CNBC September Total Viewership Down 37% YoY

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According to Nielsen, CNBC's annual decline in total September viewership was a massive 37%: the worst YoY performance in 2009. The decline in the demo audience also hit a high of 27%. The dilemma for Jeff Immelt is the following: do CNBC pundits keep pumping GE (which everyone ignores, as CNBC's credibility is practically nonexistent), or, at the expense of marking a few hundred billion assets at GECC to fair market value, incite another major market crisis. Perhaps, just perhaps, if the later were to occur, CNBC would have some chance of salvaging its prior year numbers. Although with CNBC now spending hours a day advertising GE engines, it seems like external advertisers couldn't care less: after all, GE is subsidizing its own station by selling them ad space. Business schools have a word for that: vertical integration. Sane people have another word: biased reporting.

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Here's a "Fat Finger"

Everyone who dryhumped this low grade hooker in an attempt to "make their year" just got hosed....


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Embattled lender CIT Group Inc.

is in the midst of a last-ditch bid to restructure by handing control
to its bondholders, according to a media report late Monday. The Wall
Street Journal, citing an unnamed source, reported that the plan would
have CIT offer bondholders new debt secured by the firm's assets,
alongside nearly all of the equity in the restructured company. If not
enough bondholders agree to the plan, the result could be one of the
largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy-court filings in U.S. history. CIT's fate
has been uncertain for months, after it succumbed earlier this year to
a lack of funding and bad commercial and real-estate loans.

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TD needs to get on this CIT story, the MSM is beating him to it!  LOL!! jk.

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no doubt, the abnormally high rating from last september was due to the proverbial excrement hitting the fan at the time.  they've been airing a bunch of "financial crisis... twelve months later... what have we learned?" spots all month long.  as far as the ratings go, i bet they wish it was twelve months ago.  ironic.

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so, robo, if Immelt asked you for some ideas about CNBC, what would you suggest...........

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I'm not robo, but maybe a show that discusses something beyond "buy/sell"; what about a show that explained hedging strategies?  Or something that digs deep into the credit markets? How about something that breaks down hedge fund strategies and explores them?


Have you ever heard CNBC talking about something that you didn't hear about on ZH first?  That wall, the wall that exists between the financiars/marketeers/IB's vs the public needs to be taken down and presented in some way for those interested in truly having a understanding of marketplace structure and tactics.  If I'm interested in how to build a fountain pen I can turn on the Science channel, watch 'how its made' and find out. If I want to find out something as simple as using options to hedge a portfolio there isn't a show that explains that, no less the super-amped-electronic trading methods.

deadhead's picture are spot on and Immelt should go that way.  I would add think "food network" or all those home improvement shows....make cnbc a teaching/education medium.

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you're posting about hedging??  this is ZERO hedge..  now buy some big subwoofers, watch some Vin Diesel movies and Grow Some Balls!!!!



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Besides extensions of MCC that is....

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as you probably know Miles, I was kinda setting him up for more pics lol!

the hired/fired sequence was a good one the other day as well as the Zero Hedge anchorettes theme....maybe Andy can come through!

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she looks classy and intelligent...I'll bet she wasn't dry humping CIT today....

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 But I work for the National Science Foundation.  As such, I require more

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She's RIDICULOUS.  Gracias, amigo.

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that is a very classy bracelet.

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Andy: imagination at work and bringing good things to life.

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you are using the peer pressure excuse. i thought you were older than 17 :)

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i was teasing, so no apology necessary.

we all have a poison that brings the 17 year old out (thank god!).


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i was speaking metaphorically. poison, as in everyone has a favorite go to drink.

i run 6- 10 miles, 6 days a week, and hasn't helped my ability to hold liquor. so, i am not sure i buy your conditioning theory:)

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Andy, I suggest you try a good single barrel Kentucky bourbon and then see how well you genuinely like the taste of JD compared to that rotgut Jack Daniel's. :)

P.S. Last Sunday, one different turn and I could have been in Motlow, Pop. 316!

Nice pics as always, also.

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never have to apologize for not being a yank!

i believe i dated one of your people. he was lovely.   he could hold his liquor better than anyone i have ever known.  and the most amazing thing was he never got a hangover.  i chalked it up to genetics.

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i was looking to get married. was way to young. 

it was a very fun year, though......ahhh genetics!

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Y'all... really.  Maker's Mark is sealed by hand with wax.

Knob Creek is excellent, but there are others to try - Blanton's, Booker Noe's, and on.

Here's a good list. :)

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makers mark is terrible -   i grew up on JD too but mostly moved to scotch...  there are some good whiskeys around though.. try eagle rare - fine stuff there

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haha, as a 65 y/o, I can say with some authority, that 17 y/o never goes away, but merely regresses (to 13 or so) with the ultimate poison......age.

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Time to lower those necklines a few more inches. Or maybe just wear bikinis. And consider running that porn "special report" during the day.

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is naked news still around?  they were fabulous for a few years

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GE calls it: imagination at work.


Although Marketing gives due credit to the Accounting dept for coming up with it.

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'Ding 'Dong 'the 'witch 'is 'dead. My mother has stopped watching and she barely speaks English.

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I tune to CNBC as ambient background noise during the day and will rewind for Cashen and Santelli and a hand full of others, but they ran Starbucks freeze dried coffee so many times today, in so many segments, they should really be required to post a banner stating "Commercially Paid Advertisement". Can you imagine the cronyism of that much air time dedicated to a single market participant if provided for free? I don't know which I am more afraid of but until they all start wearing "Brown Shirts", it's still just background noise like Melissa's constant wines of feminine bias from behind her bleached but emerging mustache. Besides, just like the SEC, the FCC is just a political tool of expediency and central planning.

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how funny would it be if we got a crisis every year in the news just to keep beating YoY numbers. Damn it Lehman, why'd you set the bar so high!

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And you thought the NWO was just for governments

Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer John Mack, who struggled to return the bank to profitability amid the financial crisis, said a regulator should oversee financial institutions worldwide.

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Governments are simply a means to an end.  You know this DOD.

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I'm with Andy here. I think retail is gone from the market for years. CNBC means nothing.

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CNBC is the most transparently bought and paid for bunch of Corporate shills the world has ever seen!!

Simply put, Americans are sick of bubble gum journalism and SICK of being so boldly LIED TO!!!!

dark pools of soros's picture market drives ads, which drives content.  if cnbc changed content they would have to find new ads.. no one smart would buy the crapp they sell

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Thanks Tyler for your hard work sir.

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CNBS's viewer ratings might be a reflection of America's disgust for anything that has to do with Wall St., the government or anything related to authority these days. Actually, CNBS might be fairing better than the government. I personally don't pay attention to any of them anymore.

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No reason to watch CNBC anymore with Dylan Ratigan gone, maybe Rick Santelli could step up to the plate. Ratigan is giving Immelt the big FU these days and saying, what are you going to do to me now Jeffery? I just loved the Cable Dodge Ball comment today.|289036|441366

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I think the lobbyist sharted a little bid. Dylan was on fire.

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THAT'S what journalism ought to be about today.


Looks like he might have been watching some OLD Mike Wallace interviews....bravo !

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TD - He brings good things to light!

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Congress has long ago given up all moral authority on this issue. But, go figure. When you lay down with whores, expect to wake up with STD's.

Goldman and Bank of Amerika run the markets along with Geithner, and beagle boy Ben. There is no free markets, only welfare capitalism and socialism for capitalism.

good articles; good articles 4 slow news day ..http://www.. hat tip: finance news & opinion updated daily

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Coming to you live from the pit, this is CNBC where everything is "better than expected". According to Nielsen, CNBC's annual decline in total September viewership was a "better than expected" massive 37%: the worst YoY performance in 2009. Shares of CNBC are up a warping 41.8% in after hours trading. "Better than expected" analysts gave the company a "better than expected" buy rating and projected CNBC shares to quadruple by years end. It is time to buy buy buy. Reporting live its BOO-YAH.

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the only thing usually better than expected is a blow job

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I lost $500,000 watching CNBC!

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Wise, then, to post under Anonymous......

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Odd Couple? I don't care how it gets done, just so long as it gets done. Alan Grayson, Ron Paul join for push to audit Fed

Alan Grayson and Ron Paul: Progressive Democrat, libertarian Republican promote Fed audit bill,0,1029210.story

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Wow, miss Dylan but refuse to watch MSNBC. Now, Rick S only one worth watching on CNBC. Hope he can jump off the sinking ship.

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Does that mean Cramer's show is taking a dump too these days? Oh No Mr. Bill.