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It's all bullshit posturing before setting up things up for the banksters favorite chairsatan they put in place. Last week this would have been bullish for pm's and the market-- now they're trying to say it's risk off all of a sudden? What a joke.

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Who started this "risk-on" "risk-off" terminology? It's cumbersome and ugly.


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Typically a 2-point surprise is needed to move the market.

Now let's see what a 5-point downside surprise plus a worse than expected ADM number does to the market today.   

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What is ADP/ISM?