Classified Cables On Gaddafi's 38 Year Old "Voluptuous Blonde" Ukrainian Concubine/Nurse, And "Other Eccentricities"

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So, when the nursing staff heads back to the Ukraine we know it's really over.

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Shouldn't that be 'nursing staff'. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

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 "Heads  back to the Ukraine."  Skilled at the art of fellatio.  Coaxing an aged man's sexual equipment into action is a skill, I suppose . . .

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She's listed in the Bulgarian State Mental Health Facilities Directory of Personnel Practicing in Labia as a trained crossdressing "Glyna"cologist.
Woulda thought that he could use more of a prostate prospector sort, but then WTF do I know?
Just speculumatin'.

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Breaking News;

Somalia Pirates Kill Four American Hostages.

Mainstream Media Scrambling to Fill Human Interest Story Gap.

"NAIROBI, Kenya — A pirate fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a U.S. Navy destroyer shadowing a hijacked yacht with four Americans aboard Tuesday. Then gunfire erupted, the military said. U.S. special forces rushed to the yacht only to find the four Americans fatally wounded."

Obama on his way to The Puntland State of Somalia for diplomatic negotiations.

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Anyone sailing in the pirate held waters off Somalia who doesn't have dual 50s mounted above decks is a dumb ass. Hell, I wouldn't sail there without a 30mm cannon. Though if I did have a 30mm cannon I'd probably sail right under their noses and dare them to try it, just try it punk.

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One .50 would be enough.  I used to be able to demolish a steel truck with about 6 rounds.  The pirates use inflatable boats.

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gilligan, maryann, and lovee aren't that smart.


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you will need more than 1 .50 to take down a full speed zodiac..

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Yeah, because they are armored to protect teh pilots... (SARC)

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True, but the pirates are using any boats they can get.  I don't think they're really very sophisticated.  It's those rockets and the mindset of the shipping companies that are setting the tone.  Fight back, they'll quit.

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How do we know the Ukrainian nurse doesn't work for the US?

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I suspect she's a double D agent.

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galyna, the arab speaking ukrainian blonde. ahah.

but the whole diplomatic world knows he like boys.

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Hey, you leave Tony Blair's best friend alone!

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The fear of flying over water is probably related to "Lockerbie Justice".

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i doubt very much that libya ever had anything to do with lockerbie. 

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I agree.  If anyone is prepared to spend a couple of hours researching the Lockerbie case, and especially to look into the evidence presented at the trial, the shocking conclusion is there is very little evidence of Libyan involvement.  What is also overlooked is that Al Megrahi had been pushing for an appeal to his case and the Scottish authorities thought it pretty likely his conviction would be quashed.

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What's the difference between perversions and eccentricities?

Your own squadron of MIGs and 40 years of practice.

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Listen. Having your own cadre of buxom blonde bombshells is not a perversion, even if you play doctor with them. That's just good planning. 3 or 4 isn't too many either. Maybe 15 is getting to be too many but not if they get along and he's got the right drugs.

Seriously, what's the point of 1.5 million barrels a day if it don't come with bimbos.

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Aha!  Now we know the REAL reason why he wouldn't let the Bulgarian nurses go...

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What's the difference between perversions and eccentricities?

Your "perversions and eccentricities" are our State Department's "personality and experience."

Gotta love this 2009 Reuters dispatch...

Once called the “mad dog of the Middle East” by President Ronald Reagan, Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi will meet U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week. 

Senior State Department official David Welch told reporters he had met Gaddafi — “a person of personality and experience” — several times. 

'We don’t refer to Colonel Gaddafi in those terms today,' said Welch when asked about Reagan’s derogatory reference. 

He anticipated Rice, America’s most senior diplomat, was 'quite capable' of meeting with Gaddafi and looking after U.S. interests. 

'She is anticipating this one with great interest,' he said of the upcoming Tripoli encounter. 

No word on whether the meeting — the first between Libya and a U.S. secretary of state since 1953 — will take place in one of Gaddafi’s tents."

If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying.

Oh, and get a load of the photo accompanying the story:

Am I the only one out here wondering how Qadafi had the time to moonlight as Severus Snape?

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Millions of people in Libya and nary one a barber?

"You're gonna make some plastic surgeon a rich man!" -- The Pretenders

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That video Gadhafi did today will be in a music video within a year.


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As will his concubine. Teachers in Wisconsin should add a concubine each to their protest list.

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Or a movie..

The NON King's speech.

He's a comedian, really. A neurotic comedian with access to his own military. He's taking psychopathy to a whole new level this guy!

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He'd fit right in in my hood.

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Anyone have pics of his nurse?

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thanks for the pix lizzy36 i'd love to stay and chat but have to go right now catching next flight to Ukraine...

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I thought he was crazy but

Um, after seeing those pics...drool

I wouldn't leave home without that either. Gotta lock that down as they say.

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Thanks, but which one is she?  She either got the hottest makeover in history or the webpage layout is more confusing than Invisible Tetris.

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I guess have billions can get you a cadre of hotties at your disposal - ah the perks of being a meglomaniac dictator

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Thanks Lizzy. And here is a picture of two of his other nurses. They help him when he runs out of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Penisceiling, etc,. They help him to get his schlong in haft mast.



Ratings: Mature/Adult


By the by, holy shit, that dude is one ugly SOB. Must have been beaten with an ugly stick. Am surprised that nobody has mentioned it thus far.

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are u  fukin serious? this crazed idiot is killing his peeps and threatens to blo up the oil wells and ur talkin about his girlfriend? don't u realize that wiki is just being used to release selected docs? unless of course they get a payoff ala bank of amerika.

this post is a disgrace.


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dude,  this shows that Gaddafi is still active with his antics and more apt to fight and kill for the status quo.....he probably thinks he is immortal ....he might be if he's still pounding away at his age's picture

don't u realize that wiki is just being used to release selected docs?


As I don't suffer from full blown psychosis, no I hadn't "realized" that.'s picture

Shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?

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do u have anything to contribute? do u have an opinion on anything that might be interesting? i bet u do. give it a try. really.'s picture

Assange is in the process of contributing a quarter of a million secret government documents and you're unhappy with that so I'm not sure what you might expect from me. Perhaps if I told you the tale of Bigfoot and how he destroyed the Twin Towers with laser beams from his magic UFO you could drift back into a fitful sleep.

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the documents are being released selectively. why not release all of them? the docs are low level secret, they are not "top secret" or anything like that. mostly inter-office memos.

and since you mentioned the towers, i guess you're putting forth the propoganda that if someone doubts the official story, they are obviously crazy and believe that bigfoot had a laser destroy the three skyscrapers, including the one that wasn't hit by a plane and was two blocks away from the twins.

i'm glad to see you express your opinions, that is, if you are sincere, and not a paid op.'s picture

 if you are sincere, and not a paid op.

You're not paranoid. Not in the least.

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Sounds like a good script for a porn movie. Make sure the SEC gets five copies when it's ready.

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YES!  A literal LOL!  Thanks!

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Well at least if old Muamm gets hung, he at least got some pretty decent shake along the way. That damn power thing brings pussy and money for sure, just like the Bad Book says.

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Heck. If that's the problem he can take his bimbos with him. Nobody cares. Just go.

Failing that, there are babes in Brazil he could get into. Just go.

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Galyna Goes Daffy

Nurse Feelgood & Friends Do Libya