Comprehensive First Quarter Outlook On Equities From GTAA

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First Quarter Outlook on Equities from Global Tactical Asset Allocation (courtesy of Damien Cleusix)


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Thanks, Clue6!

Looking forward to your 4X note soon (?).

Very much appreciated,


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Interesting that in a solidly bearish undertone, the long bets are on the US and Japan.

Overall such a mixed mixed tone.

Do HFT machines dream of Skinned Sheeple?


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It makes more sense if you look at the pension fund returns/liabilities by country...think of it as a 'not europe' bet.

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All those fancy and colorful charts are completely meaningless when "Benny's got your back" .... LOL  SPX to 1285 by week end and and 1300 by month end.

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Give him a hand everyone...and now, our next comic fails from...

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so now intervention is guaranteed to have the same result every time? I love this type of sentiment, no worries, the fed is pumping in liquidity buy it forever. If things were that easy, the majority of folks would be better off today than they were 3 years ago.

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huge expanding diagonal is forming in the 5th wave .......flat bottom and rising top.....

we saw a doji yesterday and a morning star formed today........Bullish now for the E wave............indian markets are totally dollar inverse to the question about that......the extedned targets look like 161.80% -----6441.89,  138.20%----6341.11,  

127.20%-----6294.14....and lets take 123.20% ---------6277.1... idea how far this can go.......can any body tell me about fibo  time extentions

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wild optimism or a foreteller of the hyperinflation yet to come?

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MINKEY??? You said MINKEY!!!
Clouseau: Yes... a Chimpanzee Minkey