Complete Notes From Ira Sohn West Conference

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To me this looks like a new form of pump and dump! Sorry, I don't see any value in that "meeting", or am I just the one blind on the block?!

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I think it is just that it happened and provided comment by responsible people so ZH posted it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Brian Zied's new firm is Charter Bridge, and Jeff Ubben founded ValueAct. Don't like being the spelling stickler, but you got to at least get proper nouns right.


Several very sharp guys there, TradingJoe. How does flat in 08 and up 40% in 09 and up 10% year to date sound as far as alpha generation? I'll take it...

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I used to get excited about this stuff.  Now I simply don't care. The markets are too far gone.  They are dead to me.

the banksters and their fed killed them.

all I can do now is prepare for total collapse this brings.