CMC Provides Update On Why It Is Halting Gold And Silver Futures Products

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Yesterday we reported on the halt of gold and silver futures trading by Australian broker CMC Markets. As noted, CMC did indicate it would continue trading gold and silver spot products, which is why we were surprised by the difference in trading halt outcomes between the Australian firm and which had halted XAU and XAG outright. To provide further clarification on the CMC decision, here is an email we received from Jane Bryant, PR campaign amanger at CMC Markets...

Hi Tyler,

I read your post 'Another broker halts trading gold and silver products' with interest, as obviously it is about CMC Markets in Australia. My concern is that your blog post does not communicate the real reason why CMC Markets has stopped trading gold and silver futures.

Put simply - we still offer spot gold and spot silver as they are more liquid, have a greater transactional flow and have more continuous pricing when compared to silver and gold futures. CMC has stopped trading silver and gold futures purely for commercial reasons (ie we have overwhelming client interest in gold and silver spot products), and is not connected in any way to Dodd-Frank's product prohibition.

So there you have it: people are just not interested in trading gold and silver futures. Which is probably not good if indeed gold and silver spot trading, where allegedly the bulk of the volume is concentrated, will soon be prohibited by Dodd-Frank.

We have sent an inquiry into CMC to ask if they will halt spot gold and silver trading in light of the Frankendodd developments. We will post it as soon as we get it.

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SheepDog-One's picture

'Gold and silver futures? Meh....we're just not interested in em'....gee I wonder why, since people will trade futures on any made-up instrument imaginable, but just not GOLD and SILVER.

bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

I'll continue to buy the PHYZZ.  I'm 80% done with this paper game.

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture

Buying 'em cheap, and stackin' them deep!

I'm probably about 82% done with this paper game. As soon as the Comex defaults next month (50/50 chance it will or it won't), the paper games might (again, 50/50 chance) end at some unspecified point in the future.  Next week or 200 years from now is your decision.

Personally, I think volatility will increase sometime in the future, which means that price might go up and price might go down on no news - it's just a feeling I've got in my gut.  Can't quite explain it, but anyone who's been trading silver for a long time knows what I mean.  

Let me be clear:  volatility will increase in the future, and it has, at some undefined point in the past, increased too.  And that makes me right no matter what anyone says.

This is a fantastic time to be buying physical.  So was every data point in the past.  And every data point in the future will be too.  

Stacking deep! Buying cheap! Ain't no guuubermint gonna take my metal.  


tmosley's picture

RNR, you are such a fucking coward.

Better change names again, you worthless piece of shit.

trav7777's picture

funny how you recognize the stink of your own shit even when not mentioned by name.

You are so pathetic and he had you pegged

Djirk's picture

Are the ETFs next? Should I dump SLV (or just take some more profits)

Hugh G Rection's picture

RNR and Trav, start breaking in your manginas now.  You're both going to have a foot long silver cock rammed balls deep up your Keynesian asses.


The Crimex WILL default, 6 months, a year, who knows? Now go masturbate to John Holdren pics, you eugenicist asshat.

tmosley's picture

Not really.  He is an incredible hypocrite, in addition to being an aggressive little petite Hitler.  That is to say, even as he lambasted one and all for talking about silver, he himself fucking owns it.

tmosley's picture

What, are you saying that you are so stupid that you can't recognize when others are using your words?

Better castrate yourself, eugenics boy.

Thomas's picture

Dump the paper shit and let's just trade coins and ingots. Nobody should be this leveraged anyway. Blow them out and let's get on with trading the real stuff.

SWRichmond's picture

This is what a deleveraging in the PM markets looks like.  The prohibition on OTC PM trading is also, of course, global capital control. 

= People are starting to realize that gold is money, and governments are starting to notice.  The game is afoot.

Time to cash out some more of my IRA.

kentfinance's picture

reinforces the thesis on buying the phys.

paper is irrelevant

could this be the start of the real price divergence?

kentfinance's picture

reinforces the thesis on buying the phys.

paper is irrelevant

could this be the start of the real price divergence?

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

They should halt trading in the Dollar.

HoofHearted's picture

No no no. Not yet. I've still got a couple of dollars to trade in.

Pissed me off when I had all those S&H green stamps saved up and then poof...the redemption was gone. History may not repeat, but it just might rhyme once again...

Ray1968's picture

If it isn't in your hand, you don't own it!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'm good for it. Trust me.


Mr Kurtz's picture

I like that. "Trust me". Yup, just ask any Indian.

66Sexy's picture

THIS. If you cant hide it from lawyers, the government, creditors, and your wife... you dont own it!

caconhma's picture

Bravo, this is the quote of the month.

nevadan's picture

...and your wife...  lol, a coffee up the nose moment.  Wives are the ultimate risk.

Mr Kurtz's picture

Apologies for the vulagarities but as my dear ole departed dad once advised me, " Sonny, if it flies,floats or fucks, then goddamn it, you rent it, you don't ever buy it!"

scatterbrains's picture

lol amen brother! Be a man.. have a full sack

tarsubil's picture

Oh crap! My wife! I never thought of that!

Mr Kurtz's picture

Mine never lets me forget <sigh> another story for another time.

Mr Kurtz's picture

Mine never lets me forget <sigh> another story for another time.

Harlequin001's picture

Ray1968, If it is in your hands your government owns it. You can call it yours for as long as they say you can. Then you hand it over...

Move it offshore where they can't take it...

CynicLaureate's picture

Yeah, move it offshore so a different government can take it...

There's a reason so many countries want rich people to move in; they've already taken everything they can from their own citizens.

Harlequin001's picture

You haven't really thought this through, have you...

PaperBear's picture

Let the gold futures and silver future die the death they long deserve thanks to the rampant manipulation.

Lmo Mutton's picture

I thought getting physical was buying futures.

Harlequin001's picture

Yep, physical futures. Can't go wrong...

Thomas's picture

I like the Panda futures, but occasionally by 100 ounce futures.

Harlequin001's picture

In future if it doesn't break my foot when I drop it, I don't buy it...

ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

Guys, this is a synthetic trading trade the CMC "price" not the gold or silver price on Comex or Globex...CMC are the market-maker so they are saying they could not garner enough clients to trade their "look-alike" futures product to make it worth their while.

Lmo Mutton's picture

I thought getting physical was buying futures.

ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

"We have sent an inquiry into CMC to ask if they will halt spot gold and silver trading in light of the Frankendodd developments"

OK, so PR might become the 51st state but I haven't heard Australia has dibbs on being No. 52 yet...

Yeah...let's see how polite this flack-lady truly is by asking more dumb-ass questions after we printed a completely bullshit story....

fredquimby's picture

+1 for previous comment

+1 for this comment.




Broomer's picture

You are wrong, there is already a 51st state. It is called "Israel".

A_MacLaren's picture

Why own the digital "equivalent", when it isn't?

AUD's picture

XAU and XAG are some kind of index right? These CMC 'products' would still be CFD's, just  pricing off the index rather than the COMEX.

I don't see much difference.

breezer1's picture

physical is the future.

Aborted Baby Seal's picture

JP Morgan Strategy:


Wait until Frakendodd is in effect

Fail to deliver on futures contracts


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Mr. Gold just got it's 9:30 AM EDT woody. I bet Mrs. Gold is very happy.

Mr Kurtz's picture

A short (hah) lived is down a buck as of 11:20AM. Oh well, what goes up, goes down. Even Mrs. Gold needs to take a break every now and then.

Drachma's picture

As usual, induced flaccidity followed quickly before insertion. Mr. Gold couldn't get the image of grandma creeping up his leg out of his mind.

apberusdisvet's picture

There is a growing epiphany that the vaults are empty at GLD and SLV and Comex and LBMA and Ft Knox, etc etc

NoRestForTheWicked's picture

Are Comex and LBMA supposed to have vaults?  Certainly there's a great big dollop of counterparty risk there.  Ft Knox does have gold - James Bond made sure that Goldfinger couldn't set off the nukes to contaminate the stock.  Leave that to Fukushima.

Broomer's picture

But this was in 1964, before Nixon closed the gold window because America no longer had any of it.