Is CNBC Filtering Any Reference To Zero Hedge?

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Thaisleeze (not verified) Jul 6, 2009 2:07 AM

Haha, you've got them worried Tyler, keep it up and we might end up with a decent, honest financial TV station one day.

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I've got a news tip for you Marla, CNBC editing a Reuters story is very common.  If CNBC broke the story, then they'd have used the column inches to promote themselves.

someone may have infiltrated the proprietary computer codes it uses.

This is a different claim (and *much* more interesting in that it would explain law enforcement involvement) from what you guys posted.  Or, if you claim otherwise, then you are back-filling your own vague references with Reuters heresay.

Maybe, somewhere there's a story where GS is the bad guy in this scenario.  This isn't it.  GS gets to spin it as harming them.  What this says about GS IT/infosec compliance won't get executive management in legal peril.  Some IT people will be chosen for public sacrifice, but that's about it.

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well TD, if it were up to the internet news readers to award the The Pulitzer Prize, you would surely get it.

thanks, for keeping us entertained.
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johstocks (not verified) Comrade de Chaos Jul 6, 2009 4:39 PM

Money doesn"t grow on trees for most of America. We sit down at our kitchen tables and write
out checks to the phone-company, electric company, credit card-company, mortgage-company,
and auto finance company every month. We clip coupons and go to the grocery store every
week to put food in the mouths of our children. This is what our parents did before us.

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Well, it's not as if anyone thought that what CNBC did was journalism.  As Jon Stewart said, CNBC is "hot ladies talk money with bald dudes". Leave the serious economic and financial analysis for Zero Hedge.

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First they will deny you, then they will fight you;
Finally they will say they believed in you all along.

Zerohedge staff and readers --- beware #3 the beginning of co option and assimilation


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Ever thought that because it's anonymous, in traditional journalism it's not credible.

but just let it feed the Paranoid narcissism around here. Of course everyone around her knows that "Tyler" is more like Jeff Albertson AKA Comic book Guy of the simpsons.

Funny to suggest that ZH credibility is below that of CNBC... Like a couple ugly chicks fighting over a fat guy.

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CNBC filtering any reference to ZH? Wow, I cannot think of a better compliment.

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Somewhat related: did you guys notice that the folks at The Business Insider cover the GS software debacle with Fight Club pictures, but it doesn't mention ZH once?


Seems to me John Carney is a big fan of Tyler... or maybe he just has a crush on Brad Pitt?

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ZH readers aside, anyone else reading that page is scratching their head trying to establish a relationship between the story and the picture.