CME Hikes Silver Margins By 17%: 4th Hike In 8 Trading Days

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Nobody could have foreseen this. Nobody. At this point there is nothing left to comment on what is a concerted action to "mitigate" any and all risk in the commodity market but could as well be classified as executive order 6102.5. While we were joking before that soon one will have to post more cash than an silver contract is worth, we are now forced to reevaluate this sarcasm.

CME Silver

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Do they offer any explanation at all as to why they feel the need to do this in parts?

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Why buy paper anyway ? Physical sellers do not ask for margins. Just pay the full price and be done with it.

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Yeah, right.

You can make a small fortune with leverage. Provided you started with a bigger one.

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That is my favorite saying about the publishing business: To make a small fortune in publishing, start with a large one.


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Corrupt muthaGOLDMANcocksuckerGENSLERmotherfucker!

Xibalba's picture'll all see.  A 100% all cash + premium will soon be instituted...and the prices will still rise...then comes confiscation.  

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Release the (Bern)Kra(n)ken!

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The ground work is being laid for QE3.  That's how I see this.  They know QE3 or some variant thereof will give PM's strength.  Beat it back down now and a new round of toilet paper can be printed going into H2.


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options are the smartest way to buy or sell with leverage. Any other way and you are exposing your belly to the armed thieves.


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Burn it down.  Hit the reset button.  Gold 36000 for president.

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It may be safe to say that the volitility in Silver of late indicates an attempted period without any will of course fail, and the US Dollar will die. Any QE program to come will be too late; fear in the markets will spread faster and wider than any liquidity injection.

As of 10am yesterday, the Perth Mint had 3 x 10oz Silver bars left in inventory...yes, I cleaned them out but left some crumbs...I even bought off people in the line waiting to sell...LOL!!!

Price no longer exists.

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Confiscation is the idiots lining up to sell.


The endgame approaches.


GetZee hit the the ground gave way.


I am now taking all the physical I can find.


.....and the idiots are still not taking action.


You can't fix stupid.



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I just thank God there are 200 million+ firearms in the hands of ordinary citizens. Just let them try to steal our gold and silver from us this time.

Every government agent will be targeted for death if that happens this time around.

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And I would encourage the 80million firearms owners to also get (1) hearing protection, (2) breathing protection, (3) eye protection, (4) night vision equipment and (5) body armor - tho I suspect many of us already have that. Because this godzilla won't go down without a fight and it has a lot of high tech gadgets that out-do a 30-30.

Maybe the least costly fight is to educate our fellow countrymen as to the evils and corruption that have infected the system And that the right fight is to eradicate the Borg. I fear time is running short to do this; still, there may be a few minutes left of the clock.

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You're missing the point buying paper silver or on margin. If I wanted to chase moment I'd go after the momo stocks instead.

Fiat is shit, holding cash means it wastes away, no interest paid anywhere so where else do you store wealth safely? Gold n silver.

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So what' the total of the 4 hikes?

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Anyone else notice that HL and CDE couldn't even fall today? They've hit rock bottom. No tricks are left in the playbook. 

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yes they are a easy trade, Remember that HL reports on the 9 th

.10-.15 with avg of .12

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Carlos Slim selling silver futures to hedge his mine.

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At 18 he sold hedges.  LOL.  Lets keep the time line correct.

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Thank you for confirming my statement is correct.

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I wish someone had a good take on why, even with Crimex and SLV being a shiny hologram, why PSLV isnt a reasonable (but premium priced) call on Ag until PSLV units can be sold off for fiat and exchanged for personal metal. 

Does anybody think that PSLV could break from Crimex spot and more closely track the physical market?

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I sincerely hope that everyone is doing their patriotic duty and buying physical silver at sub $40 prices.  Everyone is expecting it to go to $35 and then take off like a rocket, which means that it probably won't.

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I am expecting that it will, which means that it won't.

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39 is the bottom.

This is it. Get physical while you can at a discount. 

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I'd say wait till Monday and see where the price is at and if any further hikes are anounced for later in the week.  Either way, dry powder, ready to fire.  

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on my walk home i stopped in on a random rare coins dealer on 57th street. Guy said he's out of eagles but has "500 coming in" only 500? i bought a 10 oz troy on the spot. I'd love to buy more but at the same time i'll feel like a dick if it goes to 25. When a dealer is hoping for 500 eagles in two weeks I start to wonder if 39 isn't the bottom.


If i'm a tool and it goes to 10 you can all say what a jackass i am, but at least i listen to my instincts. Besides, its only money.

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I bought 500 Maples today. 

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What place on 57th?  I need to stock up...

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"stacks" is the name. addres is


123 west 57th street. inbetween 6th and 7th. Cool place its a family business since "1935" according the the card. I'm not sure what you are looking for but they had some kilo's for sale. A little to much for my budget right now unless the /es drops another 40 handles...

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No one is actually offering a discount.

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No zero is the bottom and that is where this is headed.  They are clearly signalling with these marging hikes that the market cannot cover the millions of outstanding ounces on this cycle - they are upping these margins in the most bearish way possible to shake out every hand they can.  If we stand for delivery the market will collapse as they don't have and can't source the metal needed.  This is game over for the comex.  BUY and stand for delivery and lets blow these fuckers out of the water.  This has been going on for too long and the corruption is so obvious and so all encomnpassing - this market needs to be broken and these odious criminals need jailing. This way is the only way - fuck the lot of them.

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Just ran up the street and picked up a 100 oz Bar at $3940 (CAD).

I love it when the Evil Doers on the Comex and JPM discount my Shiny Stuff!

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Waiting for Eagles to come down on ebay, but they are still going for $50.  Where do you find sub $40 physical?

Oh, guess I could take delivery on a comex contract, but 5 1000 oz bars? Not much arb opportunity there.


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i am so fucking patriotic that my rent is gonna be late.

augie's picture

just tell em'

"loook maann I ain't got no money to pay the rent..."

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George T.

One of the best concerts I've been lucky enough to catch.

Thanks for the reminder

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Yeah, and how many people realize how hard it is to move this crap around when you are saddled with a stash that requires a comma to total.

Patriotism is a heavy responsibility.

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Pretty bars,  nice God nod. Premium looks steep though, site appears to ask near $400 on 100 oz.

I'm used to $100 or so on Englehards.

Oh, yeah looks like a 9mm and a couple .40's on a 10 oz. Does that mean I can appropriate labor to haul them?

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Their excuse for doing it, which is the same as that one used by the troll brigade, is that it is done because the silver market is so volatile. The problem is that those hikes strongly helped making silver as volatile as  it is now, in the first place!

So, it's cause and effect mixed up..... and some kind of selffullfilling prophecy... they don't like the high silver prices, and justify the hikes by "high volatility".... then after they repeated this often enough, these measures result in a silver market that is actually "volatile". At that point, they in terms of argumentation have reached a loop.... do it because of the volatility that is caused by doing it.

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Like the burly white trash husband to his meek and frail wife:

"It's all your fault! Why the fuck are you always making me beat you?!"

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To paraphrase Chris Rock on domestic violence:

CME's Jeff Christian: "I neva, eva, EVA hit a (silver market), but I shore shake the shit outa her"

Meanwhile CFTC Commisioners Dunn Omalia and Sommers sit drinking malt liquor on the front yard next door and shout 'atta boy Jeff, hit 'er agin! (with another margin hike) Show her whose boss!'

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Wives can be just as cruel. "Now see what you made me do!"

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One of the methodologies of cruelty is mocking and instigating a fight with a weaker opponent. Gives you an excuse to say they brought it on themselves.

See bankers with psychopath armies flaunting 2008 to 2011.